Monday, 21 December 2009

yaay new camera and that means pics with review!!!

OK so i'm a little happy, i has a new camera! Panasonic DMC FS3. Yeah its not the latest but I got it for a bargain with my haggling skills.
Anyway thought id start with reviewing some nail varnishes I've recently bought.
I've been looking for a really nice teal green for ages, and saw that Models Own had one called Peacock Green in their range. So with their offer i bought that,Emerald City glitter ( a deep green glitter) and Purple Grey. each varnish costs £5 and they have an offer on that if you buy 3 you save £3. But they also have another offer where if you spend £10 you get 10% off, free postage and free nail buffer which is a much better deal!
The Peacock Green is a gorgeous deep ocean green with a hint of blue(think deep ocean in the Maldives). It is a bit thin and needs id say at least 4 coats. The pic shows 3 and you can still see my nail bed peeping through.It is very glossy though and lasted well. pictures taken in doors with artificial light, because in the UK at the moment the daylight is rubbish!

I then decided to put the Emerald City green glitter over the top. Emerald City is a green glitter in a green jelly so really for best impact should only be applied over a solid base colour. Well these two certainly work! i couldn't stop looking at my nails (I must have been a magpie in a past life!) The glitter wears pretty well, although after a  day i noticed the glitter wearing to silver on my nail tips. Once id added another coat then  applied Seche Vite top coat though that solved the problem ( BTW Seche Vite top coat is incredible!!!! never buy another top coat again. Got mine from Boots and it cost £8.95)

 The above shot in dreary daylight...but glitter still sparkles!
I did notice with these varnishes applied ( also used Nails Inc A&E base coat) that when it came time to remove I could literally peal the entire varnish off my nail with no damage to the nail...though i wouldn't recommend doing it all the time, it did save so much hassle removing glitter varnish!

Next shades i tried were the Models Own purple Grey with a new varnish from Asda's George range. This one was called Ultraviolet. The range has quite a selection of colours and i bought a few to try which ill review later. they cost £1.50 each which is a bargain.
here it is on its own. Its very thin so you'd need to apply around 6 coats to achieve a decent finish. But it has such a lovely duochrome look with the base being a light violet and the shimmer a turquoise blue.

So because i love that combination of colours i tried it with Models Own purple grey. Here is that colour on its own. Yes its a muddy purple grey. Not a fan of the grey shades myself, but as a base for other shades its fantastic.It was really hard to capture the colour properly. if you look at the picture at the bottom of this post with the 3 bottle lined up, that's the true shade of it.

i then added 2 coats of the George Ultraviolet over the top - SHAZAM! the colours just explode. LOVE this combo and it wore well too, no weird corrupting of varnish when two brands are combined,the colours just intensified.
Then seeing at its xmas and im into my glitters right now, i dug out my bottle of Mavala Agena polish, which is a turquoise jelly with holo glitter and speckles in the red/orange/gold/green spectrum and applied that on top then added my Seche Vite topcoat. OOOH the sparkles!! yes i think this works well!
With Flash, it really is better than this is RL.

without flash
So to recap here are the 2 bottle lined up! The Models Own Purple Grey - that's what it looks like on the nail.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

technology arg!!

ARG! my camera is broken!!!!!! just as id got some half decent photos to post up. ordered new camera so hopefully will get photos on here soon.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Sophie...always in our thoughts.

Sophie Lancaster would have celebrated her birthday yesterday, but sadly her family and friends could only commemorate her life as it was taken from her, purely because she looked different.
Illamasqua a makeup brand i truely love, have supported the s.o.p.h.i.e foundation since they started and they commissioned this hauntingly beautiful animation that shows the last moments of sophie, who died to protect her boyfriend. You can also buy the sophie pencil and wristband from their site.
the sophie lancaster foundation website is here, please take time to have a look.

As a goth myself, this crime touches me as i have seen and felt hatred towards myself, purely for the way i look at times. One day i hope Sophies family help to get the law changed to include subculture along with attacks on say race to be seen in the same light - as a hate crime.

Friday, 20 November 2009

E.L.F. review

I recently decided to give E.L.F. a try after seeing their new studio range reviewed. I really like the look of the packaging and had heard the quality of the product was very good.

i bought from the studio range-
Complexion Perfection
Bronzer in 'Warm'
Studio Blusher brush
Waterproof Lengthening And Volumising Mascara
Eyebrow Kit in 'Dark'

and from their standard range -
Eyelid primer

the site wont let me link direct to the products but you can find them easily on their site!
The complexion Perfection is a quad compact of 4 pale powder shades, green, lavender, pink and yellow. Mixed together they work to brighten the face and fix any problems with tones in the skin. green reduces redness, Lavender, pink and yellow all brighten and even skin tone. The quality of the powder is excellent, really soft and light. I use it now instead of neutral setting powder after ive applied foundation and before any illuminating powder.

Bronzer in Warm, is a quad of 4 complimenting bronzer shades. I thought id give warm a go as they looked the peachier of the shades. The bronzers are alot more yellow than the site and very shimmery. Nice shades though, more for summer as they suggest. Not too dark, so good for pale skin that wants a bit warming up in the summer.

Blusher brush - hmm quite small, but VERY soft bristles. Good for specific blusher application, rather than soft bloom effect. Good quality construction and no shedding too. bargain for price!

Waterproof mascara - cant review this one as it didnt arrive with the package - but theyre sending me a new one asap , cant fault that service! Speak to the sales people direct and theyre very fast to fix problems.will edit this post when i received it and try it out!
EDIT- received!!! Very fast sending of replacement, so really cant fault them for customer service! Now so far, my favourite waterproof mascara is by BarryM. I have very watery eyes so can only use waterproof mascaras that also are tear proof and sweat proof. Ive yet to find one that is TOTALLY all proof, but BarryM's one feels the nicest, doesnt flake like some do and lasts long enough without creating any sort of panda eye.
E.L.F. wp mascara comes in an elegant thin tube with a eliptical shaped, spiral bristled wand(I hate those brands that produce HUGE tubes for their mascaras to try and sell that their product is thickening, all i find is they take up too much room in my makeup bag!! The amount of product in both fat and thin tubes is usually the same, all it is to make you 'think' your buying a thickening product). E.L.F's mascara claims to lengthen and volumise your lashes too. It did seem to create thicker lashes, but mine are already very long and i didnt notice much difference there.It was a very nice decent black. Best test though was last night. I watched a Bill bailey dvd and was crying with laughter and yet no panda eye!
Id highly recommend this one!!

Eyebrow kit in Dark - very dark wax and medium dark powder. comes with little double ended brush,which is a bit of a waste of time being so small and fiddly, but gives the user an idea of what brush types to use. Wasnt sure the powder would be dark enough, but when its combined with the wax it goes much darker. This is very good for give my dark brows shape and definition. I tend to apply clear mascara on top, to really fix the hairs in place, but again, pretty much identical to Smashbox eyebrow wax and powders.

and i thought id try their standard eyelid primer, as id thought id try something im always on the look out for - primer that really stops my eyeshadow from creasing and allowing me to use mineral pigments.
This one comes in a vial, with a sponge applicator in the screwtop lid. I'ts a creamy liquid that you blend over the whole lid. Im really impressed with this as i wore deep rich colours on my eyes after id used this and even at the end of the night there was no sign of creasing, bleeding and smearing anywhere! Excellent for the price and best one ive found for my oily eyelids!

So all in all, i'm very impressed! I'll definitely buy from them again and already have a list of other things i want to try. For the price the quality of the products is excellent.
There are some good reviews on Youtube, so going to try some of their recommendations

studio range -
Eye Transformer
Transluscent matt powder
powder brush
Mineral Infused face powder
Blush - Candid Coral
eyeshadow 'C' brush
(also bought a customs eyes compact as ive heard they fit Mac shadows!) i spent over £25 on an order ill get one of their studio makeup collections, so ill review that, if i dont part with it as an  xmas pressie!

my modelling and costuming - own MUA

Since ive modelled and costumed on a semi professional level, ive done my own makeup, and learnt along the way different techniques and tricks. i love reading other artists work and learning from them

Here ive included links to my Modelling portfolio and Costuming portfolio


These are brands i love the most and you'll see these often reviewed!

High End brands -
Illamasqua - Amazing ethos, makeup and colours!
Sleek - their eye palettes are well reviewed and i love them too, also love their gel liners, 'One' powder and pigment pots
M.A.C - The daddy of professional makeup, although i do have issues with a few of their products!! shock horror.
SmashBox - Love their light foundation primer! 
Benefit - Some really useful products

Low End Brands

Barry M - fantastic nail varnishes and really like their waterproof mascara
E.L.F. - recently bought a few things from both their studio line and normal line and im very impressed.(this will be my first review)
GOSH - Some fantastic products in their range and affordable quality brushes

Indie mineral makeup companies -
Aromaleigh - as soon as i found these guys i was hooked!
Meow minerals - just adore the name first, but the quality is ace too.
Lili Lolo - great Uk brand

Hi, my name is kristen and im addicted to makeup

Seeing as i do have an addiction, ive decided to create this blog so i can ramble about my latest find, review products and show off my makeup playtime.
people do ask me about what i use, and compliment me alot on my makeup i just hope i can photograph it well enough!

anyway keep an eye out.

ps this will be mainly a UK blog, although i do buy mineral makeup from the US and so on.