Monday, 21 December 2009

yaay new camera and that means pics with review!!!

OK so i'm a little happy, i has a new camera! Panasonic DMC FS3. Yeah its not the latest but I got it for a bargain with my haggling skills.
Anyway thought id start with reviewing some nail varnishes I've recently bought.
I've been looking for a really nice teal green for ages, and saw that Models Own had one called Peacock Green in their range. So with their offer i bought that,Emerald City glitter ( a deep green glitter) and Purple Grey. each varnish costs £5 and they have an offer on that if you buy 3 you save £3. But they also have another offer where if you spend £10 you get 10% off, free postage and free nail buffer which is a much better deal!
The Peacock Green is a gorgeous deep ocean green with a hint of blue(think deep ocean in the Maldives). It is a bit thin and needs id say at least 4 coats. The pic shows 3 and you can still see my nail bed peeping through.It is very glossy though and lasted well. pictures taken in doors with artificial light, because in the UK at the moment the daylight is rubbish!

I then decided to put the Emerald City green glitter over the top. Emerald City is a green glitter in a green jelly so really for best impact should only be applied over a solid base colour. Well these two certainly work! i couldn't stop looking at my nails (I must have been a magpie in a past life!) The glitter wears pretty well, although after a  day i noticed the glitter wearing to silver on my nail tips. Once id added another coat then  applied Seche Vite top coat though that solved the problem ( BTW Seche Vite top coat is incredible!!!! never buy another top coat again. Got mine from Boots and it cost £8.95)

 The above shot in dreary daylight...but glitter still sparkles!
I did notice with these varnishes applied ( also used Nails Inc A&E base coat) that when it came time to remove I could literally peal the entire varnish off my nail with no damage to the nail...though i wouldn't recommend doing it all the time, it did save so much hassle removing glitter varnish!

Next shades i tried were the Models Own purple Grey with a new varnish from Asda's George range. This one was called Ultraviolet. The range has quite a selection of colours and i bought a few to try which ill review later. they cost £1.50 each which is a bargain.
here it is on its own. Its very thin so you'd need to apply around 6 coats to achieve a decent finish. But it has such a lovely duochrome look with the base being a light violet and the shimmer a turquoise blue.

So because i love that combination of colours i tried it with Models Own purple grey. Here is that colour on its own. Yes its a muddy purple grey. Not a fan of the grey shades myself, but as a base for other shades its fantastic.It was really hard to capture the colour properly. if you look at the picture at the bottom of this post with the 3 bottle lined up, that's the true shade of it.

i then added 2 coats of the George Ultraviolet over the top - SHAZAM! the colours just explode. LOVE this combo and it wore well too, no weird corrupting of varnish when two brands are combined,the colours just intensified.
Then seeing at its xmas and im into my glitters right now, i dug out my bottle of Mavala Agena polish, which is a turquoise jelly with holo glitter and speckles in the red/orange/gold/green spectrum and applied that on top then added my Seche Vite topcoat. OOOH the sparkles!! yes i think this works well!
With Flash, it really is better than this is RL.

without flash
So to recap here are the 2 bottle lined up! The Models Own Purple Grey - that's what it looks like on the nail.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

technology arg!!

ARG! my camera is broken!!!!!! just as id got some half decent photos to post up. ordered new camera so hopefully will get photos on here soon.