Thursday, 25 February 2010

Nyx products - lipstick/ blusher/eyeshadows/foundation review

I'd been seeing swatches of Nyx produts around various blog for a while now and when i saw Cherry Culture website had a sale on and thought id snap up some products,as they are a cheap brand so dont want to pay out over the odds with shipping in top.
I'd noticed Nyx had many pale lipstick shades which looked like theyd be great for my skintone so bought 8 round lipsticks - Iced Lavender, Aphrodite, Aries, Circe, Echo, Rea, Summerlove and Thalia. To go with them I got a lipliner in Mauve as i neutral lipliner, as i find standard neutrals are too brown for my lipcolour. I also got one of the Caribbean collection 5 eyeshadow palette in Jamaica, which was a brown palette ( i know i have sooo many brown palettes, but i feel if they can make them good in neutrals then id try other shades)and lastly the liquid foundation in the palest cool toned shade Ivory. ( I did also buy some nail polishes, but ill review them separately later)

Note when buying from Cherry Culture, IGNORE their shades swatches, they're totally off. if you see  a colour you might like, do a image search for it..i spent days looking round various blogs to find good swatches, so i hope mine will help others decide too!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

oooh they like me they do!

I posted a makeup tip on the Barry M facebook page and they liked it so much they added it to their website in their featured beauty tip!!!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

China Glaze.......not so much a glaze?????

First off, great offer if any of you Brits are near a Sally Hair and Beauty Supplies shop, They have an offer of buy any 2 China Glaze polishes and get the No-Chip top coat free. Well seeing as i dont have any China Glaze (Shock horror i know! : p) in Ruby Pumps (shouldnt that be slippers?...hmmm) - a red with red micro glitter and Flying Dragon Neon - a neon purple with blue and pink micro glitter.
Now both are lovely lovely LOVELY colours, ( of which ill review better later once ive worn both for a while) but just testing them out, they both end up sort of ..well not matt, but certainly not shiny. Sort of like duchess Satin instead of acetate Satin.

Are all China Glaze polishes like that? DO they assume you are going to use a top coat so why make the colours glossy too.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

INGLOT, INGLOT, where art thou?

Ill tell you where, Westfield shopping Centre. Yep in the UK they have one shop. Why oh why, they are fantastic. Background - A polish company that's been around for about 20 years, started off with just nail varnishes but branched into all make-up. They have a few stores around the country and I hope they expand their shops. The UK website doesnt show much but the Malta website at least shows the overview of the products

They have what's called the Freedom System, which means you choose what make-up pans you want for what palette you want for a set price. I've only bought so far 3 of the 5 round pan palettes. You can choose from eye shadows, eyebrows powders and waxes, blushers, concealers and lip colours. The Blushers only come in the larger square pans. I think the smallest palette is a 3 round pan at £11, the 5 round palettes are £15...afraid I don't know more but i think the priciest is £30 for a mixed palette..but ill have to confirm that. To remember the numbers of the pans they are listed on the receipt, so keep that in case you need a refill! (refills cost £3.50 each)

They also do all other types of make-up and their variety is very good. I'm afraid i couldn't try any of their foundations though as they suffer from the MAC yellow tones even for the palest colours problem. The range of nail varnishes is good, though I find them slightly thin. they also do O2 polishes which claim to let the nail breathe. Lipsticks range from glossy, pearl to strong Matt, they have a variety of types of lip products too, from standard lipsticks, to thick pencils to unusual lip glosses. The brushes they do seem good so might try one of them next. All their products don't have names, only numbers.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Gosh - Rainbow nail polish

Been seeing reviews and swatches of various opalescent polishes going around, from Nu-oh to Gosh, well i cant afford to order Nu-oh so i thought id give Gosh Rainbow a go! £5.00 from Superdrug.

This is a clear varnish with multi colour flakes inside, they are multitonal flakes that change colour depending on the light and way your hand catches the light. Ive applied it over Barbara Daly polish in Envy, a rich metallic red varnish
Here you can see the orange /gold and slight green tones
 Here you can really see the green colours!

Then i tried it over Barry M Navy which OH WOW..i love! You can see so many more colours.
It lasts quite well, but i did notice slight shrinkage after id aplied Seche Vite top coat which brings out the lovely colours. Cant wait to try this over other colours!!!!!

ELF Studio line makeup review and swatches! part 2

Well real life has been preventing me from updating this more often, but im here now and ive got my review of some of the latest ELF products ive bought and used thoroughly. I try not to review anything until ive used it i dont get all hyped up about a new product and then change my mind later on!
The photos were taken on my older camera as i dont have my new one at the moment, my partner is borrowing it for some work related issue!

Brushes - i bought from the studio line powder and c brush .

I love them both. They're so soft and they've become staples in my kit. The blusher brush is slightly pointy shaped and i find this hugs the apples of the cheeks well. The powder brush is a long handled kabuki style brush and great for buffing on powders. The C eyeshadow brush. I use this for adding on shadow in my eye crease and blending it out. There has been no shedding when using or washing these brushes and they still feel great after being washed over 20 times now.

Studio line face primer. A let down im afraid. The bottle makes the product look like its one of the white liquid type primers which i love so much ( Smashbox light, Illmasqua matt) but the bottle is deceiving!

The primer is actually one of those clear silicone type ones..that just does not suit my oily skin at all!!!! Its alot like the smashbox normal primer or any of the silicone type primers. I couldnt use this at all. Others who like those silicone ones may find this useful, i was just annoyed that the packaging does not show it to be clear.
see!? I put it on my face and applied foundation and within 10 mins i could see the shine all over my tzone.

Studio Line Transformer compact
This is such a clever little idea! 4 subtle powders- blue, pink green and yellow that when applied over other powders change the shade of what it is...On pale tones its quite subtle, but on a black base the colours really show up.
This swatch is just on bare skin.
To see it on black go check out Sirvinya's blog!

27 Piece Mini Makeup Collection. This was a freebie with what i ordered. Its a cool little set of eyeshadows, skin powders and lip colours in a compact that opens up. Big mirror inside the lid and sturdy packaging.

Now i dont tend to use lip pallettes as i like to keep a lipstick or gloss with me to redo my lipstick throughout the day, which you cant really do with these lip colours in the pallete, but saying that, they are nice feeling on the lips and a good pigment. The colours have a wide range of shades from pink to peach, plus 3 strong reds.

The eye shadow shades are quite well thought out, with shades for mixing and matching and going from natural day tones to darker smokier night looks. There's 3 smoky greys, 2 greens, 2 browns and 2 warm purples. all with one dark and one light tone. All shadows have shimmer to them and are decently pigmented.
There is also a shimmer eye creme in white, which i dont like, then again i dont like creme shadows as they crease like hell. But it is good for using as a cheek highlighter!

A black eyeliner pencil which was well pigmented and seems to last well.
The brushes included are useless, i dont know why they bother!...they could have fitted in some other products for the wasted space that the brushes take up.
The blusher and bronzer i think are the same shades as in the studio blusher and bronzer compact and i think the blusher shade is candid coral...which i already have and love. The bronzer makes a good contour powder for pale skin and a decent bronzer for warmer skin tones.
The face powder is a warm shade, not very useful for me as im too pale for it. But it feels nice and isn't chalky.
Its a good weekend away compact, but i might remove the lip colours and make my own pressed shadows to fit in instead!

Studio Translucent powder compact. Another fail for me....It looks great, a sleek black compact with the sponge in a separate tray to the side of the powder,a nice idea. But for some reason when i apply it it ISNT translucent, it darkens on my skin. So after touching up my make up i see my nose forehead and chin are darker than the rest of my skin, not a good look. This is the only translucent powder to ever do this on my skin. I expect it from a powder which says it has a light, medium etc. But from a translucent it shouldn't appear on the skin as any colour. Real shame as i really like the packaging, so handy for popping in my bag with its large mirror and sanitary separation of sponge and powder.

So thats that for now...i have some more things from ELF but im still trying them out!