Saturday, 13 February 2010

China Glaze.......not so much a glaze?????

First off, great offer if any of you Brits are near a Sally Hair and Beauty Supplies shop, They have an offer of buy any 2 China Glaze polishes and get the No-Chip top coat free. Well seeing as i dont have any China Glaze (Shock horror i know! : p) in Ruby Pumps (shouldnt that be slippers?...hmmm) - a red with red micro glitter and Flying Dragon Neon - a neon purple with blue and pink micro glitter.
Now both are lovely lovely LOVELY colours, ( of which ill review better later once ive worn both for a while) but just testing them out, they both end up sort of ..well not matt, but certainly not shiny. Sort of like duchess Satin instead of acetate Satin.

Are all China Glaze polishes like that? DO they assume you are going to use a top coat so why make the colours glossy too.

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