Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Gosh - Rainbow nail polish

Been seeing reviews and swatches of various opalescent polishes going around, from Nu-oh to Gosh, well i cant afford to order Nu-oh so i thought id give Gosh Rainbow a go! £5.00 from Superdrug.

This is a clear varnish with multi colour flakes inside, they are multitonal flakes that change colour depending on the light and way your hand catches the light. Ive applied it over Barbara Daly polish in Envy, a rich metallic red varnish
Here you can see the orange /gold and slight green tones
 Here you can really see the green colours!

Then i tried it over Barry M Navy which OH WOW..i love! You can see so many more colours.
It lasts quite well, but i did notice slight shrinkage after id aplied Seche Vite top coat which brings out the lovely colours. Cant wait to try this over other colours!!!!!


Lily nail said...

this color by gosh is so beautifull

Anonymous said...

Ooow pretty...I like the effect...(Adds to buy purchase list).

Astrid said...

Wow your nails look so good! I'll look out for that colour in superdrug