Thursday, 11 February 2010

INGLOT, INGLOT, where art thou?

Ill tell you where, Westfield shopping Centre. Yep in the UK they have one shop. Why oh why, they are fantastic. Background - A polish company that's been around for about 20 years, started off with just nail varnishes but branched into all make-up. They have a few stores around the country and I hope they expand their shops. The UK website doesnt show much but the Malta website at least shows the overview of the products

They have what's called the Freedom System, which means you choose what make-up pans you want for what palette you want for a set price. I've only bought so far 3 of the 5 round pan palettes. You can choose from eye shadows, eyebrows powders and waxes, blushers, concealers and lip colours. The Blushers only come in the larger square pans. I think the smallest palette is a 3 round pan at £11, the 5 round palettes are £15...afraid I don't know more but i think the priciest is £30 for a mixed palette..but ill have to confirm that. To remember the numbers of the pans they are listed on the receipt, so keep that in case you need a refill! (refills cost £3.50 each)

They also do all other types of make-up and their variety is very good. I'm afraid i couldn't try any of their foundations though as they suffer from the MAC yellow tones even for the palest colours problem. The range of nail varnishes is good, though I find them slightly thin. they also do O2 polishes which claim to let the nail breathe. Lipsticks range from glossy, pearl to strong Matt, they have a variety of types of lip products too, from standard lipsticks, to thick pencils to unusual lip glosses. The brushes they do seem good so might try one of them next. All their products don't have names, only numbers.

What I have tried are the F.S. eye shadows and eyebrow powder, AMC Lip Paint (AMC stands for Advanced Make-up Components ) and two of their standard nail polishes. The quality is fantastic in their make up, pigments are strong and long lasting, colours interesting and the duo-tone ones really shine. I've got 3 palettes now including one palette with the same pan! shows how I like them Palette one were the purples I liked the most- and I included a matt purple to try and increase the amount of matts i have in my collection!

here is a swatch of those colours-over foundation

 Here ive applied the 2nd and middle purples on my eye, plus the light green and cream from the below palette all over a black base (Sleek gel eyeliner)

Next is a green and cool browns palette -

here is a swatch of those, again over foundation. the 2nd from the right is very close in colour to 'Metro' by Makeup Stars Heaven as its a brown, grey, green shade

Next, below, was the most recent palette I bought and yep that light cream colour is the double I bought. You can't see it in natural light but in artificial light the cream has a slight blue shimmer to it. In this photo you can also see the packaging sleeve the palette comes in, plus the product info on the pans.

Here are the swatches of these. (All swatches on skin taken in natural light)
below is a quick look i did with this palette -

The lip colours I've bought are also lovely. The gel lipstick is a stunning purple, glossy and intense colour. Shade 65. I don't have the best pic of the lipstick itself, but it's one of those thin lipsticks that have cropped up recently.

 Here it is on my lips - natural daylight

and here it is in artificial light-

The other lip colour I now own is an AMC Lip Paint. This reminds me of Illamasqua's Intense lip glosses, in its pigment, richness and long lasting ability. It also smells divine, sort of fruity, but not over powering. The Gel lipstick also has a slight scent. This Lip Paint is number 51

and heres it is on my lips -It's a gorgeous light pink/peach brown neutral.

Lastly the nail varnishes. As I said, they are a little thin, but application wise they are smooth. I have, oddly enough two purple shades! They dont have many unusual colours like blues or greens but they do have lots of purples, reds and standard shades. First up is 341 a dark blackberry purple with silver shimmer. It's very hard to capture the shimmer as its so fine, and sadly it looks far more shimmery in the bottle that it does on the nail.
On my nails - artificial light top, daylight bottom. A little enhancement to try and show true hard, it seems to keep showing only black..but trust me its a dark purple!

Next up is 853 a rich dark regal purple with pinky purple shimmer. Now I've not tried this on my own nails but I have swatches it onto a nail palette. Again I'm slightly dissapointed with it as its no where near as shimmery as the bottle suggests. But when I try it on my own nails I might change my mind. Anyway here it is in the bottle -

and here is my awful attempt to try and capture the colour in the fading daylight .Painted onto a white fake nail, but the nail is underpainted with red to simulate a real nail colour.

If i buy another colour ill try one of the lighter colours to see how they do. But if you get the chance to go to Westfield ( its just by Shepherd's Bush tube station, central line) then i recommend you do. Also makeup artists get 20% off with proof of being a MUA, i gave them my business card and they were fine with that.

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I LOVE Inglot! And I'm buying that lip paint tomorrow, looks just perfect :D