Thursday, 25 February 2010

Nyx products - lipstick/ blusher/eyeshadows/foundation review

I'd been seeing swatches of Nyx produts around various blog for a while now and when i saw Cherry Culture website had a sale on and thought id snap up some products,as they are a cheap brand so dont want to pay out over the odds with shipping in top.
I'd noticed Nyx had many pale lipstick shades which looked like theyd be great for my skintone so bought 8 round lipsticks - Iced Lavender, Aphrodite, Aries, Circe, Echo, Rea, Summerlove and Thalia. To go with them I got a lipliner in Mauve as i neutral lipliner, as i find standard neutrals are too brown for my lipcolour. I also got one of the Caribbean collection 5 eyeshadow palette in Jamaica, which was a brown palette ( i know i have sooo many brown palettes, but i feel if they can make them good in neutrals then id try other shades)and lastly the liquid foundation in the palest cool toned shade Ivory. ( I did also buy some nail polishes, but ill review them separately later)

Note when buying from Cherry Culture, IGNORE their shades swatches, they're totally off. if you see  a colour you might like, do a image search for it..i spent days looking round various blogs to find good swatches, so i hope mine will help others decide too!

Round lipsticks -pros -  Nice colour, soft watery feel on lips, averaging good colours for my skintone
Cons - some have niggling smell/taste that gets to the back of my throat, many brands do this to me. Some colours way off what they look to be. Not great lasting and can be a little drying.

Iced Lavender. A strong blue toned shimmery lavender purple. Not an every day shade, but with the right eyeshadow looks amazing

Aphrodite - A warmer lilac shimmer, more pinky purple, more everyday wearable than Iced Lavender.

Aries - Pinky beige with silvery shimmer. Lovely neutral pale lip shade, suitable for cool toned skins.

Circe - Pure peachy beige creme. Again great for cool toned skin.

Echo - yellow beige creme neutral colour, a true Ochre shade. Not sure this would work for me under normal makeup, naturally suitable for more warmer darker skins.

Rea - Another cool toned neutral, this one more mushroom beige, slightly darker than Circe when compared. suitable for cool tones

Summer love - shimmery beige pink. More pink than beige this one.same lightness as Circe. Suitable for any tone i think.

Thalia - the darkest of my set . This is my natural lipcolour only intensified. Its a light brown pink. Think plum lightened up. Suitable for any skin tone.

All in all im glad i got them as they do add some new shades to my lipstick collection, but they do show their cheapness in the longevity and weird 'taste'.

Lipliner - Mauve. I've swatched in on my skin as it wouldnt show up on my lips as its such a close match to my natural lip colour!!

Caribbean Collection eye shadow set in Jamaica
The set comes in a cardboard box, and the palette is a shiny black one. There is a mirror and two double ended sponge applicators.

These 5 shadows are a really nice compliment of shades. There not one colour that id never use like in so many palettes you can get. These are every day to night colours.

Left to right -  peach with gold shimmer, very shimmery cream good for highlighting, shimmer pinky brown, shimmer gold brown and matt dark brown. The dark brown is also an excellent eyeliner and eyebrow shade. I found all of them to have good payoff, pigment wise and so far have lasted a good days wear. Good value basic palette!

Blusher in Taupe
I wanted to get a blusher i could use as a contour shade. Id seen advice (thanks Pixiwoo) that you should pick a shade close to your own natural shadow - in the crease of your eye for example. Mine is a cold pinky brown naturally, so most contour shades are too.....bronzy. I saw a swatch of this and gave it a go. Its perfect!

Its a buttery matt, that is not chalky but has a slight 'sheen' , not shimmer.  Its buildable and works fantastic on my skintone! This one will work well for now, but i have a warmer shade for when its summer.

Liquid Foundation in Ivory.
My only real disappointment as id seen some positive reviews of this, that it matches cool pale skins and feel nice on the skin.
pros - great bottle - pump dispenser, so hygenic, plastic bottle, so not heavy and very pretty designed label.
Cons - OXIDISATION! pet hate with foundations..WHY do they oxidise?!!!I can sort of take it when a foundation is cheap..But when it costs me more than £6 i want it to stay the colour it is! Is that too much to ask? ( And i found cheaper foundations which dont oxidise!)
When you look at the bottle of product, its a nice very pale pinky toned colour. Perfect match to my skin. Within seconds (yes seconds, not minutes) the colour starts going yellow then goes orange as it drys! Not a good look.
See here - when wet it starts pink and pale...perfect match.....then, then it begins.

See here on my arm - See the orange colour and the even more orange edge? WHY!!!!!!!

Ive heard its sometimes caused by oils  from the skin mixing with the foundations ingrdients, but when a foundation is 'suitable' for oily skin, then this shouldnt be the case! Plus my arm isnt oily!
Gah, too many exclamation marks..but it really annoys me. So this might work for another skin type, apparently it does fine for some..maybe ill give this away if it works for someone else.

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