Tuesday, 30 March 2010

curls and purple lips

I've been toying with the idea of getting my hair permed. now before you scream nooooo, i dont mean the old style perm, i mean the new japanese digital perm. This is far kinder to your hair and creates those sexy waves that naturally wavy or tonged hair has. Due to my fibromyalgia it hurts me to tong my hair as i cant lift my arms up above my head for long, which you often do when curling hair. But i love the look it gives. So i had a go a few days back to see how it would look. I LOVE IT!
Now i just have to save around £100 to pay for the digi perm!

because of how i liked my hair i thought id go to town with my makeup too and give you a LOTD. the eyemakeup was inspired by a photo of Dita Von Teese. (And in these photos I really see that i have to do my roots!- yeah i'm naturally blonde! )

Face - Innisfree trouble care bb cream, Illamasqua Powder foundation 120, ELF Studio HD finishing powder. NYX Taupe blusher (as contour), ELF Studio Candid Coral blusher.

Eyes - NYX Jamaica Palette (eyeshadow and eyebrows), Asda clear mascara (eyebrows), Sleek dominatrix gel eyeliner, Urban Decay 24-7 black eyeliner (for waterline and tightline) ELF studio waterproof mascara

( i used the peachy beige on the lid,  golden brown along the crease, darkened with the darkest brown. the shimmery brown i used to emphasise the inner curve of my nose to eyebrow. the cream on the brow bone, inner curve, outer corner and middle of eyelid.)
Lips - Inglot gel lipstick 65 ( i love this lipstick sooooooooo much!)


Naiyana said...

Love the eyes, not sure on the lips... like the idea of the perm, wish I would do it...but my hair dresser flat out refused me!!! He just pouted and said no, my hair is to long (waist)...and to straight (1/2 asian) and to thick (1/2 italian) so no. :(

SO I say go girl!! save up, get is done, toss in the rooth tuch up and show us!

Sakara said...

was your hairdresser refering to a digi perm or a traditional perm as theyre way different...not many salons do digi perms as theyre new tech from japan.

Cydonian said...

You're right to love that lip... it's so pretty on you! Different without being OTT.

Sarbeauty said...

Love that lipstick such a nice unusual colour.

great blog am a new follower! pelase check out mine if your interested x

liloo said...

hi :)
i saw you on lipglossing.com today, i thought i'd click to find out more about you and after this fotd, it took me 5 seconds to click your 'follow' button ^_^ x

Sakara said...

Awe thankyou liloo. Im a bit behind on this blog due to illness, but once im back on my feet ill be posting away again!