Wednesday, 16 June 2010

9 Products im loving at the moment

I dont like saying couldnt live without, as i could live without any of these items....i just wouldn't like it!. The things i couldnt live without, are boring, like medicines etc.
So these are the wonderful items im loving at the moment -

1 - St Ives Apricot blemish control Scrub for Oily / Blemish prone Skin

This is fantastic for my skin, it really cleanses and removes all flaky skin leaving it baby smooth. It also doest dry out my skin after using. I much prefer this kind of scrub to those that use artificial particles as i find they never work that well.

2 - Nails Inc A and E treatment Base coat.

Best thing ever for my nails! Ive been after a base coat that also treated my nails and this does the job. If my nails look bad  this makes them look good again.

3 - Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner
This little pot is my holy grail of lip balm. I use it mostly at night when i go to sleep as otherwise i always end up with very dry flaky lips in the morning. It smells divine, like minty vanilla and this smell is also palatable ( i hate the types that taste nasty even when they smell good).

4 -  O C Eight Oil Control Genius ( now called Professional Matifying Gel)
 (Old packaging on left, new on right)
I found this in the reduced section at my local Sallys hair and beauty supply. Since then its never left my makeup bag. This contain something called Acrysorb Copolymer to imbibe oil on the skin's surface, holding it away from the skin until you wash it away at the end of the day.This stuff can apparently hold upto 8X its volume. All i know is, after ive used it, my skin feels soft but dry to the touch, it feels moisterised and the skin is less blotchy looking. Used under makeup it provides an excellent primer base. Ive seen Urban Decay have brought out something similar in look, so im interested to see if it compares at all.

5 - Innisfree trouble Care BB Cream.

BB creams are still quite unknown in the UK, unless like me you discovered them via other beauty blogs - Thanks musing of a muse!
B.B stands for blemish Balm, and they were originally created in germany as a beauty product that could be used by somone who'd just had skin peel or similar. But when  Korea got hold of it it became a beauty craze and has since travelled all over the asian market. A bb Cream is an all in one makeup product - moisteriser, sunscreen, treatment cream for spots or problem skin, anti wrinkle care, foundation and concealer and finally a whitening treatment ( which doesnt mean giving you a ghostly face, it means removing uneven skintone, lightening freckles and discolouration )
Now the main problem in the UK is the difficulty in choosing the right bb for you. Many sites dont show or say what the shade is of the BB, so you have to go through other people's blogs to see what they recommend and go from there. Luckily Musing of a muse has done quite a bit of research regarding these bbs and i went off her review of this particular bb. (Ive also got loads of others too...but so far this is a winner for my skin at the moment)
Innisfree is for oily skin and ive found since using it my skin has cleared up from what it was before i used it. It goes on really smoothly and stays fresh yet matt for a good few hours. It works well as a foundation and concealer and i simply use a powder over the top if needed as its creamy enough to not need any extra foundation on top. This is one id use as a quick day makeup if i didnt have too many problems to cover.
Eventually ill do a comparison review of all the BB creams ive tried so other pale skin westerners can find what might work for them!

6- GOSH extreme art eye liner

Better than MAC Liquid Last eyeliner - why? Because they are identically as good but GOSH is half the price!
I have very watery eyes...especially the outer corners. I also love winged liner. This is the ONLY liner that handles teary eyes. It does take some practice to use, especially on the lower lid ( i have a cotton bud handy when i do that part). It comes in a lovely array of shades and include top coats of glitter that you can lay over the other shades. You can also use this on nail varnish, just add a top coat to create cool decals! It is a swine to remove though, so get a good waterproof eyemakeup remover.

7 - Illamasqua 'Box' lipstick

The holy grail of red lipsticks. Fact. It is the perfect shade of red for me,  pure red with cool tones. It does not bleed, lasts ages and even makes my teeth look whiter. Its not too matt, lips still look creamy.

8 - Yaby Pearl Paint shadows

 some of the shades i own swatched on bare skin.

These little gems are one of the best pressed eyeshadows i've used (second would be Sleeks palettes). They are tiny , smaller than a 5 pence piece, but what they lack in size, they make up for in pigment and lasting ability. The pearl paints claim to be waterproof, and ive yet to try that, but what i do know is they last all day without creasing and remain true to their colour. When blended the colours dont become 'dirty' they mix perfectly. You can buy these as set palettes but it is cheaper to buy them individually and get an empty palette to fill. I used an old bronzer palette and with the help of some trusty double sided sticky tape, now have 30 shadows to transport with me in a palette smaller than a standard face powder! Ill do a full review  and swatches of these babies soon!

9 - Fyrinnae Arcane Magic eyeshadows

Some of the most intense, unusual loose mineral based eyeshadows ive used. Now dont get me wrong, there are many mineral eyeshadow companies i love using, but Fyrinnae have caught me with the multi facated shades these arcane shadows create. They last a long time, the pigmentation is intense and they have some awesome names!

I could go on in this list...but ill stop at 10!


mapple said...

Hi^^ I rarely see a western reviews bb cream. It's nice to read what a western says about bb cream :)

Sakara said...

They are becoming an underground popular thing amongst beauty bloggers i think!
Maybe one day the big companies who make them will catch on and they'll be easier to buy in the UK.
Etude House already sells in the states so maybe one day!