Friday, 11 June 2010

im back baby!! ( + Fyrinnae eyeshadow shades swatches)

Thanks all for the kind comments regarding my recent bad health....damn fibromyalgia! but im back baby ( said in Futurama Bender voice!)
I've come back with a review on some of the wonderful shades the company Fyrinnae do.  Ive had these stunning eye shadows for a while but not got round to taking images of them and reviewing them. This is about the change!
I have a selection of powders including some of the incredible 'arcane' shades which are just...well magic.
Knickers in a Twist - Neutral cool brown with shimmer
Mephisto - Metallic purple blue with bronzey red flash..really hard to photo!
Sennyo - pinky purple with sparkle
Wicked - deep cool purple with turquoise shimmer
Dragon Magic (Arcane Magic) -  Charcoal grey base with multi flashes of blue green and gold!
Hypercool - black base with intense peacock green shimmer
Beholder - Sandy silver taupe shimmer
Selkie Skin - pale cool toned taupe with pale blue and green shimmer flashes
Sorceress (Arcane Magic) - black base with multi flashes of aqua to pink to lilac!

In the pot there is only a hint of the gorgeousness of these shades...on the skin they come alive -
Swatched over primer and part were blended out to show base shades and light reflections.

Here are some examples of looks ive applied with these babies -
Last pic above, taken in daylight - shades used i think are Sennyo, Wicked, Mephisto and Sorceress.

Dragonmagic, Selkie skin and Sorceress

so yes....i love them, they last, are as intense as they appear in the pot and swatched and well the guys who run the company are wonderful...
ill be buying more plus that Pixie Epoxy everyone is going nuts about!

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Nea said...

Those EOTDs are just amazing! Fyrinnae pigments are beautiful, just ordered more <3

Nea/ Fashioned in Finland