Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Illamasqua - An alt makeup lover's dream come true!

How i adore Illamasqua? They have the most unusual and awesome shades and are not afraid to try new colours and formulas.
Every time i walk past the counter i have to stop and play with the various goodies on display, chat to the MUAs (in the cardiff branch they know me well by now!) and nearly always (if finances allow) buy something precious from them!
They are a new company and mistakes will happen as they develop their brand. Formulas wont work...colours will fade etc, but what is fantastic about this company is they understand this. If you have an item that doesnt work then take it back, they will give you a refund or exchange, all they ask for is feedback on why the item didnt work. This happened to me a couple of times and every time no hassle, no problem. Due to this feedback for example, they have reworked their foundations, especially the Light liquid and improved them. I love the fact that they have a foundation TOO PALE for me!! hahaha normally that never happens

I have an number of items from them and im going to do a quick catch up review on them below the break.

Powder Foundation,   shade - 120. I wanted something that i could layer over my bb creams to give a nice natural look to my skin with light to medium coverage. Im 120 which is a cool toned with pink undertones - The perfect match for me. It doesnt give heavy coverage, its more like a tinted finishing powder for me, but it does give a flawless finish over any normal foundation. It's soft feeling, very light on the skin and gives a slightly soft focus finish (I need to try their new 120 light liquid now its been reformulated to see if it matches - the old matches my skin perfectly, but the formula didnt!)

Blusher,  shade - Spite.
I bought this as a contour shade. It is a matt finish caramel shade. It is oh so soft and blends on the skin beautifully. Im dont think it truly suits my skin though. I think i was recommended it when i was wearing a slightly too warm toned foundation. It does make a nice bronzer for my skin tone though.

Lipstick,  shade - Box

So far ive only bought and kept 1 lipstick. That one is Box ( the other two were shades i had to return due to their formula, and i believe they are being modified, which is good as they are both fantastic shades).
See previous top 10 post where i review Box. It is just perfect!

Medium pencils.  Shades - Sophie (Black), Strumpet - (Red) and Stephanie - (lilac grey)

Illamasqua formulated their pencils so they could be used anywhere on the face - lips, eyes, or skin so this means the red could be used to create a cool geisha eye, and the black to line the lips and not feather. I use Stephanie to line lips or on the inner eyelid as its alot softer than white but still opens the eye up. Alex Box wore their blue pencil (Paddle i believe) as a lipstick recently and straight after they sold out of the shade!

Lipglosses.  Intense shades- Fury, Fierce, Repulse and Gender and sheer shade - Explode. These are soo shiny, very creamy, moisturising and not very sticky. I dont like the tube it comes in though, i always squeeze out far too much, and need to use a brush to apply it as putting it on directly from the tube, you cannot properly control where the gloss goes. a tube with a brush end applicator or a vial with a separate brush applicator would be far better. I've even decanted some into a small empty lipgloss tube i got from a make up supplier to carry round with me.

Sheer - Explode. A pale iridescent pink shimmer in pearly white. Doesnt work on its own on lips, but it does look fantastic mixed with any intense gloss or over a opaque lipstick.

Intense - Fierce - A bright blue purple crème.  I adore this shade and it is wearable on cool skin tones. It fades down well without looking odd

Intense - Gender. A bright sky blue. Not a pure blue as its leans towards turquoise. Looks amazing for photoshoots but it doesnt last well and fades very odd.
See..........not great when it fades away. This is a constant check up colour. Might last better with a matching pencil underneath.

Intense Repulse. Pure carbon black - Looks like shiny latex on the lips when put over black lipstick. On its own it has a slight plumy tone.

This is Repulse mixed with the sheer Explode. It creates a cool silvery purple

Intense -  Fury . A rich light plum crème . My favourite shade, shame that its discontinued!.........ILLAMASQUA please bring this one back!
This is Fury mixed with Explode -

blotted down it still looks fantastic! Makes the lips look so juicy!

Thats it so far....so far. Cant wait try what ever i get next.


Phyrra said...

Looks nice! Love the swatching and thank you for doing the lip swatches.

If you haven't tried Fyrinnae, check them out because they've got some unique colors and really interesting products. I particularly love their Pixie Epoxy, Lip Lustres and eye shadows.

Sakara said...

ooh i love Fyrinnae! I did a review of the shadows i have so far.I'm waiting for my new order of shadows to try out. Love the arcane magics

The lip lustres ive got im not a huge fan off...they wear off quite quickly, but they are also both dark shades - a very dark blue and a very dark purple. I did get replacements for them as the first lot i got went on very gritty. They immediately sent me replacements so that was nice.
I intend to try the lighter shades to see if they're better, when they stock samples again.