Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Nyx Black Label lipsticks

I love trying brands you can't get over here easily..im just a sucker for punishment and let down lol. Nah sometimes i do find a good product, though it can be be tough getting the right one.
This time i thought id try the Nyx Black Label lipsticks as Cherry Culture had another one of their promotions. Id heard wonderful things about these lipsticks, so really wanted to try some.

 I love the packaging with the black lace over a gunmetal base. Also like the fact the colour of the lipstick shows at the bottom so you can easily pick them out of your stash.
I bought 4 lipsticks in the end -
Nude, heiress, Seductive and Bitter Sweet Chocolate. Anyone who buys from Cherry Culture knows their swatches can be off, though this time i cant blame them as theyve taken the swatches direct from the Nyx Website
If i hadnt done hours of trawling makeup blogs looking for accurate swatches id have been thinking i was getting these shades -

What i got were these shades - First too are close to above swatches , but last two are not the same!

Nude -  WAY too warm peachy for my skin..close to swatch now i think about it, but not what i was expecting from seeing photos of it on blogs. Very pigmented, but hard to get a nice even coat on lips even when blotted. ( for swatching i always remove a small amount off the stick and apply with brush from my hand ) Ugh...not a colour for me, so shall go into blog sale im sorting out soon, as some people love this shade according to some of the blogs ive seen! I'd say suitable for more tanned skin.

Seductive. Gorgeous deep purple with silver shimmer shade. Again pigmented, but hard to get a smooth application as its a little too creamy. Once blotted it true to swatch shade comes through and i think this is the way to go with these lipsticks. I think it needs the classic blot and reapply technique to make it work AND last.

 Straight from tube with brush -

Blotted below -

Heiress - a Slightly more intense than lip shade. A nice natural pink shade. Darker than Nyx swatch though, cooler toned too.
This is the only one of the ones i have that i can apply direct from tube and it looks ok.

Bitter Sweet Chocolate. WAY darker than Nyx swatch and a warmer brown than it too.It has a very slight pink shimmer on the stick, but that hardly shows on my lips.
I thought this might have been similar to Rimmel's Coffee shimmer (which i cant and wont wear anymore) , but sadly its not. Its not unwearable, but not what i expected. Again best worn blotted.

So do i like them enough to buy more? Call me a sucker, but yes, i want to find more shades that i like as they do feel lovely on the lips and last well for a creamy lipstick. They are not as drying as MAC and are cheaper per lipstick. The downside is the lack of accurate swatches, making picking colours a bit like lucky dip.


VampiressDoll said...

Whoa I freaking love the look of 'Seductive' and looks fabulous blotted too. :)

Sakara said...

It is an awesome shade, a true purple, rather than plum or reddish purple. Just takes some careful applying!

Jonna said...

Wow. The purple one looks gorgeous! x

Astrid said...

I've been looking at NYX cosmetics for a while but never got round to trying any, Is the shipping from Cherry Culture expensive?

Sakara said...

Astrid - I usually wait till there is some offer on the site before buying what ive been looking at, but ive not found their shipping to be too pricy anyway compared to some other sites. If you sign up to their newsletter you get emails sent telling you what offer they have at the time.

Astrid said...

Ah ok, good idea, thanks :)