Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Yaby eyeshadows and EOTD.

I've referred to Yaby eyeshadows before in my recent top 10, but i thought id do a proper review of these gems.
You can buy Yaby  at their main site -

In the Uk you can get them at The makeup artists Boutique (where i got mine from)

Yaby Pearl Paints are said to be waterproof, i haven't tested that, but what i do know is that after a day wearing them in high heat and humidity they didnt crease or fade. They also blend really nicely, staying true to their own shades and not going muddy.

I have a a mix of the pearl and normal eyeshadows and even the normal shadows last ages, although they are of course not as intensely pigmented as the pearl paints!
You can buy ready made up palettes, but these work out very expensive compared to buying individual pans. You can buy one of their empty palettes to put the pans in, or do like me and just use sticky back plastic and an old palette you happen to have.
The colour examples they give on the site aren't very good, I had to google search for swatches of colours to find the ones I liked.
Here are 2  blogs with great swatches
I put my pans into an empty bronzer palette I had bought especially for them (cheap no name bronzer from discount shop) and i have managed to fit 22 pans in it. The pans ARE tiny..smaller than a 5p piece, but i like them because you can fit many shades into a small palette to take with you when travelling. I also rarely finish a large pan so to me its ok they are small. Each Pan comes wrapped in bubble wrap and is inside a clear plastic clam shell packaging

 Click for larger pics!

(pp stands for pearl paint, Es stands for eye shadow)
1st row-  pp082 Hematite, pp080 First Snow, pp052 Platinum, es339 Fairytrail, pp040 Cappuccino Dream, pp048 Chocolate Smoothie.
2nd row- pp066 Butterfly Blue, pp036 Summer Night, es371 Tropical Dusk, es382 Aqua Dream, pp001 Midnight Blue.
3rd row- pp015 Sea Turtle, pp025 Spring Garden, pp071 Psychedelic Caterpillar, pp019 Antique, pp013 Pink Diamond.
4th row- pp047 Eggplant, pp064 Violet Crystal, pp060 Geranium, pp037 Amethyst River, pp049 Purple Iris, pp056 Dragon fruit.

Now a few simple looks with these shadows
1st using Sea Turtle, Psych. Caterpillar and Spring Garden. (eye liner - Gosh extreme art liner 01 dark purple on upper lids and Styli Style line and seal 12 in mauve)

Last photo shows same shadows at the end of a long hot humid day, still in place with no creasing ( i do always use primer on my eyes, but even then not all shadows stay un creased like these)

2nd eye - using Amethyst River, Chocolate Smoothie and Fairytrail plus Antique to lower lids (eyeliner - Gosh extreme liquid liner in 07)

So i would recommend these if you want - Long lasting, intensely pigmented shades, where you can choose the colours you want.

Edit..i bought more..here they are with what i already have in a small palette.


Phyrra said...

Butterfly blue is really pretty and summer night looks interesting.

Sakara said...

Butterfly blue is gorgeous yeah! As soon as i saw a swatch of that i knew i had to have it. Summer night has a lovely silvery shimmer to the blue colour.

Anonymous said...

Ive recently opened a pro account with the make up artist boutique after hearing great things about these shadows. (I havent purchased as yet, as I would like to pan some of the stuff I have first to justify it), but ive heard they are more pigmented than macs and at a fraction of the cost, you just cant go wrong.

Thanks for the swatches its great to see they really are highly pigmented.


Sakara said...

no problem. Im not a MAC fan....i think its all hype, and they've lost of lot of the quality now.

Id go with these and also the Star Makeup Heaven shadows which again are WAY more pigmented
i got mine from here as theyre slightly cheaper..you can also see fab swatches on this site -

Sakara said...

ive added in links to two blogs that have fantastic swatches of the pre-done palettes, thats where i found what colours i wanted by matching up the colours to their palette numbers