Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Sleek I Divine palettes - swatches and EOTD

Seeing as i now have all the palettes upto date that i want of Sleek I thought i'd post some photos of what each looks like and the good and bad shades in each.
You can buy these palettes in Superdrug or via Sleek's own website which ive linked to at the top of this post.
Palettes - all permanent collections unless stated.
Pictures and reviews under break

The Original - a great palette to start off with, all shades are pigment packed and with lovely shimmery shades. My favourite shades are the purple, teal and two greens. All that is really missing from this set is a good highlighter - the pale gold is still too colourful for general highlighting.

Storm. This is their neutrals that still pack a punch. Mostly shimmer and metallics with a couple of ok matts. Its odd, Sleek always make a fantastic black matt, but their colour matts can often have little to no pigment and be chalky on the skin. This isnt the case with this palette, as you can see ive used this palette alot! the good dark matt brown ive used alot as a brow powder to good effect, hence why it has a darker spot in the middle where its been wetted!

Acid, their intensely bright colour palette. Now some of the matts in this are weak, but the rest are so bright! my favourite shades here are the top left pink which has an inner purple glow, the bottom left purple which is a good matt, the grass green, and the far right blue. The weakest shade is the orange which is quite chalky and needs a good primer to give good payoff.

Curious (Limited Edition) This is one of their limited editions palettes that if you now want, you can now only get on ebay or when Sleek do a promotion. I love this palette, missing out when it first came out, but managed to snag it at a recent Sleek event! Love most of the shades here, although the yellow does look a little out of place its a nice contrast shade to use with the other colours. My favourites here are ..all of them! The black in this one isnt as pigmented as previous blacks though oddly. No true matts although the yellow isnt shimmery it has yellow sparkles within a mattish base.


Safari (Limited Edition) This palette is greens with golds and browns, very complimentary shades that all work well together.  Only one slight matt ( the pale brown) which is harder to work with, but is ok over primer., the rest of the shades are all shimmery. My favs- all the greens and the lovely old gold on the far right.

Graphite (Limited Edition) Oh how i love this palette!!!!! various metallic greys, shimmery purples, a green based grey and 2 shimmery highlighters. perfect for the smoky or gothic eye look. The black for a change isnt put in the corner of the palette but is at the bottom. the two dark greys next to the black have different tints to them, one green, the other slightly blue, hard to capture on camera. my fav shades are of course the purple and the highlighters. No matts.

Sunset (Limited Edition) - Oh wow, the colours are indeed of a sunset - various reds, oranges, yellows with the bright sea blue to make the other shades stand out. Plus of course the black. I adore the cranberry red next to the black, the bright orange and the two bottom left reds as well as the two shimmery highlighters on the bottom right. No matts in this collection.

Circus (limited Edition) - the latest palette from Sleek ive bought.. New colour red case which makes this easy to find from all the others ( their previous palette Bohemian came in a white case). This is full of bright shades in a mix of shimmer and matt formulas. the nicest shades in this palette are the top purple and pinky purple, the matt red and orange ( very pigmented), the deep blue and the odd pale yellowy green (always shows as a yellow on my skin on camera!) The bright yellow, warm pink  and pale blue are good matts, but the two bad eggs in this set are the white and pale lilac - they have virtually no pigment to them!!!!! Very bad and not worth even trying to get a payoff off them as they'll appear chalky as hell.

Its odd that some matt shades work so well with Sleek, but they also get real bad ones too that really should never have gone out...dont they check their formulas before putting them in palettes? Curious.

Over all Opinion - Mostly the I Divine palettes are a bargain at  £5.99. The colour pay off and blend-ability of the shades is wonderful...if theyre mostly shimmer. The matts can be hit and miss, They had a limited edition all matt palette out once called Chaos. I bought this...and well, lets just say the palette is now empty waiting for me to press my own shadows. The colours were nice, all brights, but they had NO pay off. Avoid Chaos palette like the plague, you do not need it to complete your collection. In fact any bad matt shades i intend to replace with my own pressed versions of the shades from any loose shadow that fits the bill.

And now..what you can do with the palettes!
i call these two looks oilsheen as the various shades remind me of the colours oil shows on water.  the first has more blue shades on the lid, the second (single eye shots) more green shades . I used the Original, Circus and the white from Graphite.

This is using the Acid palette-

Lastly to play and show how intense the shades can be - a mask made from the purple and teal shades from Original -


cynicalcylon said...

Ooh, some fab colours there.
Where dsells them?

xXx Taz

Sakara said...

hi Taz, you can get them in Superdrug or online at Sleek's website

in fact ill add that to this post.

Phyrra said...

I really love the first look. Awesome!