Thursday, 2 September 2010

blog love - Glitter is my crack - giveaway comp!

I adore this girls makeup blog, her eyes shadow looks are to die for and have been inpiration for many of my looks. If you like gothic, dramatic eyelooks, that are very well applied then check out her blog and friend her. She also makes excellent jewellery and hairclips!
She is have a HUGE giveaway and its a good un - so im sharing, even though i want to win lol..cos im nice like that ( and its one of the rules :p)

Meow Minerals - SImple and Guilty Pleasures collection

* Disclaimer - I was sent these to review which i will do a completely unbiased way*

I was sent samples of their newest special collections called Guilty and Simple Pleasures, each one names from a recommendation by a fan of Meow, which was cool i thought.
It took me a while to get decent photos of these as the weather has been horrible and dull of late, but yesterday the sun came out!
These are 2 wonderful collections with some outstanding stars.
I will say a few of the descriptions are a little off on the website to what you acually get though. I will explain each time i come to one of them.
Click on any image to enlarge it.
First Simple Pleasures - These are the muted colours, the easy to wear shades when you dont want anything too dramatic.

The purple / pink shades - meow cosmetics description in brackets
Karaoke (n/a) Shimmery Lilac
Making Love ( naked and buff au-natural ) cool toned shimmery neutral with pink and purple reflection
Barefoot ( pink Translucent blush) Very pale pink with paler shimmer
Chick Flick ( magnolia pink) light candyfloss pink shimmer

 All nice enough shades, Making Love is probably my favourite shade here as it has the most interesting reflections in its shimmer and makes a good neutral base.

Blues -
Rainy Day ( Blue? purple? mystic multicoloured) - Greyish blue, like the colour of denim with a silvery blue/purple shimmer
Funky Dance ( grape periwinkle tinged with pink)Silvery light bluish purple with pink shimmer reflection which is there in real life i promise!
Sleeping In ( ice blue) bright light blue with white shimmer
Birdsong ( robins egg blue) light blue with a tint of aqua with silvery shimmer

I found Rainy day and funky dance hard to capture on camera as they appear quite weak here, but are deeper in tone than this.

Aquas and greens-
Thunderstorm ( dusty navy blue) R.A.F. blue, it has a slight greyish green tint to it. A light blue slight shimmer, that is more a glow than full on shine.
Cuddles ( teal with soft blue sheen) Light teal with blue shimmer and fine gold glitter.
Silence (n/a ) Pale aqua shimmer
Sale! ( citrus kissed spring green ) Light apple green shimmer, no citrus tones detectable.

Again the two darker shades were quite hard to capture, especially Cuddles's gold glitter dust. Really like Thunderstorm for its unusual shade.

Yellows and Oranges-
Bubble Bath ( vanilla kissed with multicoloured blue and green iridescence) Pale cream shimmer with different toned reflection depending on light - sometimes blue tinged, sometimes green sometimes pink
Comfort food ( creamy and peach ) Pale orange shimmer
Purpose ( soft peach flush) Bright sherbet orange shimmer
Passion ( rosy glowing peach) Orange shimmer, with a slight rose pink reflection

Oh how i adore Bubble bath, its my favourite shade out of the simple's collection. It makes the perfect highlighter as it works with any colours. So hard to capture its iridescence on camera, but it is there!

Neutrals and browns -
Cookie Dough - ( warm chocolate tinged with caramel undertones) Chocolate semi matt with fine gold glitter
Morning Latte - ( buff, neutral earthen muted expresso with cream) Matte bronze base with cream and peach shimmer
Chinese Takeout -(  buff neutral tinged with tawny warmth) Light bronze base with rose shimmer
Sweat Pants -  ( warm true grey) Medium shimmery grey

Morning Latte is the most interesting shade here for its depth and shimmer. Chinese takeout looks quite brown in the packet but on the skin looks far pinker, almost a blusher shade and would make a good highlighter on darker skin.

Simple pleasures collection is a lighter toned collection mostly with pastels that i dont tend to wear. The standout shades for me as Bubblebath, Thunderstorm, Making Love and Morning Latte.

Now the Guilty Pleasures!..these are more to my tastes and have more shades id wear. they are richer in tone and have more flip shades which i love experimenting with.

Browns -
Fried Chicken ( warm sunkissed tawny) Matt bronze base with golden yellow shimmer
Soft Porn ( sparkly gold tinged taupe with rosy undertones) Light umber brown base with pinky brown shimmer
Chocolate truffle ( rosy milk chocolate) Chocolate base with sparkly pinky bronze shimmer
Illegal in 50 States ( dark bronzed earthen brown) Very dark teal base with golden bronze shimmer

Illegal in 50 states is an amazing shade with the dark teal blue base topped with golden shimmer. Soft Porn is also a very wearable shade and goes funnily enough very well with Simple's Making Love Shade :D

Blues -
One Night Stand ( sparkly midnight blue) Dark teal blue base dark teal blue shimmer, not really sparkly.
Sugar Daddy ( brilliant intense sapphire blue) True blue sparkly shimmer
Retail Therapy ( vivid golden sparkly teal) Rich teal base with aqua sparkly shimmer
Reality TV( deep sparkly teal) Rich teal base with green sparkly metallic shimmer

LOVE them allllllll!!!My favourites here have to be reality TV and One Night Stand as im really into my teals right now.

Purples -
Sick Days ( aqua tinged periwinkle) Light blue tinged with lilac base with sparkly aqua shimmer
E Shopping ( silver shimmery violet ) Bluey purple base with silvery blue shimmer
Lace Lingerie ( rosy hued brilliant purple ) Bright purple base with flip tone purple pink shimmer
Midnight Feast ( deepest purple with midnight and rosy sparkle) Dark teal blue base with reddish purple shimmer
Those Heels ( blood crimson burgundy wine red ) Blood red base with pinky red shimmer

Love all of these, though Sick Days  and E Shopping are my favourite for there flip tones.

Yellows and greens -
Novel Nympho ( antiqued patina of bronze with sparkle) Golden bronze base with sparkly old gold shimmer.
French Fry Heaven ( warm toasty slightly goldeny) Rich yellow base with pale yellow shimmer
Potato Chips ( buff toned creamy golden) pale yellow base with cream shimmer
Meow Cosmetics ( acidy cat eye green) NO green in this at all on the skin, barely detectable in the packet This is a acidic bright yellow with  golden yellow shimmer
Margarita ( lemon melon toned citrus) very pale green base with icey lemon yellow shimmer.

Some of these shades im a little disappointed by their colour description to what i see myself. the two greens are hardly green at all, especially the one meant be cat eye green. My fav of this bunch is Potato Chips as it make a great highlighter.

Some stand out shades in this collection, I think id probably use them all.

Overall, colours stay true, they mix very well and stand out like crazy with a primer or eyeglue like pixy Epoxy by Fyrinae
Here is an example of what they look like - I used Chocolate Truffle on the lids , Fried Chicken above the crease, Illegal in 50 states in the outer crease, Soft Porn on inner corner lid and Bubble Bath below brow., with the liner on the lower lid is GOSH extreme art liner in Aqua.

Foundation was Meow Minerals in a mix of Sleek Himalayan and Chausie. Lipstick was Nyx Round lipstick Rea.