Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Nyx Lipstick Swatches ( take 2)

Did another big haul over at Cherry Culture when they had a big discount offer and im still trying all the lipsticks out, so i wont review them properly until ive really given them a good go, but ill post up swatches so you can see their true colour - on pale skin and pigmented lips. Handy to have as Cherry Culture do not have the best swatches!
Took me ages to get these swatches as the weather in the UK has been so dull getting good accurate swatches has been a nightmare!
I've also done some comparisons of other shades and other brands so you can see how similar or different some shades are.
I bought round 11 lipsticks, 1 black label and 2 diamond sparkle glosses.

ALL images can be clicked to be bigger!

Diamond Sparkle Glosses in Red and Plum-
Red on the left, Plum on the right. The red has fine gold shimmer in it and is quite pigmented, the Plum is alot lighter than i thought it would be and also has gold shimmer.

Diamond Sparkle Gloss in Red
I do like this red gloss. It is a pink toned red, but with the gold shimmer becomes a truer red tone. It is also very sparkly. I swatched this without any liner or base to show its true shade, id wear this normally with both of those.

Diamond Sparkle Gloss in Plum
See how much lighter this is than what you'd expect from something called Plum?.It is a lovely shade though and very wearable.

Black Label lipstick in Diva.
When i first got this out of the packaging i thought it looked exactly like Heiress which i already have, but on the lips i prefer this to Heiress! Its ever so slightly warmer toned than Heiress. See comparison -I also included the round lipsticks Thalia and Perfect as they are similar shades to the black label ones.
Thalia is very similar to Heiress and Perfect is similar to Diva although its slightly darker. I prefer the texture of the Black Label over Round and the scent in nicer and quicker to fade. I would choose the pricier Black Label.

Round lipsticks -
Cool tones ( all swatched with no liner or base) -

A glossy Black. Not as highly pigmented as the Barry M Black, but still a nice budget black to use

Almost Black -
Very dark purplish shade. Not as dark as id hoped and takes some working to get a even coat. Pretty shade and on trend it seems for this winter ( when are dark shades not on trend each winter lol)

Medusa -
I swear i buy half of these because of their name lol, But this is a lovely plummy shade with shimmer.

Eggplant -
Shimmery purple with plum base tones.Might have too much shimmer as is dryer to apply than normal. Warmer base than Seductive in the Black Label range, here is a comparison - ....

Orpheus -
A silvery purple. Not a day to day shade but it is one of those shades i must own!

Pandora -
A bright shimmery fuchsia with blue toned flash. Oh how i love this shade. Very nice.

Castle -
Lilac creme with slight shimmer. Very nice to apply. One of those trend shades thats around at the moment. But again i love purples at any time!

 A better than lips shade. Slightly warm toned. See comparison to Thalia and the black label lipsticks in this colour range. Makes me want to get B52 as well too see how that compares.
Warm tones (again swatched without liner or base) -

Pinto Bean -
Pinky bronze shimmer. Very shimmery, almost metallic.

Cinnamon Sugar -
Warm terracotta shade with lots of shimmer, slight pink tone to shimmer. Not sure this suits my skintone.

Kona Coffee-
 An odd shade this one.a brown base with brown shimmer with a purple flash.

Champagne -
One of the better than natural lip colours, bit paler than natural. Mauve pink with slight shimmer. Out of the natural shades this is probably my favourite.

Now some more comparisons - the nude shades - Cinnamon Sugar, Champagne, Circe, Rea, Aries and Summerlove.

Circe is the most yellow of the shades but still natural enough on me to look ok - my go to erase lips shade. Champagne and Summer love are the pinkest shades. Aries has a silvery tone, Rea is my favourite nude shade as it still has some pink tone to it. Cinnamon Sugar is the darkest of them.

Lilac comparisons -

Orpheus has the most silver tone to it, Aphrodite seems to come out the pinkiest shade.

Hope these swatches help when it comes to picking Nyx lipsticks!


Cydonian said...

Castle is super pretty and Medusa looks nice on you! I have it and it doesn't apply nicely on me :(

Phyrra said...

I love Medusa and Pandora.

Sakara said...

Phyrra..lol i had a feeling you'd like Pandora. Have a look at Ricochet from Sinful colors in my other post..thats incredible!