Monday, 22 November 2010

Eldora False Eyelashes review.

Disclaimer -
These eyelashes were sent to me to review with no payment. My opinion is an honest one. do many eyelash styles, all handmade and with a choice of synthetic and human hair, as well as fancy lashes made with feathers.
What the company say -
Eldora is about beautiful, quality and value-priced lashes. With its vast range from natural to extreme, there is a pair of eyelashes for everyone for any occasion. Be it for everyday use, nights out, costume parties or spoiling yourself, highlight your personality with our handmade, weightless, easy-to-apply collections.
Spoil yourself with more than 200 types of eyelashes to choose from.

I recieved two sets to try, one my choice and 1, the companies choice. I chose for myself a set of human hair lashes H101 (£3.90) and the company sent me a synthetic set B126 (£3.90)
the human set is on the top, the synthetic on the bottom.
They come packaged in a yellow card box with a light plastic slide out case holding the lashes A vile of their glue is inside the case. A useful packaging as they are easy to store.

The synthetic are fine feathery lashes that look like they'd blend in well to my own lashes without looking over done. As with any eyelashes i had to trim about 4mm off the inner edge to fit my eyelid. I have to do this with practically all full length false eyelashes, and trimming didn't mess up the design in any way which is good.
The main problem i had with them was the strip the lashes are attached to is very thick. I prefer thin strips as i can get the lashes much closer to the edge of the eyelid. Because of the thick line i could also feel the eyelashes on. I had to apply a thick eyeliner line to hide the strip.
Shame as the style is very nice and natural looking when worn. I think i might try and trim the thickness of the strip and see if that works better for me as they are a nice daytime style as well as a light definition for evening looks.

The human set though, felt totally different. I love these lashes! they are more in your face style, but they have a much thiner strip and i can attach these far closer to edge of my lid. ( ack my own eyelashes are not curled at the inner corners..)
These lashes would be perfect for going out and evening looks. They do not need as thick an eyeliner to blend them in either. Highly recommend these. They also felt alot lighter and were more comfortable to wear.

The adhesive that comes with the lashes is very good. Its a pretty opalescent blue that when dry is clear. I normally use Duo black eyelash adhesive but Eldora's own works just as well.
I'll definitely buy the human hair lashes again as they feel far superior to synthetic lashes...of any ive worn.
Going to buy H125 and H116  to try next!
At the price these are fantastic lashes as most human lashes start at £5.

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