Tuesday, 23 November 2010

M.U.A. Superdrugs bargain makeup brand - eyeshadows review

Superdrug have their own makeup range called Makeup Academy or M.U.A. and everything is £1. yep...£1!
( There was another bargain makeup range by the name Makeup Academy around a while back..but this is not the same one)

Ive not had a good look through the entire collection but i did pick up some of the eyeshadows as they looked like dupes for more expensive brands, that even Superdrug stock - Accessorize and Famous by Sue Moxley.( yeah not much more expensive, but when everything is a £1, anything will be more expensive!)

I bought shades 9, 10, 12 and 13. - 3 purples and a duotone brown shade that apparently is a dupe for a MAC shade...not that i know which one, as im not that big a fan of MAC.(.overpriced in my opinion - i only own some of the lipsticks and a couple of pigments before i discovered mineral makeup!)
All shadows i picked are called pearl shades. MUA also have mattes which i haven't tried yet.

Here are the shades Swatched -

below cut is review -


13 is a blackened purple..it has a flash of royal purple on a dark black purple base. Goes on well and lasts along time, but isnt as creamy as 9 and 12. Dupe in colour for same shades in Accessorize and Famous ranges.


10 - dusty purple shimmer. The dud of my batch. Looks very shimmery in the pan, but hard to get decent pay off. Not as much pigment either as the others i have.


9 - Stunning ultra violet purple, flashes blue. creamy to apply and dupe for same shades in Famous and Accessorize ranges.


12 - Warm brown with green flash shimmer. very creamy and very good duochrome.

So 1 out of the 4 isnt that great, but not much of a loss as it only cost me £1! the other 3 shades though are gorgeous and of a much higher quality than their price might suggest.

Might pick up some more eyeshadows and possibly some of the other items ( lipsticks, lip glosses, blushers, liners, glitters, pigments, powders and foundations)

Check out the MUA range in Superdrug, its worth a look as there are some gems in the collection.

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Cydonian said...

I -love- #9 and #12, two of my favorites from the range!