Monday, 22 November 2010

Sleek I Divine palette - Sparkle

Sleek's Party palette is here. Called Sparkle it has , obviously sparkly eye shadows! These are VERY glittery indeed and you need a decent primer and i add Fyrinnae's awesome Pixi Epoxy to give these shadows their full potential. The glitter though is fine and doesn't look tacky. Also comes with a gold and silver shimmer, these contain no glitter..
This palette is Limited Edition.

The palette comes in a carboard box and is again a black case.

The Colours are-
Cranberry - Cool toned matte red with fine glitter
Dream Maker -Grey satin with slight purple tint and glitter.
Galactic -Navy matte blue with  glitter
Twinkle -  Darkest matte blue with  glitter.
Star Light -Matt grey satin with glitter.
Noir - Matt black

Illusion - Darkest Purple satin with glitter
Festive - Warm dark purple matte with glitter
Mistletoe - Mossy Green satin with  glitter
Glitz and Glamour - Black satin with glitter
Gold Illusion - Shimmery pale yellow gold
Tinsel - Shimmery pale silver.

The glitter seems to be silvery and iridescent.

Hardest colour to work with on top row is star light as the base colour isnt very pigmented. My favourite shade is Dream maker, the purple tone to the grey make it a stunning shade.

When applied, it can be hard to tell the two warm purple apart. Mistletoe is my favourite shade here along with the two shimmery metallics.
Hope these swatches are ok. Its soo dull and dark here in the UK its hard to get a decent photo!


VampiressDoll said...

Goodness me, I neeeeed this. :D Thanks so much for reviewing. x

Anonymous said...

This is a great review hun, and I am sorely tempted. don't know if i can justify buying yet more eye-shadow though as I already seem to have so much. I think that's why I tend to buy singles, for I never use all the shades in any given palette I buy.

Sakara said...

Fracture. Thats why i like Sleek Palettes..i seem to use all the shades at some point. At £5.99 the quality is exceptional.

mademoiselle said...

All 12 colors look lovely... thanks for the swatches. I just placed an order for two of those! :)