Tuesday, 23 November 2010

US makeup haul - La Girl and La Colors

When Cherry Culture had another one of its big offers i decided to try some of the LA Colors eyeshadow sets as id seen some good swatches of them. I also picked up 3 more of the lovely LA Girl Creme Lipsticks.

I love buying from Cherry Culture in some regards as i ordered this batch a month ago, and sort of forgot about it, so its always a nice surprise when the package does arrive!
( CC always pack their items very well and ive not received a broken item yet).


LA Colors Baked Eye shadow sets $3.00 , 5 shadow sets $4.00

La Colors do a few different eye shadow sets and their Baked sets are I believe new to the brand. I picked up 2 sets - Neptune and Black Hole. I also bought one of their 5 color metallic shadow sets called Mesmerize.
The packaging for the baked shadows is a round domed plastic case. Opening is a bit hard as you have to pry it open, no press down catch or similar. The packaging for the 5 set is a rectangular case and is easier to open as there is a little lip to hold when you pull the lid open.

Baked Eyeshadow set Neptune -

 Colours in the pan are - All shimmery type - bright pink with slight blue flash,  metallic pinky purple with slight blue flash, mustardy old gold and sky blue

Swatched -  the pink and purple stay true to colour, but the blue appears duller and the gold darker. My favourite shades are the purple and the gold, as the gold isnt bright, its more a darkened gold, The purple i love of course, as well, i love all purples!

Baked eye shadow set Black Hole -

Shades in the pan - frosty white, gunmetal silver with irridescent shimmer, a greyish metallic purple and a frosty  black.

Shades when applied - shimmery bright white, gunmetal silver with slight shimmer, shimmery purple grey and a matt black. The black reminds me of in texture, charcoal sticks, like those used in art classes. It also applies similarly. Very dark, very smoky.

This is my first foray into baked eyeshadows and these sets are ok compared to the usual pressed and loose shadows i have. They dont pick up as easily as a pressed shadow though, which ive heard can be a problem with the baked type. They also dont have the creaminess of pressed or loose shadows.
Once i've gotten used to the difference in texture though, i think i'll grow to like these shadows. Black Hole especially, as all the shades work well together in that set.

LA Colors 5 Color Metallic Eyeshadow Palette - Mesmerize-

 5 shimmery eyeshadows, a warm orange, silvery green, heathery purple, silvery blue and gunmetal silver. (noticed how similar the colours are to the Neptune backed set! ....my mind boggles sometimes on my choices!)

These all apply well and the tones are very soft. The brightest is the orange which swatches as a rich gold shade. All the others have a muted cast to them, and would be great for those afraid of bright colours! They are pigmented and creamy and go on quite well. Id recommend this set to anyone who normally wears browns and and wants to add a little colour without being bright. Also work well as subtle pops of colour in a neutral smoky eye look.

All eye shadows swatched with  clean sponge tip applicators.

LA Girl Luxury Creme Lipcolor -$2.75

What they say -Ultra rich lip colors, applies on silky smooth for the softest, sexiest lips ever. Luxury Creme' Lipstick delivers ultra rich colors in a lightweight formula. Its blend of moisturizing ingredients of aloe, shea butter & vitamin E enhances lips, leaving a smoother, healthier feel. Glides on effortlessly with the slant top, for a flawless even coverage. All lipsticks apply on smooth for long wearing, rich, full coverage.

Id bought 2 of these lipsticks before and was highly impressed with the quality of the them - great texture, moisturising, great pigment and no cheap taste or over powering smell. So i wanted to try a few of their darker colours to see if it wasn't just a  fluke that i picked the 2 best before!

I chose Dreamer ( glossy black), Promiscuous (deep red) and Romance ( deep wine shade). Thats going by the various color swatches i could find, which was quite hard as not many people have swatched these!
( note - never just go by the colour charts on Cherry Culture...they can be quite off, especially with lipsticks!)
Packaging is a black case to hold the bullet and a clear lid with metallic pink writing and decal.. pretty nice and handy to see the colour you need.
All the Luxury lip colors seem to be cremes as ive not yet come across any with shimmer.

Dreamer -

                                                   Above- Without liner, on bare lips

                                                   Above - With lined and filled in lips

Glossy Black - This was the disappointment of the 3. Its not as richly pigmented as the others and quite hard to apply evenly because its so slippy. I seem to find that with black lipsticks though, the higher the moisturising feel, the worse the pigmentation. So i tried it with with my lips lined and filled in with Illamasqua's Sophie medium pencil - which is black. With this as a base the glossyness of the lipstick comes through and it looks much better and lasts quite well, as well as any moisturising lipstick does. Not as long lasting as Barry M or Illamasqua's black, but both of them are more pigmented and thus, dryer in feel.

Promiscuous  -
                                                     Above - Applied on bare lips

A lighter red than the lipstick bullet itself suggests. Its a cool toned red though, which is good as i dont suit warm toned reds, which is what it does look like on the CC website! Very good pigment to this aswell, like my previous purchases and again feels lovely on. A good choice if you are after a vintage red shade.

Romance -
                                                        Above - Applied on bare lips

This one goes on again much brighter than the lipstick bullet and website swatch suggest, It's what i'd call a very dark fushia shade. Not unpleasant though and wearable for my skin tone. Not as pigmented as Promiscuous but still a good shade and comfortable to wear.

For a cheaper range brand, LA Girls Luxury lipsticks are pretty good compared to their UK equivelant - say Collection 2000, Rimmel or No 17 ( which i cant wear anyway...because A - owned by company that tests on animals and B has some ingredient that i can taste.. and which tastes horrid)
These lipsticks leave my lips feeling moisturised and are quite long lasting if you line the lips first ( which id always recommend with dark lipsticks!)


doradadama said...

Fantastic colors .. I bought a few cheapy eyeshadows before i came to england...very highly pigmented my fave are kleancolr,amuse.

Sakara said...

La Dama - i'd wondered about Amuse as they have so many palettes. Also they are all on sale at Cherry Culture...so might try one and see what its like. Never heard of the other one though.