Thursday, 23 December 2010

Aldi brand makeup Lacura - a review

Aldi have been getting some kind words about their skincare and i wanted to see if theyre makeup was as good.
The makeup is under the name Lacura and isnt tested on animals as are any of Aldi's toilettries.

I bought a waterproof mascara in black and the concealer pen.

Both are packaged in shiny silver metal packaging, which gives the products a very high class look, even though the prices are as the americans say drugstore. ( I cant remember exactly how much i paid for these but both were under £5)

First up the mascara -

Its quite a small tube, but i like that as the brush reaches right the bottom of the tube. The brush is a thick shape that does give a lovely thickening to the lashes.

Here are my eyelashes with no mascara on them.....

and with one coat of the mascara  (eyelashes were not curled prior to application) -

and two coats with eyeliner-

Now ive yet to find a true waterproof mascara and sadly this is also not actually waterproof, but it is smudge proof and long lasting, plus it does emphasise the lashes, curls them slightly and lengthens them.
It does has an interesting scent, somewhat floral, which is odd but not noticeble when worn.
Its a good mascara for the price and easily comparable to main high street brands like Max Factor and Revlon, i'd buy it again.

Next - Concealer Pen-

Again a lovely silver metallic mirror finish to the packaging.

Its a click up design similar to many under eye brighteners and its a liquid in a light neutral slightly pink toned colour that instantly brightens my dark circles under my eyes. I also use it along the sides of my nose to diffuse the area. This is a fantastic product! It really does work as well as some of the high end versions of this type of product.  Id definitely buy this again, probably more than 1 as my Aldi isnt that local to get to!

These were the only 2 products that interested me from the range, although they do do lipsticks, lipglosses, foundation, powder, an eyedshadow duo and a normal mascara.

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