Sunday, 26 December 2010

Xmas Eve, Tron Legacy Inspired......

Yep, me and Chris went to see Tron Legacy in IMAX 3D, which was spectacular! Fantastic film, even if some of the tech talk went over my head, i loved the pretty costumes!
I was inspired by the eye makeup the Siren's wear and the colours of the film. I also had just got Barry M's dazzle dust in 98 Petrol Black, which is an incredible colour that flips between blue, green and purple shimmer on a black base. reminds me of the feathers on a magpie. When i was applying it i saw blue on my lids, and purple in the pot, yet alot of my photos show green!
With my eyes, i used the shape of the Siren's eyemakeup and used the powders to give the effect of the glow of the good guy's blue white over the black and the reflected blue on the black of their costumes.

As you'll see in the close ups, i hadn't noticed the glitter had shifted the silver off my eyelid till after these photos were put on my pc and i could see them large...damn.Ah well i didnt notice and the shape i was still happy with lol

Eye makeup applied in order -
TFSE primer all over
M&S bamboo applied all over.
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy dabbed over lid and under eye.
Barry M 98 applied from middle up lid winged up and out and also on lower least 2 layers applied.
Yaby Platinum applied on upper middle lid down inner corner and around inner lower lid.
Yaby Summer Night applid lightly on middle lid and blended out between barrym and platinum.
More pixie epoxy dabbed onto upper lid inner corner.
Stargazer  in a white with blue irridescence over the top of platinum and summer night
NYX irridescent glitter from Fresh Greens paletter patted ontop of epoxy.
Visee Black gel eyeliner applied in a flick shape on upper lid
Barrym Kohl in white on waterline.
Sleek Noir lightly brushed to shape eyebrows.

To create the very defined eye shape, i applied all the eyemakeup first, then used a cotton bud to clean the blend and create a defined line near the eyeliner flick. Then once cleaned up i did my face makeup.

Lips was Urban Decay in Wanted.


Phyrra said...

I love the colors you used and the color placement!

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