Saturday, 31 December 2011

never too much Sparkle 'Winter Sunset' makeup challenge

Facebook Group Never Too Much Sparkle's latest challenge is Winter Sunset.
I used this image for reference -

I always think when the sun shines through in winter, the colours can be so intense, because light reflects off the white snow.
I used Venomous Cosmetics for this eye and lip look.

For the eyes i applied Nyx Jumbo pencil in Milk over TFSS, then i used Illamasqua's Succumb from crease up. Then on the lid blended up was Venomous Cosmetics pressed shadows in Rising Star, then Sunset in Tahiti blended up from Crease towards brow. A little Pheonix was blended in the crease and then a tiny amount of Streets of Tokyo in the outer edge of the crease. Under the eye was Cobalt Blue with a little Atlantis in the inner corner blended with Box jelly. Box jelly was also used under the brow.
Eyeliner was Essence Black gel eyeliner with a tiny amount of Pheonix brushed on top.
Eyebrows were Illamasqua's Eerie fine pencil, then Famous Matt Shadow number 12 over that. Mascara was ELF Studio waterproof mascara.
Skin - Missha Signature Real Complete bb cream in shade 13, Meow Minerals Himalayan Pampered Puss foundation shade 0. Nyx Taupe blusher in contour and ELF Studio Candid Coral on cheeks.
Lips - La Colors Sable with Venomous Cosmetics Paradise on top.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

MUA pro palettes - Glamour Days, Glamour Nights and Poptastic

I had Poptastic for a while but noticed i'd not swatched and reviewed it, so when i bought the two new palettes Glamour Days and Glamour Nights i added Poptastic in too, because it is an awesome palette!
These retail at £4 a pop, which is excellent value and cheaper than the Sleek I Divine, which i feel they are emulating in design and layout.
Loads of photo after the cut!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Xmas eve look / Never too much Sparkle's 'Your Choice' challenge

Not really much of a challenge hehe, well that's what i thought, until you have to come up with your own idea hehe. Decided to go with a gold theme as its totally not stereotypical at all for xmas ;D
Bit of a rushed one photo wise as i was off to cinema to catch new Sherlock Holmes movie (which btw is brilliant!)

I used golds, shimmery browns and Creams from the two new MUA professional palettes Glamour Days and  Glamour Nights (full review to come on those beauties!
Gold glitter eyeliner from Barry M. Mascara was ELF Studio waterproof black mascara.
Eyeliner is Essence gel eyeliner - London Baby.
Eye brows were done with Illamasqua's fine pencil in Eerie and then Famous Matt eyeshadow, shade 12.

Lips were Sleek Cherry,probably my favourite dramatic dark red.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

never too much Sparkle 'Blue Winter' makeup challenge TIMES 2!

Facebook group Never Too much Sparkle set a challenge called Blue Winter And i think i got carried away as i did 2 looks with this theme - a normal and a creative look.
I did the creative look first and when i read Blue Winter i immediately thought of an icey snow queen look.

Click below for lots more pics of this look and the other more 'normal' look -

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Hate the 'Lightbox' photo viewer on here? Here's how to get rid of it!

I cannot take credit for this...So here is a link to the clever person who came up with it -

I followed the section option which is to place a new 'gadget' window and paste in the code ( delete the 1-10 numbers though as these will appear where you insert the gadget!)

Click save on the gadget and now your pictures in your posts will open as they always did before, in their full glory!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Own eye colour EOTD.

I really liked this showcase idea Never Too Much Sparkle did last month, i only joined recently but wanted to give this one a go. This one was to study your eye and pick out the colours and use them in a look.
I have eyes that change colour alot between green and grey due to the mix of tones in the iris.
AHHH MY EYE!!!!! lol. But had to take this so i could pick out colours. I see sage greys, touches of light steel blue, golden brown and pale eggshell green. surrounded by a dark grey green.

see more after cut

Thursday, 24 November 2011

ELF cream eyeliners review -Metallic Olive, Golden and Teal Tease

Elf recently had a fan 40% off sale and i picked up some new items along with some of my regular favourites. This post will be my review of the cream eye liners they have in their Studio range.
I bought Metallic Olive and 2 of their new shades Golden and Teal Tease.
Review after jump -

Monday, 21 November 2011

Game LOTD - Mass Effect

I'd forgotten i'd done this, i think because i still feel i could do better for my favourite game series!
I wanted to base this eye look on an iconic image that runs through the games, that of the Mass Relays, huge alien devices that allow travel through the galaxy. Blue is a colour that runs through the game too as it is the colour of  one of the main alien races in the game the Asari and also is the colour of Biotic powers, created by a Mass Effect (hence the game name). i used this image as a reference point -
It instantly reminded me of an eye, so that's what i went with -

I cant remember specifically what i used but i know i used Sleek, Venomous Cosmetics and Yaby pearlpaints for this.
Contact lenses btw are  Lestat style lenses. ( On a side note, I use them for my Selene, Underworld costume as any lenses that go by that film name look nothing like what is worn in the film, where are the lenses here look like Selenes but nothing like Lestats!)

I also did a quick look based on one of the character's distinctive makeups. Kasumi Goto has very cool lip markings

The nude shimmer was a Nyx lip pencil in Nude Beige and the purple was Otherworldy by Morgana Cryptoria.

The two looks didnt work well together , thats why there is no full face!

purple look with Sleek and Nyx

Been so busy with costuming and other things that i haven't had time to update this till now. This look I wore back on 16th November. I have been customising all my Sleek palettes into colours, ie all purple in one palette, all blues in another etc. It's takes some patience, a heat gun and hot glue but it can be done! I've written on the back of the palette where each colour came from palette name wise so I can still refer to their original palette names. Now this might be some form of OCD lol, but I prefer to have all similar shades together so I can just go to one palette if I want a purple look like here. My short term memory problems means I often forget that one of the palettes has a purple in it and I wont use it for ages because of that.

The natural light has been bad here in the UK, so some of these images are a little dark, although they still show the colours.

Eye primed with Two Faced Shadow Insurance.
Colours used - Medium purple from the Circus palette across eyelid to crease,'twilight shade' purple from Bad Girl palette on the crease and blended up. The darkest purple from Graphite on the lower lid. A mix of shimmery white from Graphite with far left corner aqua from Curious palette on inner corner. White also used on highest part of under eyebrow.
Eyebrows - Illamasqua Fine pencil in Eerie to mark out eyebrow shape and roughly fill in, then Famous Mono eyeshadow in brown black to fill in (using a little water to create stronger pigment).
Urban Decay 24-7 waterproof liquid liner in Retrograde along top lash line. Urban Decay 24-7 Glide On Eye pencil in Zero along lower lash and waterline. Elf waterproof mascara in black to finish

Skin -OCeight mattifying gel, Missha Signature Real bb cream shade 13, Meow Minerals Himalayan in perfect puss shade 0.

Lips - lined and filled in with NYX Mauve, then ontop and blended together with Nyx Aphrodite round lipstick.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

New hairstyle and i love my new favourite salon!

I'd been in a style rut for a while and my hair was just getting long. Being that it's quite thick, it gets heavy and it was beginning to give me a headache.
I'd recently become a fan of a new show on Syfy channel, called Lost Girl and there is a character on it called Kenzi, who has awesome hair and it inspired me with my new style.

I've been told the style reminds them of - Tron's Quorra, classic Cleopatra and Bettie Paige!
Anyway it's a angled bob, long at front, shorter at back with blunt fringe (Bangs for you US peeps) that sits above the eyebrows.

A big shout out to the awesome salon that did this style for me. Called Neo Hair Design  They are a cool salon, which caters to all, but has an alternative vibe to the place - unusual hair colours, hair dreads and extensions, and alt culture hair styles are their speciality! Plus when i was there the background music was Rammstein, The Cure, various German Industrial tracks and the Tron Legacy soundtrack. Can you tell i love the place?
My stylist was Tracey and i showed her what i wanted via about 3 different photos and she gave me exactly what i wanted. Everyone is really laid back there too. Can't recommend the place highly enough!

MUA Dusk till Dawn and Starry Night palette swatches plus some looks with it!

Heya all.
Eesh, sorry i've not been around lately. Been snowed under with my costume work, combined with a weird breakout on my face which i think could be down to a allergic reaction to a varnish.

So recently, picked up two more of Superdrug's M.U.A. palettes. This time it's Dusk till Dawn and Starry Night
Swatches and looks under the cut

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Fantastic Moon Maiden Jewellery competition

Blix who runs the makeup blog is also a talented jewellery maker ( i own some of her work and LOVE it) She's running an awesome comp on her blog to win a giftcard for anything from her Enter away! (course there are rules, so check them out first)

BTW...sorry for not being around. Ive had a odd skin reaction to some varnish i was using for one of my costumes and i've not been happy enough with any photos of my makeup to share. But rash has now gone so expect more posts! :D

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Sleek Pout Paints - swatches and review

Sleek have come out with their version of OCC's Lip Tars. Called Pout Paints, they cost £4.99 each
These are utterly mixable, opaque lip colours that can be worn full on glossy or blotted down to a stain of colour.
I bought 8 shades (over a couple of weeks as Superdrug kept selling out of some of the colours because they had a buy2 get one free offer on)

163 Peek A Bloo / 154 Mauve Over / 159 Port / 157 Pin Up / 160 Pinkini / 155 Lava / 161 Minx / 153 Cloud Nine

The tubes contain 8ml of product, the same as OCC Lip Tars. The product is thicker than lip tars, which are very runny. This does mean you need to use more pout paint, but at the price that's not really a problem.
The Pout Paints have a fruity scent, which reminds me of pineapple. This is another thing i prefer over OCC, which have a cloying mint scent that does not fade.
Click below for swatches!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Morgana Cryptoria Lip Balms - Best of both worlds!

When i saw Morgana Cryptoria was releasing coloured lip balms i had to snap up a few to try. I picked up Galaxy, Anastasia, Countess Bathory and Nevermore. (Also bought a full size of Plumeria, my new favourite all time colour and i got Turquoise - a colour you have to ask for and only available to EU as the colour in it isnt allowed in the US, but is in the EU. She only has a few tubes of this left.)

more pictures after the cut

Friday, 5 August 2011

ELF Haul primer Trio, brown gel liner and duo fibre brush review and swatches

I took the offer of free postage recently and bought some items i'd been interested in with ELF
I picked up the Studio Duo fiber brush, Studio 'Coffee' cream eyeliner and the new eyeshadow primer  collection from the basic range.

The Eye primer Collection 
The collection includes the classic nude primer, Pearl - a white shimmer and Champagne - a warm nude shimmer.
The nude works pretty well as I've used this before in its single form. It works nearly as good as Two Faced Shadow Insurance. Pearl although isn't a heavily pigmented primer it does works well to brighten a colour or to use where you want a highlight colour. Champagne, is the harder shade to work with in terms of what you put on top. ie a cool shade will not work too well on top as the base colour dulls it slightly, but put a brown or warm shade on top and it makes it richer. Also of course matt shades don't really work on top of either shimmer shade.
In the photo above you can also see a swatch of the Coffee brown cream eyeliner.

here is examples of how different colours work on top of the primers -

a duochrome brown/green and a duchrome pink/gold
A blue and an aqua shade. See how they look horrible over the champagne primer. But The blue looks fantastic over the brown cream eyeliner as a base!

I think this set is a great option if you want to try different primers under your shadows..but i'd suggest testing what colour you want to use with the eyeshadow of your choice.

Cream Eyeliner in Coffee -
I have a few of these already and find they are pretty good at being well pigmented, long lasting and sweatproof. I bought the matt brown to use mainly as a base for dark smoky eye looks.
You can see the swatch of it in the pictures above. The little brush that comes with the product though is  too small to use properly, though i keep it in my handbag for emergency touch ups.

Studio Duo Fiber brush -
I bought this before i'd bought the Borghese brush set and to be honest i wish i hadnt bothered. I cant seem to use this brush to any effect. I prefer the Elf Studio flat top brush to apply powder foundations. I'll keep practising with this brush type to see what they are good for! If you do like this type of brush, then id say it compares to the Borghese one in quality.

brown LOTD with MUA Innocence trio

Been having some issues with Blogger recently. There was a javascript error and i could neither edit nor post. Seems to have now fixed itself so i can post again.
This is a look i did on Wednesday.

Eyes -
Two Faced Shadow Insurance as primer.
MUA Innocence trio - the golden brown shade was used from inner corner to middle of lid. green/brown duochrome shade was used from middle of lid to outer corner and winged out slightly. Also placed underneath eye. Cream shade used in under browbone and on inner corner.
Liner is Essence Gel eyeliner in Black.
Eyebrows shaped with Illamasqua Sealing gel and the dark brown from Sleek Storm palette.
Mascara is GOSH Amazing Length and Build in waterproof black.

Skin -
OCEight mattifying gel
Missha Signature Real Complete bb cream in shade 13.
Meow Minerals Himalayan Foundation in Pampered Puss
Barry M blusher in Terracota (very lightly hand with this blusher!)
Under eye concealer by Lacura.

Lips - Venomous Cosmetics Lip Poison in Paradise.