Sunday, 9 January 2011

Illamasqua sale Haul

Illamasqua's sale has some awesome bargains and i couldn't say no to having a look at their Cardiff Debenhams counter.
After browsing for ages and chatting to the always lovely counter staff, i came away with 4 items, including a free item (yaaay for friendly staff!). I had to be careful as i could have bought so much more.

Picture - Eyeshadow in Succumb, Fine pencil in Eerie, Lipstick in Poison and Pigment in Breathe -the freebie!
Swatches and review below cut-

Eyeshadow - Succumb
I wanted a new matt base shadow that would be the base for my looks. Id been using M&S Bamboo which is a great shade as it lightens the skin slightly. Succumb is ever so slightly darker and more peachy. It virtually disapears on my eye but thats the effect i want - a bare canvas. Its a good matt too, very pigmented and goes on like silk.

Fine pencil in Eerie. This on the website says its a pure black shade, but i find it to be a soft black and PERFECT for my eyebrows! Ive found it, my holy grail of eyebrow pencils. Its goes on easily and smooth and lasts really well.

Lipstick in Poison.
Id swatched this a few times before but never bought it, but when on snatched it up. Its a dark dusty mauve and a lovely alternative to lips but better colours. A matt, although i detect slight shimmer in the bullet, it doesnt show on the lips from what i can see. Its smooth and long lasting for a matt. if i want a shinier look, i add some lipbalm rather than gloss.

Pigment in Breathe.
I asked if i could get a sample of the pigment to try and was told they had no pots left, then assistant dived into one of the drawers and came up with an unboxed marked breathe pigment box and handed it to me. Lovely assistant who also got advice from me as he asked how i keep my eyeshadow so clean looking. i gave him the names Two faced Shadow Insurance and fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy to look for! lol. so the pigment i guess was a thankyou. They couldnt sell it, it was meant for a tester but hadnt been placed there yet, so i got it first lol.
Breathe is a shimmery white powder with irridescent shimmer. GORGEOUS. very similar to Tingle which is minutely more silvery., but you only really need one or the other.

a look i did quickly with all my new purchases plus eyeshadow by MUA.

Succumb from crease to brow, then Breathe used on browbone and inner corners, MUA shade 12 on lid (lid had pixie epoxy on) and crease, eerie pencil on brows, i also put shade 12 over collection 2000 felttip liner and it brought out the green of the shade! One coat of Poison lipstick.

I have looked around for when the sale ends, but cant find an exact id get online or down to nearest store and snag some bargains!!!!


Phyrra said...

I love the look you put together.

Sakara said...

As always thankyou hun xxx