Sunday, 2 January 2011

MUA lipstick shade 10 review (also clear mascara)

As id liked some of the MUA eyeshadow singles i thought id give the lipsticks a try and spotted this shade as being a nice alternative to a strong red.
Shade 10 - a soft red/coral with gold and pink shimmer. It is a nicely pigmented colour and very glossy. It needs a few coats for a full colour, but once applied, is a lovely shimmery shade on the lips and gives a nice alternative to full on red. It fades slowly and leaves a nice pinky red stain. Its moisturising and a bargain for £1!

I like to wear this with strong neutral eye-makeup as a true red would be too much for everyday wear.
Click below for pics!

Since wearing this lipstick twice now and not getting any nasty reaction (like i used to with Rimmel and 17 lipsticks until i decided to stop buying animal tested cosmetics) I am so buying some of the other colours from this range!

Id also recommend highly the clear mascara they do. Its PERFECT for shaping eyebrows! As its a £1, doesn't feel bad when the product goes a little too murky to use, as all clear mascaras do. And for a £1 theres quite a bit of the product too!


Cydonian said...

ooooh I need more of these! I have a hot pink one, not sure of the shade #. This is gorgeous!

Unknown said...

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Sakara said...

Wolfman, i dont normally allow advertisement of other blogs on here, but i had a quick look at yours and seeing as you are a big Mass effect fan, i let it pass! Big fan here too. In fact ive done a Liara costume!-