Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Morgana Cryptoria review and Swatches

A lovely one woman business selling out of this world colours of lipsticks and a fantastic range of mineral shadows, glitters and skin powders. She also stocks various hairdyes and everything is vegan.

I kept seeing a colour called Otherworldly on other bloggers and it was very much a Me colour, i had to try it. I bought a sample of that along with Rose Plum and some eyeshadow colours and a few glitters. I had wanted to try her newest eyeshadow range Cleopatra, but it wasnt showing as available. I sent her a messege asking when it would be and i didnt get a reply for a while. When i did though she asked what colours id like to add to my order. I had to explain as it was too near Xmas at the time i couldn't afford to add anymore to my order and to my surprise and gratitude she included samples of the entire range!
Now due to the terrible weather we had over in the Uk over xmas, there were many delays of orders arriving. This didnt arrive till a few weeks ago, but due to many reasons i didnt get chance to swatch anything till now.

So without further adieu, here are the swatches!
The lipstick samples were in little screw top pots, with a label for the colour on the bottom.
Otherworldly is a dark purple with a blue flash to it, quite unique and an incredible colour. Its richly pigmented, smooth and creamy and applies well. has a nice scent, couldnt tell exactly what it was, although its supposed to be i think grape.
Here you can see the purple base showing on my top lip and the blue reflection on my lower lip.

Rose Plum is supposed to be a earthy rose with plum shimmer, but i see a soft red base with some rose and plum tones. Either way, a gorgeous colour!

I love these so much, ive ordered some more samples of her new shade range and a full size Otherworldly!

Glitters. After seeing some fabulous examples of the glitters on Blix's website  i had to try some myself.
 In daylight

Under bulb light

Mysterious is a predominatly green with blue and gold mixed in.
Wizardry is predominantly gold with silver and irridescent mixed in
Berryful is a mix of blue and pink irridescent glitter
Red Plum Jam is mostly red with blue mixed together

Cleopatra collection eye shadows-

Colour descriptions on her website are quite good for this range.!
Actium - metallic med-dark bronze
Ptolemy Auletes - orange with red shimmer and hints of green-gold
Isis - vivid green with twinkles of blue-violet and a hint of gold sheen
AspBite - blue-violet with intense violet-shifting aqua shimmer
Alexandria - intense cat eye green over medium brown. 
Pharaoh's Curse - forest-black with an intense golden green sheen
Anubis - black with a deep purple sheen and subtle holographic tones
Senet - wine with a coppery-pink sheen
Selene - slightly metallic champagne beige 
Pyramid Scheme - slightly metallic pale pink with gold shimmer, peachy tones.
Helios - olive-gold with gold twinkles
Sarcophagus - metallic mustard with sparks of gold

These next 4 shades are from the pirate collection-

Mutiny - A stunning dusky purple with intense color shifts of blue, green, and violet. Changes colors depending on how you view it in person. (Very true, i got purple, blue and green shifts)

Davey Jones Locker-Navy-black nearly matte with a hint of blue sparkle. Wear foiled or over primer to bring out the blue sheen.
Port Royale - Bright blue with blue, blue green, and violet color shifts. ( i didnt get any violet shift)

Arr Matey -  Pink brown base with aqua shift

last 2 from medieval collection

Beowulf - This shows as a dark green to dark teal shade, not the navy to purple shade described. It does look like a green on the site though.
Gauntlet -  dusky purple with a blue and silver sparkle.

In all a great mineral makeup company suitable for vegans and yet with alot of variety and complex colours.


Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Thanks for the swatches, I don't have many Morgana eyeshadows or any of the glitter! If you want to check out a few more Morgana lipstick swatches, I have some here
Also, I enjoyed your red lipstick post!

Phyrra said...

Yay! I love Morgana's lipsticks :)