Tuesday, 15 February 2011

my red lips

Sorry ive been away for a while, got caught up in another of my hobbies - gaming. Just finished Fallout New Vegas. Its the kind of game that sucks you in and wont let you go lol

That and i seem to have lost my mojo for makeup looks. None of my looks ive felt worthy to post here yet. So instead ive swatched all my red lip colours, from the sheerest tint to full on RED.

From left to right -
lipsticks- Urban Decay Gravity, La Girl Be Mine, Sleek Cherry, La Girl Promiscuous, Illamasqua Box Urban Decay Voodoo, Arissa Lovely Dovey, MUA 10, Tescos BD Gypsy, Jordana Easy Shine Strawberry, Morgana Cryptoria Rose Plum, 
Liquid lip colours - OCC Lip Tar NSFW, Stuff Tart, NYX Diamond Sparkle  Red Sparkle, Urban Decay  Lube in a tube Miami.

lip swatches - All done without liner or base to show true colour and application. Id say all these reds are suitable for cool toned skin.
lip swatches below cut

Urban Decay, - Gravity

A shiny lipstick. Needs to have a good base and liner used to give it its full potential, as you can see here, without it, it can slip around on lips. Deep dark berry red with shimmer.

LA Girl, - Be Mine

The bullet makes this look a brown red but it goes on a deep dark blood red. Not intensely pigmented so can slip without liner and base.

Sleek, Cherry -

Full on intense blue red. Very pigmented and long lasting. Not as drying as some other Sleek lipsticks.

LA Girl, Promiscuous

A bright cool toned red. Goes on like a dream and is quite long lasting.

Illamasqua, Box-

Bright blue toned matt red. The siren red. This is one of those reds that makes your teeth ..and skin whiter. Its my Snow White lipstick! Very long lasting, but apply a balm a few minutes before applying this as can be drying.

Urban Decay,  Voodoo-

A light shimmery cool red with subtle gold flash. This is a nice gentle red lipstick. because its quite moisturising, it doesnt last as long as others, but UD's packaging makes it a joy to reapply!

Arissa, Lovely Dovey -

A bright pink red with strong gold shimmer. Very moisturising so needs reapplying. Arissa's packaging is sleek and elegant so no issues there!

MUA, 10

A gorgeous light red with gold shimmer. An everyday red (might be called a coral by some). This brand is only a £1 for each item and this lipstick is up there with Urban Decay's Voodoo for quality. 

Tesco Barbara Daly Gypsy -

A light pink red, like flushed lips with clear gloss. I wondered whether to include this as it is quite pink, but it is  more a red than a pink and good for those who are afraid of a true red.

Jordana Easy Shine Strawberry-

A very sheer bright red, that goes on much sheerer than the bullet colour. Smells of strawberries and is very moisturising. A good balm type lipstick.

Morgana Cryptoria,  Rose Plum -

The website describes it as a 'Earthy rose with a metallic plum sheen' but when its on my lips i see a soft red with both pink and plum tones.  I got this and another lipstick from this company as samples so will be giving a full review of them later. But this is a very good pigmented lip colour.

OCC Lip Tar, NSFW -

Pillarbox red. VERY pigmented. I wish i could love this, but no matter what i try it still feathers on my lips (applied with finger as recommended, applied with brush, lined lips with red liner and also with clear outside line, applied balm before..nothing stops it feathering on me. Hence why i put my tag on the middle of the picture so as not to hide the feathering) Also dries my lips alot, which it isnt supposed to do either. Something in its chemistry my lips don't get on with. Ok for photoshoots, but not for normal wear.

Stuf, Tart -

This gloss is almost identical to Urban Decay's Gash Ultraglide lipgloss. This was an Australian brand that was briefly available here in the UK. Its a shimmery deep red gloss that looks like bitten lips on its own and intensifies other red lip colours. Very gloopy texture and sweet scent. This was one coat

NYX Diamond Sparkle Gloss, Red Sparkle -

Very shimmery, sparkly red gloss with gold sparkle. Light gloss feel, quite pigmented but better over a red lipstick.

Urban Decay Lube in a tube, Miami -

bright red in the tube, barely noticeable on the lips. Gives a slight flush to your natural lip colour (you can see mine are not in best condition lol.) Has a lovely mint flavour and softens the lips.

This was the smallest colour collection i have. Next up will be the unusual shades!

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