Friday, 18 February 2011

Sleek Primer Palette, a rainbow of options!

Sleek have brought out an I Divine palette with a difference. Instead of high pigment eye-shadow powders, this palette is full of high pigment primers to sit under their eye-shadows.

Packaging is a cardboard sleeve with a nice face graphic( reminds me of pro makeup face graphics) and the primer's are contained in a classic black case( shame, wish this had been in a unique colour so it would stand out in my collection) and comes with a double end brush (which I'd throw away as its rubbish- molts and is scratchy) Id suggest using a synthetic brush to apply the primers - ELF studio eye-shadow brushes are good for that.

The colours - A real full rainbow of colours, all shimmery,. except the black which is glossy. These are quite nice feeling and dry down, so not like a cream eye-shadow, more like a gel eyeliner.
The primers work with shimmery and metallic shadows but not with matt shadows. Matt shadows absorb the moisture in the primer and they become darker and hard to blend.

Top row-( All Shimmery)  -White, bright azure blue, Ultraviolet purple, cool toned red, baby pink, pale silver.
Lower row (all shimmery cept black) - Deep black, beige, grass green, dark bronze, pale gold and peachy orange.

The black and white work brilliantly with any colour, the black deepening a colour and the white brightening. The colour primer intensify colours in the same family and also can bring out one of the colours of a duo-tone or multi tones

Here is a look i did with the black, blue and white primers blended along my lid (more white on brow) and then some Morgana Cryptoria blue loose shadows applied in complimentary shades. I did use TFSI underneath)

(Morgana - Davey Jones locker, Port Royal and the white is Illamasqua's Breathe pigment- which sticks wonderfully to the white primer)

I find the primers are great for creating defined lines, so a cats eye shape can be very angular, with clean lines..

Nice one Sleek! you did gooood!

EDIT - i think i may have spoken too soon, here is a link to why i think that -


Unknown said...

This is off topic but have just found your blog and I love it :)


Sakara said...

thankyou!!!! :D

Unknown said...

It sucks they don't sell Sleek items here!!