Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Sleek Primer, secondary review ...not as good as i'd thought.

After i'd posted about Sleek Primer palette i diligently used the palette for a week to see whether they are as long lasting as other primers.

The main thing i learned? These primer do NOT work with Sleek eye shadows! Anyone whose used Sleek eye shadows knows the shimmery shadows are already very pigmented and creamy. When you use the primer underneath, it crease crazy after an hour!..not a good look. But there are shadows this primer palette works brilliantly with.
Click below for examples of Bad creasing....and surprising improvements!

Here we are with greens from the Sleek Safari palette - Freshly applied. You can see i have hooded eyelids, so creasing is something i don't want.
Taken in daylight -

This is an hour later - (daylight had taken in bright bulb light)
As you can see, the colour has slid everywhere and there's a big crease over my lid. Yuck. I'd used loose pigments when i first tried the primer palette i decided to try a different brand. Meow Minerals in fact. I also decided to see if using another primer underneath made any difference, so my left eye got a little TFSI first and my right got the Elf Mineral primer all over the eye area. As you can see there is already a tiny bit of creasing starting on the left eyelid.

( I used from Shattered Equinox collection- Melancholy and Violaceous. From Halloween collection- Spellbinding)

But an hour later, nothing had changed, no further creasing. So it seems these primers work well on loose shadows, grabbing hold of the loose powders and keeping them there. But you have to be careful with how much primer is put on the eyelid. I found the smallest amount is best, and just before adding powder, to very lightly dab the applied primer with your little finger.

Then i tried the 100 colour palette by ELF. These had disappointed me when i first got it, with even the shimmery shadows not giving the right amount of oomph, that say the Sleek eye shadows do.
That ALL changes when you use the primer palette first.

Here is a look i did with some of the blues in the palette . First the prep with the bright blue and white primers. The white was applied on the inner edge of the eye. The blue lightly applied over the lid and underneath to create a small wing shape.

Here is the look freshly applied - It makes the colours (hate using this word) pop!

 Here are the eyes an 2 hours later - no change at all.

I tried my Claire's neutral's palette next, as this too had disappointed me, as the colours look unusual. There is a taupey brown that has an aqua flash to it, that hardly shows normally, but when applied over the primer really comes out. I used a light bright purple from NYX Velvet Rope palette for underneath the eye.

I used the beige primer on the lid, white on the inner corner and the purple underneath the eye.
An hour later - no creasing!

So..after trying various shadows, I feel that the Sleek Primers work best with lightly pigmented cheap eye shadows, the types that look bright in the pan but don't deliver on the lid. The primers bring them out.
They also work with loose powders as they help grip the powder, although blended can become a little tricky.
What the primers are not good with, are already very intensly pigmented creamy shadows, like Sleek's own and others of that quality. Simply use TFSI or another standard primer like ELF's mineral one will work fine on those kind.


Dee said...

Wow, you've put a lot of work into this post - it's excellent! Really interesting. :-)

How strange that the primers don't work with the Sleek eyeshadows themselves - you'd think they would have been made to go together.

Sakara said...

I know Dee, just doesnt make sense does it. They might be ok on dry eyelids, but i dont have that!:D

Luna said...

I only have the primer palette from sleek , none of the eyeshadow palettes (shame on me ... :D , i defenitly have to buy some ) , for me they work pretty well , but i use my UDPP of TFSI first and then i use these as a basecolor. And they work well with loose shadows . So they putted the wrong name on the palette , because these aren't primers at all ... :D
Love your blog !

Sakara said...

Thanks Luna. I think because my eyelids are so oily i need bases that set, like gel eyeliner for example. Because the ELF and Claires eyeshadow are so dry, they work wirth the Sleek primer because they help grip the shadows well. I think because the Sleek are already a creamy powder in texture they dont need the creaminess of the primers.

For their palettes, the Original has some stunning bright colours, but if your more into neutrals then Storm is an excellent one.

Luna said...

I've just ordered the beautyful "Bad Girl" palette :D , i wear a lot of different colors ... from neutral to black ;)

Sakara said...

Luna - That is a stunning palette, a great alternative to the L.E. graphite palette they brought out last year...I think the only 3 palettes i didnt like were Bohemian,Good girl (dont like pink much) and the matt palette they brought out ages ago, which was awful and i promptly removed all the pans and now with the use of thin magnets,use it as a personalised Sleek palette as ive removed all pans from all Sleek palettes so i can carry my favs around with me hehe

Clara said...

Thank you for that update!
It's really interesting and well writed, and you MU are beautiful!