Saturday, 12 March 2011

Noir look, inspired by Blix!

As soon as i saw Blix's film noir makeup look, that i had to give it a go. Now of course my eyeshape is different to Blix so i had to modify it slightly, Also i used different products, but i think i got the spirit of the look.

more images below-

I used colours from the ELF 100 palette and used the Sleek primer palette and ELF mineral primer .
I've created a grid system so i can say which colours i used (also inspired by Blix!)

I used 1i on browbone to crease, 3c as the little crescent on the lid, middle of lower lid and inner corner, 10d around green, up towards brow and underneath.
I also used Morgana Cryptoria Wizardy glitter applied by patting on top of a tiny amount of Fyrinnae pixie epoxy on the green areas. highlighted under eyebrow with 11b
Lined with Visee Gel eyeliner in Black and Lacura mascara(didnt have any false eyelashes that matched so went with boldest mascara!). eyebrows were filled in using 10i matt black from elf palette. 
Lips were Sleek Cherry mixed with MUA 10.


Vulcan_Butterfly said...

I love your take on the film noir look, it is absolutely gorgeous!

KittenMittens said...

I love it! The green is so pretty!

Pamela Stocks said...

Seeing your comment about eye shape reminded me of this video I saw the other day about a couple of the candidates for carnaval queen in Tenerife, which starts with showing them having their make-up done. (In Spanish, of course, sorry.) Watch how they obtain the right eye shape. It's not a technique for every day! LOL

Sakara said...

Oh yeah pam, ive seen tape used alot in dramatic makeup. Its popular with drag queens too! In fact it started being used by the hollywood starlets in the 50s as a cheap facelife..or eyelift.

Luna said...

Like it ! Looks awesome with your eyeshape :D

BLIX said...

Ooooh lovely! You did an awesome job!

Sakara said...

thanks! I had great inspiration!