Sunday, 24 April 2011

Morgana Cryptoria lip colour swatches

After getting a couple of samples of Morgana Cryptoria's Lip colours I had to try more, as I found the quality of them excellent and the colours unique.

I got different packaging than last time for the samples. last time I got little screw top pots and this time, they were clamshell pots. Must admit I prefer the screw top pots, but I guess they might be more expensive to buy for Melissa.
Ah checking the site, it seems that lipstick samples are no longer available unless a new shade is released, then it will be limited to 15 samples. A shame, but I guess the cost must be too much for a small company. Hopefully these swatch samples here will help people choose some of the colours.

I got a full size Otherworldly which came in a elegant simple black lipstick case and samples of Enchanted Sapphire, Roses and Violets, Turquoise, Shifting Violet and Plumeria.
All applied smoothly and evenly except for Enchanted Sapphire, which needed a bit more work. I've yet to find a dark blue that does apply perfectly though, so I wasn't surprised as any blue has to cover and hide natural pink toned lips.

Large lip swatches after the break -

Venomous Cobalt Caribbean Cruise ( Company love look 6)

Sorry i didnt post this yesterday, the day started good, but i felt rotten by the end of the day so have waited till today.

I used V.C.'s Cobalt and Caribbean Cruise pressed shadows along with Illamasqua's Succumb and Yaby First Snow.
( Yes i am a Mass effect fan as is my partner....that picture in the background was my xmas gift to my other half! hehehehe)

I made the jewellery in these shots, quite pleased with how they turned out. The pendant on the necklace was originally one of a pair of earrings...HUGE heavy earrings lol.

TFSI applied over all the eye.  Illamasqua's Succumb over all the brow bone. I put the Cobalt on the outer half of the top lid upto the crease.Yaby's First Snow was placed on the inner half of the upper lid and around the tear duct. A little cobalt was placed on the low lid. Then i placed Caribbean Cruise from crease and blended upwards towards brow. More First snow applied on browbone under eyebrow and blended down. Caribbeamn Cruise was also applied under the eye.

A gel eyeliner was applied with a bent eyeliner brush close to the lash line and flicked up. A little was placed along the lower lash line. Black kohl was applied on the waterline.

The lips were a custom blend of a sheer pink nude and a little of Morgana Cryptoria's Enchanted Sapphire.

My nails matched too - Models Own Blue Lagoon with some little nail decals i got from Poundland!

Well that was my week's love of Venomous Cosmetics pressed samples that i got. Im expecting more soon and i cant wait to play with them.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Venomous rising phoenix dragon ( Company love look 5)

Todays look uses Venomous Cosmetics Rising Star, Phoenix and Dragon.

Applied over TFSI and Elf studio gel white eyeliner ( just to see how it would work, its pretty good,not brilliant, but not bad either!)
Phoenix applied over all the lid and blended up towards the brow. Also applied under the eye. Rising Star applied in inner corner of lower lid. Dragon used to define the crease. Illamasqua Succumb on browbone and blended together with Phoenix.

Lips are MUA 10.

Last look with V.C. tomorrow!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Venomous Fer De Centipede. (company love look 4)

Today's Venomous look comes courtesy of Fer de Lance and Centipede pressed shadows

TFSI as primer. Illamasqua Succumb over brow to crease. VC Centipede overlid and winged out. also place around inner corner. Fer De Lance from crease blended up. Also placed on lower lid and winged out to follow the green. Tesco Snow White on brow bone. Black gel eyeliner winged out to follow the line of the green and brown.
Lip gloss is Barry M Toffee.

Venomous sea chupacabra dragon (company love look 3)

I did say this would be a more gothic look with Venomous Cosmetics, but this is sort of a casual goth its not that extreme as i could go!

TFSI as primer, Sea urchin to inner corner, Chupacabra to outer corner blended up and winged out. Dragon taken as a line under the eye and brought out. A little dragon blended in the crease. Tesco's All About Face Snow White on browbone and tearduct.
Lips are a custom blend of Illamaqua's Intense glosses - Fierce, Fury and sheer Explode.
Nail polish is Illamasqua's Poke.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Venomous Atlantian Viper (company love look 2)

My second look of the week with Venomous Cosmetics. This time using just Atlantis and Gaboon Viper.

I was also trying out to see if i should get a fringe cut. I grabbed my blunt fringe that i normally wear when i wear hair falls. So its not perfect, but gives the idea. I like the fringe, but i also like not having one. So i may invest in one of those cool clip on fringes that look natural.
Without Fringe

With Fringe
soooooo what do you think? lol

Anyway i applied all eyeshadows over TFSI. Eyebrows were defined with Illamasqua's fine pencil in Eerie.
Last shot shows the slight silvery green reflection of Gaboon Viper. Eyeliner was Collection 2000 extreme felt tip liner in black. lower lid defined with Barry M kohl in black.

Lips were lined with Stylie Style 24 hr liner in Mauve, Then Sleek Amethyst lipstick, topped with Hysteria.

Hysteria works really well with Amethyst as the latter can be quite dry, Hysteria makes it far nicer to wear and brings out the blue purple reflection.

Tomorrow a gothic look!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Meow Minerals offer.

If you want a chance to try Meow Minerals VAST range of foundations or some of the sumptuous eye colours then this is your chance
There is a free shipping code( worldwide) HAIRBALL
or 10% off total with CATSHATETAXES

I love Pampered puss foundation in Himalayan 0 and Chausie 0. they are perfect colours for my cool toned pinky neutral skin.

Venomous rainbow ( company love look 1)

Had my first play with my Venomous Cosmetics Yesterday and created a rainbow effect on the eyes with a pale lip. I have another look with them i did today, but ill save that for tomorrow. Think in fact ill use only VC eyeshadows all week to showcase what can be done with them.

Ive taken photos in different lights - bright sunlight, natural light and LED bulb to show the different colours these shadows produce -

( the bottom photo especially shows the slight green reflection in Rising Star and the pinky purple tones of Sea Urchin)

All shadows applied over TFSI.
Top Lid -  Rising Star blended into Phoenix to create a middle orange shade. Crease blended from Pheonix into Sea Urchin. I used tescos All about face eyeshadow in Snow White for the browbone. Lined with Collection 2000 extreme felttip eyeliner in black. Mascara is Beauty UK waterproof.
Bottom lid Rising Star blended into Carribean Cruise, blended into Atlantis, blended into Cobalt Blue!
Barry M Kohl in black on lower lashes, Barry M Kohl in White on lower waterline.
Eyebrow defined with Illamasqua fine pencil in Eerie.

Skin - OC Eight mattifying gel as primer, then Etude House mineral BB cream for oily skin, then Meow Minerals Pampered Puss foundation in Himalayan. M&S Essential Colours blusher in Cinnamon.

Lips - LA Colors Lip liner in Sable, blended over lips, then Lip Poison in Paradise.


UPDATED - 17/04/2017

This post will be constantly updated as i find out new information...if you want me to research a brand, let me know and i'll do what i can!

New post relating to Main China stores and what brands they list 

Thought i'd make it a statement on here that i will not buy or review any product by a company that tests its ingredients or products on animals. I will not endorse them either.There's a lot of reading below, but please stick with it, as its very worthwhile.

Even though there is no need to use animals, many companies still do (because its cheap)! In fact by law by 2013 it will be illegal for cosmetic products in Europe to be tested on animals (though big international companies and manufacturers might still do so outside Europe ) There are also many loop holes to the law which means companies can still test.

I scour websites for information on companies im not sure of. BUAV( Now Cruelty Free International) ,, even Wikipedia as it often gives the owner company name of brands.( I avoid PETA as i do not like them and find them utterly hypocrytical)

Note...for reference, - in vivo means tested on animals, in vitro means in general terms - non animal tested.

Click below for more information and lots of writing! -

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Venomous Cosmetics first order and review

Venomous Cosmetics is a cool little indie makeup company from America. The owner Tracy, names nearly all her products after some of the most dangerous creatures on earth, of which she owns a few!(warning to anyone who is really scared of spiders..they feature on her website. I'm not a huge fan of arachnids, but i can appreciate their beauty in colours)

I was intrigued after i found out she sold pressed Mineral Samples! How great is that! No other company offer this. These little sample pans are the same size as the Yaby Pearl paints and are just as wonderful in both pigment and texture.

The items were all packaged really well, the eye shadows heavily wrapped in bubble wrap and tape, same with the Lip Poisons i ordered ( pigmented glosses). Then all put in a strong bubble envelope. This order was the fastest received order from any American company too. I ordered on the 7th of April and got the package today. That's way better than even the big name cosmetics websites like Cherry Culture.

Carry on after cut for swatches -

Yaby Spectrum EOTD and my new hair

Did a spectrum look with my Yaby pearl paints and Shadows to show off my new haircut!

Love my new hair, its so much easier to look after, and lighter too.

Friday, 15 April 2011

tearsdrops keep on falling...and ruining my eyemakeup!

Cant believe the time i writing this (UK 2.30am) Good ol' Insomnia! One of the many things i have to deal with having Fibromyalgia - sucky sleep patterns.

Anyhooo, why i posting as this hour?

Today i got my hair cut at a lovely Salon here in Cardiff - Eden8 if anyone cares. Ive had my hair cut to my shoulders with long layers( it was alot longer, to my bust but my hair is so damn thick it was getting heavy and a pain to blowdry). I would have a nice photo to show too, and i also had a good eyemakeup look aswell, but i didnt take any photos straight away as i  had to rush out the door as i was running late. I thought, never mind ill take photos when i get back.

But alas it was not to be. As hairdressers do, when cutting the back of the hair, the front layers are pushed away and clipped. At some point the hair must have been over my eyes and somehow it triggered my right eye to water. Now it doesn't water from the inner corner where the tear duct is. No, it waters from the outer corner and wont stop..anything will trigger it once its started - breeze, sunlight, bright colours, anything. I had this really cool long winged eye line with gel eyeliner that normally withstands pretty much anything, but once that salty water flows nothing will stay on. (not even those GOSH extreme liners which are like lacquer)
Of course every time i dab away the tear i remove eye makeup so i ended up with one half naked eye and one nicely made up one.I also end up with a slightly sore outer corner of my eye as the tears irritate the skin (have ointment from doctor to help that)
Whilst i was in town i was able I had to rush into the nearest Superdrug and use some of the eyeshadow and liner testers ( i know, i know) to try to fix the issue until i got home ( and yes then i removed everything to give my skin chance to recover).


I just wanted to know, does anyone else suffer from this? And if so, do you know anything that stops it.

And tomorrow i shall post nice new hair cut and makeup lol.

Friday, 8 April 2011

back from the abyss

Sorry been away for a while,been rather busy with one of my other hobbies, namely costuming. Lots of sewing and making stuff lol

But thought id share one of my recent looks based on a nail varnish i was wearing. Orly Galaxy Girl. A gorgeous sparkly varnish that's a plum purple with duotone glitter that flashes between aqua and pink.

Day light - the aqua is more prominent on a dark purple base. in bulb light it is far warmer plum with the aqua showing. got me thinking of combining a sparkly aqua blue with a shimmery purple.
I used Morgana Cryptoria Port Royal and Meow Minerals Zombie set - Omen and Wildchild set - Sexpot.

Hating my hair at the moment...don't know what the hell to do with it lol.

and a bit of a play in editing.....hehe

Lipstick was NYX Champagne.

Back to my costuming hobby. I often do alot of unusual makeup including prosthetics. Would you want to see any of that side of makeup?
let me know.