Friday, 8 April 2011

back from the abyss

Sorry been away for a while,been rather busy with one of my other hobbies, namely costuming. Lots of sewing and making stuff lol

But thought id share one of my recent looks based on a nail varnish i was wearing. Orly Galaxy Girl. A gorgeous sparkly varnish that's a plum purple with duotone glitter that flashes between aqua and pink.

Day light - the aqua is more prominent on a dark purple base. in bulb light it is far warmer plum with the aqua showing. got me thinking of combining a sparkly aqua blue with a shimmery purple.
I used Morgana Cryptoria Port Royal and Meow Minerals Zombie set - Omen and Wildchild set - Sexpot.

Hating my hair at the moment...don't know what the hell to do with it lol.

and a bit of a play in editing.....hehe

Lipstick was NYX Champagne.

Back to my costuming hobby. I often do alot of unusual makeup including prosthetics. Would you want to see any of that side of makeup?
let me know.


Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Love the colour combination, and cute necklace! I would love to see some of the more unusual stuff!

BLIX said...

I almost bought that polish a few weeks ago, then decided not to. Now I want to get it again!
Whatever unusual stuff you have going on, I'd love to see!