Sunday, 24 April 2011

Morgana Cryptoria lip colour swatches

After getting a couple of samples of Morgana Cryptoria's Lip colours I had to try more, as I found the quality of them excellent and the colours unique.

I got different packaging than last time for the samples. last time I got little screw top pots and this time, they were clamshell pots. Must admit I prefer the screw top pots, but I guess they might be more expensive to buy for Melissa.
Ah checking the site, it seems that lipstick samples are no longer available unless a new shade is released, then it will be limited to 15 samples. A shame, but I guess the cost must be too much for a small company. Hopefully these swatch samples here will help people choose some of the colours.

I got a full size Otherworldly which came in a elegant simple black lipstick case and samples of Enchanted Sapphire, Roses and Violets, Turquoise, Shifting Violet and Plumeria.
All applied smoothly and evenly except for Enchanted Sapphire, which needed a bit more work. I've yet to find a dark blue that does apply perfectly though, so I wasn't surprised as any blue has to cover and hide natural pink toned lips.

Large lip swatches after the break -

I have quite pigmented lips and all these lip colours covered and hide the colour.
First a  second swatch of the amazing Otherworldy

A deep blue tone purple with a silver shimmer and blue reflection...just beautiful. Applies like a dream.

Enchanted Sapphire

A medium blue, with shimmer and a blue/purple and slight green reflection.. As I said, harder to get even, but with a little perseverance it does look good. Wonder if this would apply better with the lips covered in concealer or foundation? But then the colour might be changed...hmm.
This shade has been temporarily withdrawn as it contained a colour ingredient that isn't allowed in the US (though is allowed in the UK and EU) see this for info -


No problems applying this beauty though. A true rich turquoise teal colour with shimmer. This shade has also been temporarily withdrawn as it contained a colour ingredient that isn't allowed in the US (though is allowed in the UK and EU) see this for info -


Nom nom nom is how I'd describe this! A shimmery neutral pinky purple shade with a blue sometimes green reflection. Will be definitely ordering a full size of this baby!

Roses and Violets

An elegant light pink with a light purple sheen. This is a good work shade as it isn't too unusual, but still gives a little nod to the alternative.

Shifting Violet

A pure tone purple shimmer with blue/green and silver reflection depending on the light. This is a lighter warm toned version of Otherworldly I'd say.

I didn't find any of the colours with overbearing smells or tastes, most were quite neutral and some had a slight mint scent. I only quickly swatched these shades so i don't know how long they will last, but it certainly took some effort to take them off each time, which is a good sign!

I hope some of these colours can be fixed for US customers to be able to buy again. I know Melissa will do everything she can to provide them or a create a good alternative.


Robyn said...

So gorgeous! It's a shame the samples are discontinued but I guess it's fair enough. Otherworldy looks so amazing!

Ruthy said...

Oooh gorgeous. I want that teal! x

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Great colour choices! I am glad that I got the samples before they were discontinued, it's too bad that they were.

Cydonian said...

Otherwordly IS amazing and so is that teal shade!

Wendy said...

Oherworldly is so beautiful!!! I couldn't find it on the website - do you know if it's still available? xxx

Sakara said...

Hi Wendy. I'm not sure, it wasn't one of the names of the lipsticks taken off the site to reformulate(i dont think). But it may be one now if they found a something that isnt right for the US formula or isnt vegan.
Might be worth checking her twitter page or emailing her directly