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UPDATED - 17/04/2017

This post will be constantly updated as i find out new information...if you want me to research a brand, let me know and i'll do what i can!

New post relating to Main China stores and what brands they list 

Thought i'd make it a statement on here that i will not buy or review any product by a company that tests its ingredients or products on animals. I will not endorse them either.There's a lot of reading below, but please stick with it, as its very worthwhile.

Even though there is no need to use animals, many companies still do (because its cheap)! In fact by law by 2013 it will be illegal for cosmetic products in Europe to be tested on animals (though big international companies and manufacturers might still do so outside Europe ) There are also many loop holes to the law which means companies can still test.

I scour websites for information on companies im not sure of. BUAV( Now Cruelty Free International) ,, even Wikipedia as it often gives the owner company name of brands.( I avoid PETA as i do not like them and find them utterly hypocrytical)

Note...for reference, - in vivo means tested on animals, in vitro means in general terms - non animal tested.

Click below for more information and lots of writing! -

You have to be so careful finding products truly not animal tested as many companies try to get around it with clever wording -

*- "We are against animal testing or we avoid animal testing", - 
They may be against it, but they still do it. Unless this statement is combined with a BUAV logo of the Leaping Bunny. Ignore it. ( make sure it is the real BUAV leaping bunny and not just a cute rabbit as this can actually mean nothing). Companies like this - Elemis, L'Oreal.
BUAV is now Cruelty Free International but many still know it as the former.

*" we dont test on animals" 
No, but you are owned by a company that does - example, The Body Shop is no owned by Natura Brazil,(i have written below about Natura)  but formerly Loreal. This means that the parent company profits from its 'ethical' brands, so no matter how much the 'ethical' brand protests its credentials,. the money you spend on them goes to it parent companies annual profist. This is why big name companies buy these ethical capture this growing market.

*" we never test our products on animals
No they don't, but they do profit from ingredients bought from their suppliers who do test on animals -  MAC, Smashbox, Bobby Brown, Prescriptives, Aveda, all owned by Estee Lauder ( in fact they own many more companies - see list below)
Other companies like this Avon, Boots brands, Chanel, Clarins, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Avon, Revlon, Tresemme.  ( Basically any of those companies that hype a new wonder product or ingredient, usually means that that product has animal tested ingredients).  Supermarkets: Asda , Lidl, Wilkinsons, Netto


Estee Lauder inc - MAC,  Smashbox, Aramis, Aveda, Bobbi Brown, Bumble & Bumble, Clinique, Coach, Darphin, Donna Karen, Flirt!, Good Skin, Grass Roots, Jo Malone, Lab Series, La Mer, Michael Kors, Missoni, Mustang, Ojon, Origins, Prescriptives, Sean John, Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger, Two Faced
Proctor and Gamble eg Aussie haircare, Max Factor, Olay, Head and Shoulders, Braun, Clairol, Covergirl, Gilette, Herbal Essences, Pantene,  Oralb, many perfume names inc Hugo Boss, Stella MacCarntney and Valentino

Beiersdorf - eg-  Nivea, Labello

Johnson & Johnson - eg- Neutrogena, Piz Buin, Ambi Skincare, Aveeno, Clean & Clear, Lubriderm, Purpose, RoC, Rogaine

L'Oreal / Nestle - eg- Biotherm, Cacharel, Garnier, Georgio Armani, Helena Rubinstein, Keretase, Kiehls, Lancome, La Roche, Matrix, Maybelline, Mizani, Pureology, Ralph Lauren, Redken, Softsheen, Shu Uemura, Vichy, Victor and Rolf , Stella McCartney, Roger&Gallet..Urban Decay and NYX'Or%C3%A9al#Brands

PZ Cussons -eg- Imperial Leather, Original Source, Sanctuary -

Reckitt Benckiser- eg - Calgol, Airwick -

Revlon - Almay, Ultima2

Unilever - eg -Dove, Origins,Ponds, Lynx(or Axe), Impulse , Lux, Sunsilk, Vaseline, Dermalogica

Coty - eg- Rimmel, NYC Makeup, Opi, Calvin Klien, Lancaster,  many celeb perfumes inc Davidoff, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jeniffer Lopez, Kylie, Beckham, Marc Jacobs and Chloe

LVMH -Sephora , Benefit Cosmetics, Makeup For Ever, Dior, Gucci, Aqua Di Parma, Fresh, Givenchy,  Guerlain, Kenzo, Loewe perfumes,

Boots Alliance - Boots, Botanics, No7, Soltan, Natural Collection

Yves Rocher is Owned partly by Sanofi Aventis, which uses and promotes animal testing. They also sell in mainland China

Shisedo - Bare Escentuals, Beaute Prestige International (perfumes), Cle De Peau, Joico, Nars, Laura Mercier, Buxom etc -

Others - Lever FabergeSC JohnsonVirgin VieYardley,FCUK, Clinique, Helena Rubinstein
Glaxosmithkline and Avon.
Many of these companies above will use clever terminology to hide what they really do, Examples are -

PG Cussons say of their brand original Source - ( L'oreal use a similar line) -

“None of our products are tested on animals. We support the development and acceptance of alternative methods which reduce or replace the use of animals in product safety evaluation.”

Notice they mention product testing but not ingredients. Many cosmetic companies also add statements about how much they support and invest in the development of alternative methods of testing - which is a ploy to distract consumers from the fact that they also still test on animals.

Clarins say - " In 1987, Clarins was the first French company to cease product testing on animals
No mention of ingredients again.

Estee Lauder says - "We do not conduct animal testing on our products or ingredients, nor ask others to test on our behalf, except when required by law." (Avon say Similar)

They are not being completely honest because they do still buy and use 'new to the world' ingredients that have been tested on animals during their development. Any legal requirement to test on animals only arises because of the companies desire to use new chemicals in the hope of increasing their sales. Profit over compassion.

See the minefield here? Eesh. There is hope though!! 
There are 2 kinds of companies, those that never have or will and those that adhere to a fixed cut off date ( FCOD). This means that the company will not buy or use ingredients that have been tested on animals by themselves or their suppliers after a set date (e.g. 1995). This is the only method by which manufacturers can send a clear message to their suppliers and the rest of the industry that the company is not prepared to profit from animal tested ingredients. There are a few other that don't fit these two. One is Lush.  they do not operate a FCOD, but they only purchase ingredients from suppliers who have no connection to animal testing and do not test them selves.

I have decided to remove the rolling date companies as  believe these are companies that are happy to use animal tested ingredients once their rolling date is over. This sends the message that there is no incentive for suppliers to develop alternative methods when they can simply wait it out/ without a fixed cut off date, no line is drawn and animal testing within the industry may continue as gullible people (mostly women) want that latest magic cure for ageing or similar and companies can pass a new pseudo scientifically named ingredient and the rolling date companies can wait their time limit and then take advantage of same ingredient.
Companies like - Soap & Glory, Constance Carroll, Baptiste.Lidl

There is also another category.  Companies that sell to Mainland China (Hong Kong is not included as it has different laws), Mainland China requires all cosmetics be tested on animals if they are to be sold there, even if they have been found safe elsewhere. Many companies sell there because it is just another market to them, even so called cruelty free companies, knowing that all their products will be tested on animals. ( a new law which will come into effect soon in China is that 'certain' products dont have to be tested. But this only applies to products made and sold in China, not products coming from outside)
Companies like - Two Faced. L'occitaine, anything found for sale on Sephora China's site.

UPDATE - So the news is China now has a law that means companies dont HAVE to test on animals to sell in their country. Whilst this is good news, it now becomes even more of a grey area. What is to say a company saying they dont have their products vivo tested when in fact they do. The problem is China isnt the best country to deal with, they have well known dodgy business practices. Also...until recently many companies were happy to make profits from selling their products in mainland China before the new ruling came in, so to me are still as bad. Until their is a blanket ban on animal testing of cosmetics in mainland China, any companies that happily sold before the change are still on my bad list. If i find a company that didnt before the law change but does now, as long as they can catagorically state their products are not vivo tested, then they will go on the good list.

Ok, the good guys. Now firstly all indie makeup companies don't test on animals...because for one, most companies you'll find are vegetarian or vegan friendly to start with and most buy their ingredients from good wholesalers who also are cruelty free.- So yaay to Sugarpill, Feral, Crypt, Black Moon, Morgana Cryptoria, Fyrinnae, Venomous,Meow Minerals, and others. If you know a brand is vegan then there is usually a 99% chance they are cruelty free too! 

I wont list all the good guy big names, but they can be found here and here  

Good Guys
UK and European companies-
Barry M
Superdrug (own brands are BUAV approved.)
Models Own
100% Pure
Beauty Without Cruelty
Famous by Sue Moxley
Argos own brands
Marks and Spencers
Jerome Russell
Fade Out
Montagne Jeuness
Daniel Field 
Beauty UK
Paula's Choice
Monu Skincare
Bottega Verde
Jemma Kidd
Daniel Sandler
Badgequo (Technic, Body Collection, Eden, Chit Chat, Zafi and Tomorrow's Girl brands)
Raw Gaia
Nilens Jord
Lily Lilo
B - by Superdrug
Jane Iredale
Bell Cosmetics
Makeup Revolution
Freedom Makeup
Charlotte Tilbury
Bravura London
Deciem - the Ordinary , NIOD, Hylamide, etc
Sacha Cosmetics
Morrisons own brand

NOTE - The Body Shop is NO longer owned by Loreal. It is now owned by Natura Brazil. They also claim they are against animal testing but so far no proof or guarantees have come forth. Cruelty Free International say they are working to get status with them but until then they are not what i consider a safe company to give money to.

Nailpolish companies -
China Glaze
Butter London  ( They are using the Leaping Bunny logo but are not actually part of the scheme. Until i can clarify their position they are struck off for now)
A England 
Andrea Fulerton 
Nails Inc
Spa Ritual - sell mainland china
Deborah Lippmann

Perfumes (Sadly most fancy perfume will be from a bad company. Nearly all perfumes are made by the main cosmetics houses - Loreal, Coty, LVMH etc) So i've created a list of perfume companies that are the good guys) - 
Illamasqua - their Freak perfumes
Kat Von D- Saint and Sinner collection
Marks and Spencers
Superdrug's own brand
Cocoa Pink
Black Pheonix Alchemy Lab
Harvey Prince
The Goth Rosary
Juliette Has a Gun
Firelight Fusions

Puig - (brands - Comme De Garcon, Prada, Valentino,Paco Robanne, Caroline Herrera, Nina Ricci, Mango, Massimo Dutti, Victorio Lucchino, Adolfo Dominguez, Shakira, Antonio Banderas fragrances)    Sadly they sell their products in Mainland China.

UK Supermarkets -
Tescos (beauty and household),
Sainsburys (beauty and toilettries ),
Co-op and Waitrose own brand products.
Aldi - no more as they plan to sell in China and have changed their animal testing policy to the classic 'unless required by law. '( will keep up with this to see what they do as right now now stores in China exist but the very fact they are happy to accept the law, isnt a good mark on them.
Morrisons own brand

US Brands -
Kiss My Face
Manic Panic
Makeup Stars Heaven
NYX  Now owned by L'oreal
LA Colors
La Girl
Reel Creations
Ben Nye
Color Club
Urban Decay  Owned by L'Oreal now
Two Faced  - Now owned by Estee Lauder. Quite an apt name for the brand 
Stars Makeup Haven
Paul Mitchell
Hard Candy
Beyond The Zone
Wet and Wild
TKB Trading
Coastal Scents
Lord and Berry
Dr Dennis Gross Skincare
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
Melt Lipsticks
Stila -  Now sell to mainland China.
Alima Pure
Laura Mercier     owned by Shiseido
Paulas Choice
Kat Von D
Marc Jacobs cosmetics - ( a tricky one...the name is licenced in cosmetics to Kendo which are cruelty free, but the perfumes by same name are licenced to Coty who do you could see it as buying from Kendo, not Marc Jacobs which is just a name. I leave the info here so you can make up your own mind  -

Australian and New Zealand (any help is welcome to help with this section!
Kora Organics
Glitter Gal
Femme Fatale Mineral makeup
Grown Alchemist
ASAP skincare
Adorn cosmetics
Thin Lizzy New Zealand


Sadly i've had to remove all Korean brands off as there is no concrete evidence they don't test on animals or they still sell in mainland China. As for them China is a main market as products are aimed for asian skin, it's a hard one as unlike western brands which dont need to sell in asia, these brands often do . 

Amore Pacific is stopping all animal tests for its products and ingredients at the end of May this year. They are also wanting to achieve Leaping Bunny status, which is wonderful news and hopefully all Korean companies will follow suit.. - see more here -
It seems although they are doing this, they are not stopping their sales to Mainland China, so unless China change their laws, they are not for the safe list

I'll update this list as i find new information so please check back often.

So there you have it. It is hard work, but i quite enjoy being the detective and finding out about companies and who actually owns them. Sometimes it can be disappointing that a company you like is actually owned by a money grabbing corporation, but other times its great when you find they are still the good guys.

Sometimes...when i contact a company it can be like getting blood from a stone for them to answer my questions. The more i have to repeat myself the less i believe the company. I always say in my initial email, the more information you can provide the more i can pass on.
I always ask these questions-

  • 1 Do you test your ingredients and/or finished products on animals
  • 2 If you answered no to question 1, do you get another company to test for you and do they use animals in their tests?
  • 3 Are you owned by a parent company or is this company the sole brand?
  • 4 Why do you not have information on animal testing on your website?
  • 5 Why do you not say on your products that you do not test on animals?
  • 6 Do any of your products have any animal ingredients? (this one is useful for Vegan info)
  • 7 Do you sell your products in mainland China in physical store?

if a company comes back to me only answering the top question...then i am suspicious and i will reply with why did you not answer my other questions....

( NOTE - I took some of my worded information from what i consider to be the strictest of websites - They worded some statements far better than i could have!)


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Ruthy said...

I stopped using my False Lash Effect mascara when I figured out they test on animals. I don't know if I can give up Clinique or MAC... :\ I feel EVIL.

But thanks for the info.


Sakara said...

Its every person's personal decision with their conscience really.
I stopped buying MAC years ago because i dont think much of their product quality now and the fact they reduced the size of the some of their products but put up the price - pigments being an example.
The quality went down the year they got bought out. I still own some of their products, lipsticks i bought before the take over in 1998, but i wont use or promote them on here. (although Estee Lauder had a large share in their company from 1994)

Letti ♿ ✡ said...

In regard to Original Source, they have certification from the Vegan Society, who say in their guidelines (at least they did about three years ago when I last looked), that they would not allow the placement of the Vegan symbol on products by companies who have ever used vivisection.
Not sure if that's still true or if they stuck to it at the time.

Sakara said...

They could well be.
The problem arises in the fact that a larger company buys what people think is an ethical brand, and those people might not buy the companies own stuff. But it doesn't matter as that larger companies profits are bolstered from those ethical brands it owns.

In the end by buying a brand that a larger company that tests on animals owns, you are giving money to that company.

Phyrra said...

MAC used to say 'tested on models, not on animals' but then Estee Lauder bought them.

I find it's so difficult, especially when you see ambiguous statements like "We do not conduct animal testing on our products or ingredients, nor ask others to test on our behalf, except when required by law."

The older and more educated I've become, the more I look for cruelty free alternatives to things, but it's hard because I have to temper that with products that will work for me. Some products just don't work on me no matter what I do :(

Sakara said...

I know this well. I have a night treatment by The Body Shop that is fantastic. I'll use it up but look for a replacement...hope to find one somewhere.

Laura M said...

I'm looking into going cruelty free, this is such a useful post. I'm in the research phase, and am writing to several companies to clarify their policies.. it's all so complicated!

Sakara said...

Laura, good for you. It can be so hard when companies use spin and blatent lies to hide what they really do.
If i can find out who the parent company is of any brand, that often helps the most.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! Especially for the Korean brands. I was wondering for others Korean brands like Dr Jart,
Holika Holika and It's skin too, but I couldn't find anything...

Sakara said...

brahmatma -
I'm not sure about Dr Jart, Holika Holika.
I think, but not entirely sure about It's SKin. I have sent the companies all emails, but of course they are in English. Hopefully i will get replies from them soon.
I know Laniege and Liole DO test on animals.

Cruelty-Free Beauty said...

Wow theres so many cruel companies that are taking over good brands! it will be very hard to find dday to day things that are cruelty-free! but its a great cause so i'll do it! <3 Thank you so much for this post its VERY VERY helpful :)

Sakara said...

Your welcome! :D

Cruelty-Free Beauty said...

for the part when you said other companies like this does it mean that the companies only test when there is new ingredients or get tested on ingredients from their suppliers and is it required by the law to test new ingredients on animals?

Sakara said...

Depends on the area. Europe inc the UK, banned all cosmetic testing IN Europe, but companies can still test their products in other countries and buy in animal tested ingredients from other countries (The US has no such law). From what i've read there are laws saying ingredients need to be tested for safety, but they do not specify animal tested. There are other non animal tests that identify safety far more accurately, but are more expensive to do. Hence why many companies and suppliers don't bother. Profit over compassion again.

I think the only test where there is no alternative (yet) is poisoning test. This test is done on dogs mainly, as their digestive system is considered close enough to humans. Except of course that dogs cant eat chocolate..or asprin or other chemicals which we humans can, Alternatives are being developed using human cells to build parts of organs that could be damaged by a potential new chemical ingredient.

Any new 'wonder' ingredient promoted by a company with a fancy pseudo scientific name will have been tested on animals, because that company wants to keep ahead of its competition, which are often other brands who are doing the same.

I can search out specific dates of laws if you so wish.

-Holly said...

Hi Sakara, this is such a great post :)
You've had confirmation from all the good guys (non *) that they operate FCODs?

Just curious cos I have emailed a few on your list not in the Naturewatch/BUAV lists in the past re: FCODs and either never got replies or got waffly replies that didn't acknowledge FCODs. However, I didn't word my emails in quite the specific way you did, so maybe that was my problem?

Ta, Holly

-Holly said...

Hi, brill post btw :)

So all the good guys (non *) operate clear cut FCODs? I only ask because I have emailed a few on your list that aren't Naturewatch/BUAV listed in the past and either got
a. no reply
b. some waffly reply
But I must admit I never phrased my email questions in the specific, clear way you did, so maybe that was my problem? I'm not doubting you in any way, I'm just a little bit sadly excited I might have some new makeup companies to drool over!!

Sakara said...

Hi Holly. Ive gotten the various good guy names by checking via BUAV, Animal Aid, Uncaged,, Peta (to a certain extent for US brands/companies) and direct from the companies.
Those i know who have a rolling date i've asterixed.
The asian sites are the hardest to confirm, but from the research ive done ive listed those i've found are good.If any of that changes i'll update

Tofugi said...

This is awesome that you're informing people about this issue!

It makes me so freaking mad to read stuff like this. Especially because some of these brands/companies I really love (Sephora, Origins, Fresh, Shu Uemura, etc.)

Since I do regularly use Sephora to get my beauty products (usually just from their 'natural & organic' section, though), is there an alternative site that I could use that has no ties to animal cruelty companies, or should I just start buying from companies directly?

Sakara said...

Tofugi - thanks for the positive comments!
Being from the UK i'm not entirely sure there is another company like Sephora that sells mostly or only cruelty free. Be nice if there was!
I do know Cherry sells cruelty free brands so that might be an avenue. I like buying my NYX, LA Colors and LA Girl from there.
I tend to only buy direct online from the indie companies now as they often offer something different to the norm, then the basics i buy at my local stores in the UK. The main brand i splash out on is Illamasqua.

Tofugi said...

Thanks for the feedback!

I have a few questions:
Does Shiseido test on animals? (Because I've read so many mixed reviews about them)
Also, what do you think about Burt's Bees being bought by Clorox? It seems so ridiculous to me because of their differing opinions with animal testing and such.

Sakara said...

Tofugi - Japan from what i've been told, has laws meaning any product by them has to be tested on animals, hence why i havent included any Japanese brands while i confirm this. Shiseido owns Bare Escentuals, Nars and makes perfumes for Jean Paul Gaultier, Issey Miyake and Narciso Rodriguez brands.

As for Burts Bees being owned by Clorox is the same as Loreal buying The Body Shop. Big name corporations buy eco companies so they can get the profits from people who dont know who owns them..its a rather nasty way of getting the green dollar as its known as Any profits from the eco brands go to the main corporations yearly profits.

Vyt said...

Hi sakara,
I saw your post and I was so disappointed when I knew Mac, clinique actually tested on animals. Few months ago, I had sent them a comment for this problem, they answered me the statement such as in your post. I had no idea and thought they just tested some ingredients like water ( is it pure or not )on animals because of the law, and actually not cruelty.
Now, I have read your post and ...
I'm student, live in Vietnam so I don't have many money. I must try to save money more than 1.5 month for buying just 1 MAC lipstick, 2 months for its blush ( because I knew it - Estee Lauder is the only cruelty - free brands, good quality which has showroom in my country ). No matter products are very expensive, I just want cruelty free products.
Right now, I look at them and just want to throw away or I don't want to believe that you said so true :((
So sad...
Besides, I want to ask something, you said you bought Illamasqua. I entered their website and could not find any information that do they test on animals. Are you sure they are cruelty-free ?
If they are actually cruelty-free , hope they will be in vn soon )

Sakara said...

Hi Vyt
I sympathise, its not nice to find out a brand you love isnt what it used to be. When MAC was independent it was well known as an animal friendly company.
I wrote directly to Illamasqua and yes they do not test products. The actual products are made by Kryolan and they have been animal friendly for years. Even illamasqua's new fragrance isn't tested (like pretty much every other high end fragrance.)
They do have about their policy on their website under about us -

It's hard to know what to do with products you've got unknowing of how they were made. Ive made the decision to use up what i have with some products that are grey area products (but not using them in my makeup posts) and give away others that i know i cannot use in good concience (there is a UK charity that takes toiletries and makeup and gives it to shelters for abused women. At least these products are not going to waste in a landfill)

You might be able to help me too..If you know of any good local companies in Vietnam i could add to the list.

Vyt said...

Thanks, Sakara.
Sadly, all products in my country from household products to cosmetics, shampoos, ... every thing that you need for everyday completely almost of Procter Gamble, Unilever or so many other cruel companies. It's very very hard to find any cruelty free company.
Sorry if I bother you again, but I just wonder why Illamasqua is cruelty-free company but they don't join with cruelty-free association ( Example : leaping bunny, choose cruelty free..).
And another question is do you know Korres test on animals ? I just want some cruelty free skincare products.
Finally, I think The Face Shop is cruel, too. I searched so much, KARA ( Korean Animals Right Association ) does not list them in " No animals testing ", and some people wrote for asking this issue, they never had the answer or just " We don't test on animals ". They do not said it on the box ( bottle ), too. I guest some Korean companies in your list almost in gray. Skinfood wrote on the bottle " this product ( or finished product ) doesn't test on animals ", others do not say anything. Cause all those brands exist in my country and I have checked a lot last year. I think maybe Korean companies are like Revlon, they say " We do not test our product on animals " and people think they cruelty-free.
Once again, thank you so much for your love with animals :)
P/s : Please help me about Korres :( sorry for grammar mistake.

Sakara said...

Hi Vyt. I'm not sure why Illamasqua hasn't joined any main group, I'll write and ask but i know Kryolan has always been animal friendly, i knew about the companny since the 80s. COuld be similar to LUSH which have their own cut off date policy.

Thankyou for the KARA name and the fact the face shop and Skinfood isnt good. Its so hard finding good information regarding oriental brands that having KARA info is very helpful. Thanks!I'll remove them until i can be sure of their policy.

Sakara said...

Vyt - here is info i found about Korres -

In the US they are controlled through Johnson and Johnson who are not animal friendly... IN Europe they are still owned under the home greek company and this is what they state - Korres Natural Products are not tested on animals; nor does the company request animal testing on ingredients/combination of ingredients or formulae. All tests - including dermatological and clinical tests - are performed in vitro by the use of synthetic keratinocytes [in the lab] or in vivo [human volunteers under the surveillance of a dermatologist and/or special practitioners as required ie an opthalmologist.
So i will include them but only in Europe. Basically if the product box states it's made in Europe then its ok, so i think where you are its best to check where it says it's made.

Sakara said...

Vyt, these websites might be of help to you -

also i would check good companies's websites to see if they will ship their products to you. Most of what i buy now is online.

Vyt said...

Dear Sakara,
You helped me a lot. You are so kind. I thought you researched so many websites to ensure things I wondered about.
I hope I can help you to ensure non-animals testing companies in Asia in the near future. It's really great when I know one more girl who do REALLY CARE about animals and animals testing. ( In VN, I found none T.T or maybe I haven't met yet :-?? )
Thank you for the time you spent helping me :D

Sakara said...

Your welcome Vyt. Im helping another girl in Belarus who is having the same problems as you regarding informatation. so you are not alone!

Vyt said...

Hi Sakara,
It's me again. I hope you have time to discuss with me this time. I have some problem and want to have your advice.
The first one : I'm thinking about L'occitane skincare brand. This company was certified vruelty-free by BUAV but there no statement about animal testing on their website. I confused then I wrote for them adn they replied that they against the use of animal testing for finished products and using "old", known ingredients, or new ingredients that have been tested using alternative methods. " To further strengthen this commitment, L’OCCITANE is a member of PETA, joining 600 companies pledging to not test our products on animals. "
At first, I thought they was cruelty-free company but when I received their letter, it was so confusing.
The second one, according to BUAV shoping guide book, there still another company is certified as cruelty-free. That's " Yves Rocher ". wow, another problem. Since I've known about anmal testing, I searched many times about this company and almost people said they do test on animals( they do not say anything about this issue on their website, tooo). So, if it was true why Yves Rocher still in the crueltyfree company list of BUAV. Besides, I think you may notice the brand " Wet and wild " . They have " cruelty-free" icon - a little pink bunny on their website, their statement is " As a Peta-certified, cruelty-free brand, we're proud to say we have never and will never test on animals. We also make it a point to work with cruelty-free, third-party vendors. wet n wild loves our furry, scaly, and feathery friends! ". Of course I don't trust PETA anymore and many people said WnW so test on animals. NYX and some others have this icon, too. So, I would highly appreciate your help for my problem. Do you know what exactly BUAV and " cruelty-free" are about ? They listed companies do not test PRODUCT or both ingredients and product by themselves or they do not conduct any animal testing ingredients, means they don't hire others to test and also their suppliers cruelty-free,too ?
And the final (phew !), I heard someone said just sell cruelty-free products ( NYX, Milani, Jordana,... ). I don't think it's true, what about you ? ( It's no matter if you skip this issue )
Oooh, looking for the good guys always let me down. I just want Europe bans animal testing immediately, right now :-s Also USA, Australia and Asia ( maybe "never" with Asia (:|)
Skara, please help me this time. you can answer when you have free time. I'll wait for your advice.
thank you so so so much :)

Sakara said...

Hi Vyt, Sorry not got back to you sooner, but christmas here has kept me rather busy.

I do trust BUAV's list as any company that is say in the grey area (Loreal own The bodyshop) then there is an asterix by the side of the company.
So i'd say L'Occitane and Yves Rocher are safe for you. Many companies dont put the info on their websites..drives me nuts having to email to ask them, but often after i have, they say they will update their website to include info on animal testing. From what you said of what L'Occitane wrote to you, then yes i'd consider them a good company. Sounds like they have a Fixed Cut Off Date FCOD) which is i know a requirement for inclusion in the BUAV list. Looks like Yves Rocher has only recently joined, getting a 'One Voice' label first (One Voice is France's equivelent of BUAV) See here for info - Again One Voice like BUAV does say if i Brand that is good is owned by a not good Company.
From reading up on them, i think i'd be happy to add them to my good guys list.

Wet and Wild - yep checked them and ill add them to the good guys list(they are not Vegan but that is another issue i dont deal with - but a company that is totally vegan will also be safe animal testing wise).

The pink smiling bunny logo is PETA's logo. SO its not just a made up logo. PETA isnt a company i think much of, but their list is a check against a company, but it is ALWAYS a case of check elsewhere LIMECRIME and Revlon are included on their list, who i would never use.

Ive heard rumours that NYX aren't as good as they appear, but after searching i can find no conclusive evidence. Most of the statements come from NYX's so called bad customer service including a dreaful online sale they did a while back..but thats no proof for me that their products are not cruelty free! In fact my dealings with NYX customer service have been fine.

I buy from Cherry Culture and yes they do only sell brands that are good guys.

Asia is such a hard place to change as they have such different ideas to the West, but there are some companies that are good - listed on my blog. I was in contact with the Korean animal welfare charity and they sent me a list of good companies.

Suming up I trust BUAV companies list more so than PETAs.
You are ok to buy L'Occitane, Yves Rocher, NYX and Wet and WIld

Vyt said...

Hi, Sakara
I nearly forgot Christmas and so sorry to trouble you on the holiday. I'm so grateful to know more info you have researched. It's very kind of you to help me anytime I need.
Thank you a lot and wish you a great new year ! :D

Vyt said...

I'd posted that comment before I checked again your list, what do you think about Coastal Scent ? Do they support animal testing ? I don't know for sure, they said they absolutely do not conduct animal testing but I see they made animal hair brush and leather bag :-?? Can you give me some info you know about this company :D

Sakara said...

That's Ok Vyt. Hope you have a lovely new year too! :D

Sakara said...

Vyt - Coastal Scents are on the good guy list. I checked with them and their makeup isnt tested on animals.
As i said i dont deal with Vegan issues myself, so don't include brushes or leather. But as they state the brushes are hair or the bag is leather then its the choice of the buyer.

Have a cup of tea said...

How about Paula's Choice?

I support your move!!!!!!!!!

Sakara said...

Cup of tea (btw great name) I'll admit i've not heard of them, but i looked them up and they have this to say on their website -
"Paula’s Choice products are not tested on animals at any stage of the production process. Paula’s Choice has never tested its products on animals and will never do so. We also do not fund any independent source to conduct animal testing on our behalf."

So yep..looks like they are getting added to the good guys list.

Lutrinaë said...

About Etude House, I sent them a mail once to ask them about their policy for animal testing and here was their answer:

Dear Princess,

ETUDE HOUSE runs business in Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia where certain rules exist on animal testing and ingredients from animal.

I assure you that non of our products contains any ingredients from animals. ^__^


Etude Global

Athough they say not using animal products, it's not clear about the animal testing.

Also for Missha I sent them a mail with the same request, their answer :

"Dear Valued Customer,
Thank you for your inquiry and interest in MISSHA! Our products are not animal tested and do not contain any animal products.
However, you may read our ingredients and reviews online. Any questions, please feel free to email us at "

But the thing is, some of their products was "coral powder" so I asked what it was, as it might be synthetic, but they said clearly :

"Dear Valued Customer,
Thank you for your inquiry. Coral Powder is made up of coral polyps.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at "

So first they claim not using animal products and just go against their saying in the second mail...

Not sure if it really help :)

But indeed I won't buy from any of those two

Sakara said...

hi Lutrinaë !

Hi thanks for that. I've been in contact with
who gave me there list of companies both good and bad. Missha were definite a non animal testing company as were Etude.

I will check again though.

As i'm not a vegetarian, let alone vegan i don't ask regarding specific animal ingredients as i wouldn't know where to start but i avoid ingredients from animals where i know the animal has to die to harvest said ingredient. I know cosmetic grade coral is harvested from farmed coral, not wild. It can be farmed in tanks and if handled correctly wont die from the taking of polyps. This is what i gathered from various eco conservation groups as most coral sea beds are protected now to some extent ( something like Over 13 sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List contain coral ecosystems)
I understand if you dont want to use any products that are taken from animals though, but it isn't something i ask specifically except for the general animal ingredients.

Lutrinaë said...

Yes it's a though job to look for every company who does or does not test on animals, for on my own blog and personnal matters I have still a lot to go through!

I understand not being concerned about animal in the ingredients, it was also to show how they just contradict themselves! To me it takes off any credibility to the brand, but it's a personnal way of seeing things :)

It's always nice to see that people ae concerned about this, thank you for that^^

Sakara said...

Lutrinaë -
yeah it can be such a mind field. I will look into it, but its also hard getting clear english answers from asian companies where english isnt their first language.
I know for sure about Japan's animal testing laws hence why i dont list any japanese brands.

Fiorenza said...

Hi, thanks for this post, it's very informative.
I started thinking on animal issues only recently, so I have some not-necessarily-cruelty-free staple items I'm using since a long time and I'm very happy with, such as lemon aid by benefit. i searched the buav list and since I didn't find them, i read a statement on their site claiming they can't grant that every ingredient hasn't been tested, as it's very difficult to do it

"This is a nearly impossible certification for any cosmetic company to make. We prefer to be able to stand 100% behind our claims."

what should I think now about every other company that claims to be cruelty free and is enlisted in the BUAV? should I think they're lying? Benefit is pretty pricey, at least for a college student with tight money for frivolous stuff as me, so I think I've a second reason not to purchase again lemon aid or other stuff from them.

then I'm a bit puzzled about Model's own, they state (quite laconically, BTW) to be a creulty free company but they're not in the buav list, and e.l.f neither. Maybe they figure under the name of a parent company, or maybe they're not creulaty free at all, there's a great confusion in my head.

I come from Italy and compassionate shopping is something still too underground despite more and more people are starting to pay attention to it. So I can find many reputable cruelty free brands in the bath-skinkare department of most supermarkets but cruelty free makeup remains something really plain (and expensive)in physical shops. I hate shopping on the net for stuff I'll wear on my skin and I think that cruelty free makeup should be more widespread for everybody, so I'm planning to ask my favourite brand (essence, ownedd by company cosnova) to take some steps towards certification.

PS: I want to add as an update that now Yves rocher is owned partly by sanofi aventis, which uses and promotes animal testing.

PPS: Sorry for the mistakes, english is not my mothertongue :)

have an nice evening :)

Sakara said...

BUAV is a good starting point, i also use which is even more stringent in its well as Animal Aid.
Benefit is owned by LVMH, which is a french company that is known to test on animals and profit from ingredients tested on animals. That is why i wont include them on my good guy list and why they are not on any cruelty free list.

I know ELF have a long standing cruelty free policy same as BarryM ( a UK company who have always been cruelty free ) i believe they have a slightly different timeline policy thus they dont appear under the BUAV.I will double check with Models Own but since none of their cosmetics are ground breaking (always a bad sign)and they do state their animal policy, how ever jokey it may sound, from what ive researched they are ok.

Thanks on the Yves Rocher, i'll remove them!

There is an italian makeup company called KIko

and also look at Inglot - a very good qaulity at mid range price products. They also have a long time standing as cruelty free.

Fiorenza said...

wow thanks for the rapid reply! especially about benefit, i'll put a cross on it, especially for implying that in reality cruelty free companies are not 100% what they claim to be.
e.l.f seems really interesting for me, it's really appealing because they're lowcost but still have so many positive reviews!

Then I've some precisation to do about the Yves Rocher case. I did a bit of research and I found out that allegedly the main reason they're out of the list is they sell their products on the chinese market, which requires compulsory animal testing for cosmetics. as far as I understood they don't test beforehand, but their products get tested in China once shipped, as a finished product. If you wish I can post the thread where I got this info, a girl is saying she wrote the BUAV about that and they gave her this answer.

I know Inglot quite because i traveled LOTS of times in Poland and my sister too... actually she bought home a wonderful eyeshadow palette and now I know they're cruelty free i think i'll check their website (there's no chance i'm going back to Poland soon):P

speaking about Kiko, i think is one of the first brands I did some research on as it's very popular here and I used to be satisfied with them. the problem is their policy seems a bit fishy.
in the very document you posted (I'd love to provide you and other readers an "official" translation but the english version I found here
is broken :I)
they are stating that they don't do any test on the finished product (it's the law in the EU)and that the law prevents them to sell any product containing ingredients tested OUTSIDE the EU (so I assume it's perfectly legal having ingredients tested in the community countries). the final part is a pledge that doesn't say much...
on the english version site you can find this faq section:

I think this is pretty eloquent on their views... i prefer financing a vetted cruelty free company rather than one that tries to avoid clear answering. they give no warranty on use of tested ingredients and what's worse in my point of view they are even not stating it clearly nor they appear to care.

if somebody is interested I found out that Bottega Verde is in the list, it's a medium-low end brand that has a wide makeup range too :)

goodnight and thanks again for the research you're doing :)

Sakara said...

Thankyou for that info. I had a loose translation for Kiko.I know there is a law coming in soon that means Nothing cosmetic or household can be tested in EU, including the ingredients. Havent seen it confirmed as some companies are trying to stall it...a good bet its someone like Loreal or similar. I keep an eye on the BUAV site for when this law will actually happen
I love Inglot..the quality of their eyeshadows are amazing.
Not heard of Bottega Verde so i'll add that to the good guy list now!

MableTan said...

I am a Singaporean and used to live in Korea for one year. I haven't been taking account of "animal tested " when I purchased cosmetic and skincare product for my 26years. Until I saw a documentry then I realized this is something I should be aware of. Reading through your list I felt so astonished to realized I have bought so many of these products. Luckily most of my cosmetics and skincare are from etudehouse, missha and innisfree. I guess for future I will have a more firm choice of beauty products when I finished my existing ones!! Indirectly we have saved some animal lives I guess

Elise said...

Yhaks for your post, I've search alot lately about this trying to elimitae completely the products that are not cruelty free. I want to ask you if you about Bioderma policies? I haven't founf any information.

Sakara said...

Hi i'll have a look, but from initial research i doubt very much it is cruelty free. 1 - No information on site, 2 - constantly advertising new products with scientific new ingredients.

Unknown said...

Hi Sakara

I've spent the best part of the last 3 days skimming through the net about cosmetics and animal skincare. Was starting to suffer from information overload, and then I came to your blog, and it was a breath of fresh air finding all the information I was looking for all in the one place.

I thought I'd drop you a line to say thank you for all the hard work :)


Unknown said...

Forgot to add that your blog is awesome !

Sakara said...

Thankyou Lorraine, for the kind words!

Anonymous said...


TOO FACED, HARD CANDY and from June 6th 2012 URBAN DECAY are OFF of the LEAPING BUNNY's and PETA's good guys' list.

Also, in the case of UD a very engaging discussion has followed the publication of the company's statement about their expansion to China.

This update comes from what I read on Temptalia's and on Gingerrama's blogs.

Please, if interested have a look at this important sad new developments regarding the mean and hideous issue of animal vivisection in the cosmetic industry and take part in the discussion to let cosmetic companies know that we,customers, are not to put up with their devious and cruel behaviour determined by their greed only and will not buy their lies and products anymore.

Anonymous said...

I misspelt it previously.

Sakara said...

Thanks for the update, though i do not trust the PETA sight in anyway or that group. I will check what they say though.

Sakara said...

ugh drives me nuts the selling in China. What is bizarre is that most cruelty free products are manufactured in China, but it's only if they are sold does the law there state they must be animal tested. Stupid and so backwards.
Ok Urban Decay, Hard Candy and aply named Two Faced are OFF the list.

Anonymous said...

@Sakara I don't trust PETA either I just mentioned them to help support my words as I had realized that not everyone had heard about the bad news and wanted to be sure everyone would go and research it thoroughly as I am very outraged by UD's sly and unfair behaviour and would like everyone let them know how disgracefully they acted towards their trusting customers, whom they also tried to deceive further with their misleading statement and animals,whose life ansd sufferance does not count in front of PROFIT,that is their only scope now and I think has always been.
ps I misspelt the name of the blog gingerrrama, it is correct with 3 r's.Sorry.

Anonymous said...

@Sakara I don't trust PETA either I just mentioned them to help support my words as I had realized that not everyone had heard about the bad news and wanted to be sure everyone would go and research it thoroughly as I am very outraged by UD's sly and unfair behaviour and would like everyone let them know how disgracefully they acted towards their trusting customers, whom they also tried to deceive further with their misleading statement and animals,whose life ansd sufferance does not count in front of PROFIT,that is their only scope now and I think has always been.
ps I misspelt the name of the blog gingerrrama, it is correct with 3 r's.Sorry.

Sakara said...

Yes it will be interesting to see if Urban Decay actually do do any publicity regarding animal welfare whilst out there..i doubt it very much.

Ive made a new post on this blog informing my readers directly as they may not see this now on this post

Sakara said...

fairymally - where is the info regardingHard Candy selling to China..cant seem to find anything on that.

Sakara said...

Update - Hard Candy is ok. This in from their own fb page - - URGENT!!! We do not, have not and will NEVER test on animals! Leaping Bunny is incorrect - Hard Candy is NOT owned by Urban Decay. Hard Candy has ZERO affiliation with Urban Decay. We will be contacting Leaping Bunny immediately to retract this harmful and damaging statement. Again, Hard Candy does not test on animals. EVER!!!

MeowMars007 said...

Thank you thank you for this blog!
I love Korean and Japanese make-up/skincare, but info on them can be so hard to find! I once contacted an ebay seller and they assured me not to worry, that the product was tested on animals and safe. I replied that I would not buy it if it was tested on animals and they replied that they weren't sure...:(
I did contact Laneige via Amore Pacific and they said they do NOT test- which is irritating since they apparently do. On Laneige Singapore FB page, someone asked this question, and they said they don't test. Has this been changed? Very upsetting...:(
I am also devastated about Lioele- I really loved their lines.
Any updates on Holika Holika?
Is there a list of Japanese brands that do and don't test?
Also, I hate PETA too- they kill so many animals that they don't deem fit to live- they are so evil and hypocritical and everyone is scammed by their image- no one reads the actual statistics or what they actually believe- eradication of homeless pets, all pitbulls, and feral cats.

Sakara said...

hi Meowmars007 - Japan and China have laws that say all products MUST be animal tested... So backwards,You'd think Japan such a technologically advanced country would know how backwards animal testing is.

No change on Laneige sadly..not heard anything back from Holika. The ones ive got listed are the ones from a Korean animal rights group.

Anonymous said...


so sorry I didn't notice your post regarding HARD CANDY.

Well, I got the info about the company's loss of its cruelty-free status from Gingerrrama' blog and this is the link to the subject:

I am going to post a comment on that blog now to make them take notice of HARD CANDY's urgent update and rectification.

Thank you


Anonymous said...

hi there! Gingerrama here, of said blog. I first heard about the PETA & CCIC dropping of Urban Decay (and Hard Candy) c/o discussion on MakeupAlley's Green Board. I then went to check with PETA & CCIC, and got the information (= as it appeared on my blog) from Leaping Bunny (as is clear in original blog posts concerned). Who, as it turns out, are wrong.

My thanks to Marilisa for telling me what was happening with Hard Candy, and alerting me to discussion on this very splendid blog.

I've duly edited and amended the post in question, which was this one here.

The next posts in that series were about Urban Decay, commenting in greater deatil on their press release and on how their statements about being cruelty-free have changed (besides the obvious; some more nuance and thinking through repercussions, implications, etc.)

I'm very glad others have followed the matter thorugh the last few days: crowd-sourcing information is surely a marvellous thing, given that many of us (I'm guessing) have jobs to do too. L'union fait la force!

Sakara said...

Hi yeah, Glad to see Hard Candy are ok,(although not an easy brand to get here in the UK) i asked them directly and posted their response here which i think is what Marilisa read.
It takes people like us to get the info out to the wider audience. The more the better! :D

Anonymous said...


Nice to see that Leaping Bunny has apologised for the error (over on Facebook & Twitter, not yet on their website) and is sorting things out with Hard Candy.

This could all be very good if it pokes more companies into getting themselves listed with the CCIC.

Not to mention giving more publicity to cruelty-free-ness, and to Leaping Bunny being maybe nicer, friendlier, and more human(e) than PETA. Just my opinion, that last bit... but from dealing with the BUAV for 20+ years and PETA for a bit less, the CCIC group are way nicer :)

Sakara said...

Yeah PETA started with good intentions but i feel it is as worse as the thing they fight against.
They are corrupt basically.

Tracylou said...

I have been trying to find out if Boots No7 test on animals - thanks to your blog, amongst other sites, I have found out that they do.. I had heard so many mixed comments about them - even a friend who works at Boots was told by fellow colleagues that they didn't..! Also, thankyou for highlighting the facts about PETA, who I've supported for years. I will definitely be doing some research..!

Sakara said...

The problem with Boots is even though their cosmetics may not be tested on animals directly,many of their 'new ground breaking ingredients' will be. They also as a whole company do test on animals, so any money you give to them profits them as an animal testing company.

I cant stand PETA...especially now i know their so called shelters kill around 90% of the animals sent there. So much for a caring charity.

lilo said...

Regarding perfumes, I think that brands like Nina Ricci and Carolina Herrera might be cruelty-free, since their parent company, Puig, is listed on the cruelty free list by PETA (though I would prefer a leaping bunny certification). If anyone has something to add to this from their own research, that would be great =)

RebeccaJasmin said...

Hi there, great post :) I think so few people know about the cruelty behind their cosmetic and household goods - it's an issue which really needs as much exposure as it can get.

I am an Aussie and when living back home I used the cosmetic brand NATIO - I'm pretty sure I found them through a cruelty free ppl. They have scrummy skincare with essential oils and natural ingredients and also a good cosmetics range.

I think they are now at Debenhams here in the UK too. My investigation of their practices is not as extensive as you've done here but you might want to consider them.


Sakara said...

Hi Rebecca. Yes i've seen Nation, they do look good. Will check to see what their reply is when i write to them1

Anonymous said...

L'Occitane now does test. Here's a very unfortunate recent article I found about big name (evil) cosmetic brands now selling to China, which requires animal testing:

Sakara said...

Thankyou for that info. As much as i hate The Daily Mail, it is a useful article.

MeowMars007 said...

Hi, I read that Urban Decay decided NOT to sell to China and are still cruelty free. To Faced apparently couldn't care less...
Anyways, I wanted more info on Sephora- do you know which brands there DON'T test? Went in for a lipgloss and came out frustrated and empty handed...
Could you also give more info on Fresh and Benefit? Do they test or buy tested ingredients? Both claim until they are blue in the face to be cruelty free...:(

Sakara said...

Hi Meowmars007. Sorry i haven't replied sooner, i have been unwell.

Yes i know Urban Decay have decided to no longer sell in mainland China, that's why they are not crossed out on my list. I am not sure yet what to think of their change of mind...they wanted to at first to make more money but the outcry from fans of the brand may have made them realise they would lose alot of money doing it. As it is, there is a process on going in Mainland China to change their laws anyway, so the publicity that UD said where they were going to change China's opinions on animal testing seem to be rather fake.

You will see on my list that Sephora, Fresh and Benefit are owned by LVMH, a company that conducts animal testing it's product devlopment and ingredients. SO any brand owned by them benefits from those new products/ ingredients and any money you spend on those brands ends up on the brand owners annual profits.

As for Brands Sephora sells, They are a US store so don't have much info on the brands they do or do not sell. Just had a quick look at their list these are good guys from checking both their own websites and animal rights sites-
Butter London
Dr Dennis Gross Skincare
Nails Inc
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
Soap and Glory

Hope that helps!

Sakara said...


Sorry Korres is only good in the Europe, as it is licenced through Johnson and Johnson in the US. So it's a tricky one and id avoid it if buying in the US.

What Katiie Did said...

Hi, I've been going cruelty free for a few months now, but it's so hard with all the covering up these companies do! I know for a fact that Johnson and Johnson don't use animal testing on their skincare products, they test because they own medical brands and sadly those are tested on animals. I still won't purchase their products however as I don't agree with animal testing in any form. My best advice is to always check where the product is made, if it's a dodgy country such as China don't go near it, obviously. I live in New Zealand, and we have very strict laws about animal testing here, so if i see a product is made in NZ i am almost certain it isn't tested on animals. If you would like more information on our laws just ask i'm hapy to help. Anything to spread the word right? I have my own blog that I'm just setting up to combat animal testing but so far only have one post but after reading this and a few statements from companies i have emailed I'm not sure that some of the products I've picked as being cruelty free really are.

Sakara said...

Where is the info that Johnson and Johnson don't test their ingredients and beauty products on animals? Because everything i've read say they do as well as their medical testing.
With New Zealand, it may have strict laws on products do they have the same on ingredients. A product could be cruelty free but the ingredients may not be. Love to know more about NZ's laws and any brands that are from there. :D
With statements from companies, you have to double/triple check for other information as some companies blatantly lie or misinform.

Vyt said...

Hello Sakara,
Few days ago, I knew MeMeMe cosmetic, an UK brand cosmetic by chance :
Do you know any information about this company and their statement ?
I really appreciate your help :D

Vyt said...

Hello Sakara,
Few days ago, I knew MeMeMe cosmetic, an UK brand cosmetic by chance :
Do you know any information about this company and their statement ?
I really appreciate your help :D

Sakara said...

Hi Vyt. Yes Mememe is a safe brand. I recently contacted them to clarify their statement on their website and from what they said, i believe they are ok!

Sakara said...

The Puig company from what i can find inc the information on their site does indeed show that they should be on the safe list. Will add them now. Thanks for enquiring about them!

Unknown said...

Hey! i wanted to say thanks for your hard work on this list I will be checking back for updates. also I don't know if you heard that urban decay got bought by L'Oreal last year and while they told me in a email that they will be keeping their products crulty-free, the money still goes to a cruel money hungry company.

Sakara said...

Hi, thankyou for telling me. OFF THEY GO!

Vyt said...

Hi Sakara,
It is really sad to see UD was bought by L'oreal. So I have to find truly cruelty-free brand which have vegan products in my country. Then I find some information about Hard Candy is owned by Nu-world Beauty which is not really a friendly company at here
And I have been searched last month, 100% PURE cosmetic company of US, is a truly cruelty free brand :
Hope this help :D

Sakara said...

Thanks for the input there. I think i will contact NuWorld Beauty to see what reponse they give.
100percentpure looks good, being vegan always a good sign!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just wanted to thank you for all the research you've done! I'm trying desperately to get away from companies that have anything to do with animal cruelty of any kind and it's honestly like a needle in a haystack these days! Your "bad guy" list helped me answer some lingering questions I had about some US brands. Also, I just wanted to let you know (if you don't already) - in relation to Asian brands; Etude House and Innisfree are both owned by the same mega-cosmetic giant that owns Laneige (Amorepacific Corp. of South Korean origin) and though they claim that they are trying to change their animal testing policy (, it still seems, as of now anyway, that they do still perform animal testing so, personally, I don't think I would buy from them. Anyway, just thought I'd mention it. Thanks again for your post. It's very helpful when you're listening to all these companies talking out of both sides of their mouths!

Sakara said...

Thankyou so much Lilmisscalamity for the new info on Etude House and Innisfree. I will update the list. Glad it has helped!

Unknown said...

This is a brillinatly helpful list. Thank you. I used to live in Korea and although I have always tried not to buy cosmetics that are tested on animals, while living over there I often got swept away by the incredible products and forgot to check the animal testing status of the company. So I'd find myself in a place like Etude House and before I knew it I'd spent a fortune on 1,000 won collagen face masks (they were just so cheap!)... and then I'd remember about animal testing. I started buying Body Shop instead, but that's not ideal since they're owned by L'Oreal. I'm probably moving back there soon, so I'm really happy to find out that I can buy Skin Food with a clear conscience - I love their stuff!

Sakara said...

Great news lil miss calamity. Amore Pacific is stopping all animal tests for its products and ingredients at the end of May this year. They are also wanting to achieve Leaping Bunny status. - see more here -

As soon as the date comes i can add back Etude House,laniege and Innisfree back on. (also checking details too)

Anonymous said...

Ah that's excellent news! I've been wanting to try their products so hopefully their plan to be Leaping Bunny approved is successful. Thanks so much for the info! :)

Silverlily said...

Hi! Thank you so much for the information you have posted here.I have been cruelty-free searching for a few years now but haven't checked the history of the parent companies.I hope you won't mind that I linked this post on my blog.
I bare escentuals/minerals cruelty-free all the way around?They say they are on their site.

Sakara said...

Hi Silverlily! Link away by all means.

Bare Minerals/Escentuals is now owned by Shiseido who do test, so afraid not good.

Conscious Beauty said...

hi, heres the list for Korean companies. AMOREPACIFIC and LG stated they donot test on animal on 2011 or so, but they have been lied. They are saying they stopped animal testing this year, but still export to China. Below are the list of KARA.
ROUANG, BYHERB, Skin vegeterian, Skincure, Aromatica, Everain, Natural origin, MALGEUNNARA, ILOVEECO
Miev, sevendrops
Royal nature, MIGABEE, Bien Vita, BEYOND(LG), SIDMOOL, NMC, 2sol cosmetic, isskin, jayeon uo but(nature`s friend), klairs, swanicoco
LANEIGE(AMORE PACIFIC), Lolita Lempicka, Lirikos, Mamonde(AMORE PACIFIC), MIREPA, verite, Sulhwasoo(AMORE PACIFIC), annick goutal, amore pacific, iope(amore pacific), etude(amore pacific), espoir(amore pacific or LG), ODYSSEY(amore pacific), innisfree(amore pacific), teen:clear, primera, hanyul(amore pacific), HERA(LG), HYOSIAH

hope this helped to update your post. MISSHA was on the list before, but not anymore.

Unknown said...


I just stumbled across your blog when researching the animal testing status of MISSHA (from what I've read, they DO test on animals). But I noticed that you removed Too Faced from your list stating that they have entered the Chinese market and sell in the mainland. I know this post is from 2011 so I'm not sure if things have changed, but I frantically researched their animal testing status as they are my go to cosmetic company (Urban Decay used to hold that title until they sold out to L'Oreal and I will no longer touch their crap). From what I'm reading, Too Faced is in the process of being certified with Leaping Bunny and does NOT sell in China and they've said that they refuse to sell there unless the Chinese laws change. I'm wondering if you have any information on that or can attest to that being true. I love Too Faced products and am becoming so disheartened by all of my favorite companies beginning to resume animal testing to sell in China or being bought out by evil large corporations that test. Thank you for putting this list together, by the way. It makes me sick knowing how many big name companies torture these poor little creatures in order to profit. It also breaks my heart knowing that so many people have no idea about the animal testing practices of these companies. I say we make a big hoopla about this because if enough people boycott companies that test on animals, maybe it'll be enough to get them to change their ways.

Thank you again!

Sakara said...

Hi Lily. the original post i made was done in 2011 but i do update it all the time. The info on Missha came direct from the Korean animal welfare group, so i'm interested to know where you heard they do test. So i can confirm.
The Two Faced info i cant remember but i do remember there was a big deal about it, that two Faced has bascially been Two faced about selling in China. Perhaps now they are after Leaping Bunny cert (Which i always though they already had) seems to indicate they might be trying to fix their past 'issues with the truth'
It truly saddens me about U.D. there was the big thing about them wanting to sell in main land China and due to customer uproar they changed their mind..and then they go and get bought by L'oreal so it's all a moot point now!
If you love Two Faced Primer Potion (i did) then i found a primer 10 times better. It's by Milani and costs a fraction of the price. Its just called Milani eyeshadow primer and you can get it from the website

I'll be revamping this site soon (i had lost my makeup mojo but this post i have kept and update as often as i can :D so thankyou for any info.

Stacey said...

Thanks so much for this post!
Hopefully more Korean brands will be animal friendly soon. I'm going there for my study abroad year and would love to try a lot of the cosmetics

Unknown said...

Hi! Just researching cruelty-free cosmetics while me and my daughter were watching the Elemis demos on QVC (never again). Fantastic site - I spent a few days last years researching and desperately trying to find a face cream that wasnt tested, and this is so much easier!
I bought my cream in the end from Raw Gaia ( as they seemed pretty good. Their claims sounded good, but now I'm just wanting to check with you whether you think they are ok?
What you are doing here is amazing, keep it up, the world needs sites like this :) thank you think you.
Only one issue for me, I find it really difficult to read white text on a black background!!!

Sakara said...

Hi and thankyou. find if a brand is registered with the Vegan Society they are a good company regarding to animal testing. I'll add them to the list. Local British company too.

You would be the first to mention about white on black text and it's something i doubt ill change(though i will look at alternatives if it fits my overall look to the page). But thanks for the feed back.

Delly said...

Hi there!

This is a great page that I have been seeking for FOREVER! Thank you so much!!! I have basically printed it off and I am going to carry it with me everywhere! I will be following you from now on. ;-)

Btw how up to date is the information. Also don't forget Lush have an awesome perfume section. :-)


Sakara said...

Hi Pink Adele
This post is updated as i see new info come in, so dont worry about that. The blog has paused as i havent been well so havent had the 'mojo' to do any creative looks recently. Lush is in the main Uk companies list so Perfumes would be part of the whole. :D

Kalina said...

Thanks for this post! I was so naive about animal testing before. But seeing just a few photos was enough for me to never ever want to use any cosmetics tested on animals again.
Just wondering about one of my fav local drugstore brands which i used to buy on regular basis - Artdeco
That's what they say on their website:

"ARTDECO does not conduct any tests on animals for its cosmetic products nor does it have any animal testing performed on its behalf.

Animal testing for decorative cosmetic products has been prohibited under the German Animal Welfare Act since 1986. Tests on animals for all cosmetic finished products have been banned since 1998.

A corresponding ban has been in place since March 2011 for cosmetic raw materials as well, which ARTDECO expressly welcomes.

Pursuant to this legislation, raw materials developed for use in cosmetics may no longer be tested for compatibility on animals.

Raw materials developed for cosmetics before this time point were not necessarily tested on animals. However, some of them were tested using in-vivo experiments (tests on animals).

In order to conduct all future testing of raw materials exclusively by means of in-vitro tests (test tube experiments), these procedures are being continuously further developed and new methods researched. ARTDECO has no knowledge of the raw materials used in products being tested with in-vivo tests.

In order to minimize incompatibilities, ARTDECO conducts internal application tests or patch tests (epicutaneous tests) used to determine the local compatibility of a product.

ARTDECO is against animal testing."

Big text but still not clear. I read it a few times but still don't get it if their ingredients were tested or not.
They say it's against the law to test raw materials on animals since 2011 and then just say they have no idea if their ingredients were tested. I'm confused. Is it worth trusting them?

I'm also wondering about Victoria's Secret beauty line. They are in PETA list as i know but i read everywhere they DO test. I don't know who to trust now.
I am sorry for such big comment. I just want to find out which brands i can buy as i only want to use cruelty free makeup now

Sakara said...

It's a tricky one this with Art Deco and my alarm bells do ring with their confusing words. I will contact them for clarification. What makes me wonder is if, this statement ' Animal testing for decorative cosmetic products has been prohibited under the German Animal Welfare Act since 1986. Tests on animals for all cosmetic finished products have been banned since 1998.

A corresponding ban has been in place since March 2011 for cosmetic raw materials as well, which ARTDECO expressly welcomes.@ then this one - 'ARTDECO has no knowledge of the raw materials used in products being tested with in-vivo tests.'

means they get raw materials OUTSIDE of germany which may well have been animal tested...but they dont know and dont care.

As for Victoria's Secret..i dont put much faith in PETA's listings so if everywhere else says they are bad, then id listen to them.

Kalina said...

Thanks for your answer about Art Deco
That bit about "ARTDECO has no knowledge of the raw materials used in products being tested with in-vivo tests" confused me as well. I guess i better stop buying their stuff as they do sound dodgy

Sakara said...

As soon as i get a reply or after length of time get no reply, ill post here

MeowMars007 said...

Hi there!
Stila needs to be removed from the list as they confirmed via Twitter that they will now test "when required by law" which means a move to China.
Per Fresh, they claim they do not test, but their parent company does correct? Like The Body Shop?
On Korean brands, it looks like Amore Pacific will never be safe or cruelty free as they will not stop selling in China. I contacted them to ask and no reply, so I contacted KARA who said they will still sell in China. So Etude, Innisfree, and Laneige all are not cruelty free. :(
Regarding Tony Moly and Nature Republic, they have ads that claim to be not tested, but neither have replied to KARA and Skinfood has refused to comply on ingredients. Missha is NOT on the list, so not safe either. I will have to send KARA an e-mail asking about specific brands and let you know what they say! I did e-mail It's Skin and they claim to not test as well...

MeowMars007 said...

And on TooFaced...I remember hearing that they and UD were going to be selling in China, and PETA accidently lumped Hard Candy in there and made a big deal out of it...and then UD changed their minds and got a PETA award. (Funny how they couldn't care less that Stila admits to testing now as I e-mailed them to tell them to make their list accurate and got no reply). I then saw Too Faced recently mentioned on a blog as cruelty-free and attempting Leaping Bunny status. I then read that they failed to qualify for Leaping Bunny. They are back on the PETA list which doesn't mean much, but say they refuse to sell in China. I am conflicted on whether or not they are "safe".
Lastly, can anyone recommend a cruelty-free antiperspirant? Maybe a UK brand? In the US, the only results I can find are deodorants (NOT the same) and Tom's of Maine (stinky), DermaDoctor ($28!!) and Fresh ($22) which...?

Sakara said...

Hi thanks for those updates :)

I've removed all Korean brands in case. Last time i emailed Kara they couldn't say either way although said about Tony Moly's claims aswell as It's Skin. I wonder about Holika Holika now too.
I dont have Fresh on my list, because i has heard they were owned by a bad parent company before.
Regarding UD. They are now owned by L'Oreal, so wether they sell in China is a moot point now.
Two Faced - Still cant decide as they are not on any safe lists, except PETA. I cant stand PETA at the best of times and their list is one i look at but always double check elsewhere.

I sadly don't know any cruelty free antiperspirant brands. Mitchum used to be made by a safe company but are now owned and made by the 'grey area' company Revlon, who always say they are cruelty free, yet are ambiguous on their answers. ( a very good list for this is -'s maddening as we are actually limited more here than in US on various brands and companies ( i was amazed at the amount you had when i visited the US, though all by companies that were not good)

Unknown said...

For consideration for your Australian list:

1. Grown Alchemist
2. Aesop
3. ASAP skincare
4. Adorn Cosmetics

Sakara said...

Thank you Samantha!

Tarrie said...

Thank you so much for this post, but most importantly for updating it! Being cruelty free is research intensive and then I realise I'm going on out of date assumptions. It's all very frustrating. Why is honestly such a rare commodity these days. The B. range from superdrug is bauv and really excellent. The skin care in particular!( Also Lily Lolo don't test, very good uk mineral company, neither do Alima pure, us mineral company. Both are private companies last I checked) Your page is book marked for future reference. Thank you so much for all your hard work creating and keeping this page!

Sakara said...

Hey Tarrie. Thanks for those. I do know about most of the companies you mentioned. I dont always list those already on BUAV lists,as they are already on there and easy to find out about. But as you have mentioned them now, i'll add them :)

veronica said...

Hi Sakara! Thank You for the great post!! :)
I am very disappointed, seeing your list, I saw many brands I thought were cruelty free because that was what say in the list of PETA and other one I saw out there. So I don't know if maybe you can help me? PETA is the only organization in the which I saw the list of "Do test" and "Do NOT test", but I've been reading and many people say that I should not trust PETA, so I no longer know where I can find current and truthful information, and I am from Latin America(Costa Rica) I don't really know any other website or organization where I can get truthful information, so can you recommend me some pages or organizations where I can look at??
excuse my English! >.<

Sakara said...

Hello Veronica!
I despise PETA , mainly for their hypocrisy.- killing nearly 90% if animals that go to their 'shelters' or for example, using Dita Von Teese in an anti neutering campaign when she wears real fur.Plus they make a mockery of decent animal welfare groups with their stupid campaigns.

good groups to look at are BUAV - ( although they include the Body shop when it is owned by L'oreal, though they do put a asterix next to it to show its parent company is not good)

Leaping Bunny - affiliated with BUAV but more US based -

Not tested - UK centric but has international companies listed -

nature watch -

and finally probably the strictest and one i took alot of my information from -

i hope that helps.. dont be afraid to ask any questions, i'll try to help.

Anonymous said...

Hey! NYX does sell in China.

Sakara said...

Hi. Thanks for letting me know. Is it mainland China they sell to?

Sakara said...

I just found this link -

eatfruitbecute said...

What about H&M. I asked today in the shop they were quite sure about themselves. I asked about China, too. And I can see that some cosmetics are even made in China... Do you have a clue?

Thank you very much for your hard work. I appreciate it sooo much :)

Sakara said...

Hello eatfruitbecute
H&M are included on the list :)

Products manufactured in China for many companies do not come under the Chinese law of enforced animal testing,
The law of testing comes into place when a product is sold in China by the company in China, not say on a website with abilty to post to China.
EG - MAC cosmetics has stores in Main land China, thus they are on the bad guy list.
But Illamasqua made by Kryolan have many products made in China, but wont sell their product IN China directly so they are good guy list as none of their products are animal tested at any point. Ingredients can be imported into China for manufacture in those factories, the host company controls testing there, not China.

It's complex but bottom line. If it says made in China, it's ok. It's when a brand or company openly sells its products in mainland China.

BeautyLover8772 said...

Hello all,
I would first like to say I absolutely love this blog, it is incredibly helpful and informative. I do tons of research myself on cruelty free and vegan companies, so most of these "good guys" I was already aware of, but some of the bad companies did come as a shock. I have a few questions about some companies that say they are cruelty free, but I would like to make a million percent sure.
1. Tarte - They have the cruelty free bunny and also have a vegan friendly collection, however I do not see it listed on your blog, unless I missed it. Do you know if this is truly a trustworthy company?
2. St. Tropez - Their packaging and website says "Against Animal Testing." Is this just a catchy disguise to hide the ugly truth, or are they truly against it and have no parts in it?

I had also seen someone asked about antiperspirant, I was recently introduced to a deodorant called "Crystal." Crystal is a deodorant that has the leaping bunny logo and is also aluminum free, which is a great plus. I have never used the product, it was introduced to me not to long ago, but for someone looking for a cruelty free deodorant, this looks like it may be a winner. I have not done much research about this company, so I am not sure who the parent company is, or whether they sell to mainland China, but I do know it has the leaping bunny logo.

I look forward to hearing back on any information you have may about these companies!
Thank you and much love,
A Concerned Beauty Lover

Sakara said...

HI Beautylover8772
thanks for the kind words, i very much appreciate them.
to your questions
Tarte - a US brand that i simply hadnt got round to adding. Adding now!
St Tropez. Their statement sounds dodgy. they use the phrase 'against animal testing' and none of our products have been tested on animals. No mention of im not very hopeful, but i will contact them and have them clarify their statement.

As to the deodorant, as they are Leaping bunny certified, i think they are fine, and their website 'where to buy; does not include China. So i believe they are safe.

Unknown said...

Please add Jane Iredale to the list. I adore her mineral makeup (similar to/longer lasting than Bare Minerals). Her company is 100% cruelty free and rocks the leaping bunny seal of approval.
The Magic Mitt is the only way to take off makeup... it rocks my world. Her foundations look flawless... and the Hydration/setting spray is my favorite product.

Sakara said...

hi Claire!
As they are leaping bunny certified, i havent added them,as they are on there already. But as requested ill add them to my list too :)

RobsFire said...

Hi Sakara. So glad I found your blog whilst trying to research for a friend. I am aware of most of the brands on here and it's so depressing how backwards the cosmetic industry is becoming, but we must battle on.
I was looking up Kiko and got seriously confused by the info on their site. There's no leaping bunny and I went on the BUAV site and they didn't turn up. They're also not in my Naturewatch Compassionate Shopping Guide I on either bad or good. Can they be trusted and how do we know?
I can't stand PETA either and look to Naturewatch and Animal Aid. I rely on Beauty Without Cruelty and Lavera. Have you heard of this great UK company called Beautiful Movements? (Previously BM Beauty). They're mostly (if not all by now) vegan and are BUAV endorsed.
I hope to hear about Kiko whenever you're available. I'm still confused over Hard Candy's standpoint, and don't think I'll trust them just let (leave it to PETA to mess that up).
I also don't trust Superdrug because of their capricious nature concerning the five year rolling rule and Marks and Spencers still sell products with animal ingredients, and they don't know and don't seem to care enough to specify.
Off product topic a little, but does anyone know
ANY BRAND DECENT that makes disposable razors???! Because THIS seems to be even worse than cosmetics which is saying a lot. Every big bitch company has their name attached, it's soul destroying!!
Sorry if there are any typos - on my phone!

Sakara said...

Many european companies have always followed the anti animal testing, and with the european law and not selling to countries that force testing ( like CHina) they dont feel the need to buy into the leaping bunny scheme ( as yes to you have to pay for it) Kiko is one of these companies
Superdrug are listed by BUAV leaping bunny scheme so i dont know where you get the 5 year roling rule from as that is a stickler for getting on that list. M&S are also on the leaping bunny list.
As i am not a vegan i dont look into animal based products such as lanolin, beeswax etc so cant answer that point for you.

RobsFire said...

thank you for answering me. I don't trust Superdrug because they constantly changed their mind back and forth over the decade(s) with rolling rules. If they've finally agreed to a fixed cut off date then it's about time, but even so, I still find them shady.

paul burton said...

hello I live in Spain and led to understand Flormar is cruelty free make up ..please confirm

Sakara said...

hello Paul
Ive looked around and it seems Flormar are cagey in what they consider cruelty free. They are 'against animal testing.'They give s statement that their finished products are not tested but looking at their corporate info, it seems New ingredients for their products may still be tested. They are a Turkish company and as such not part of the European legislature..yet.
I have written to them asking for clarification on their policy but at the moment i cannot add them to the good list

chocolatcat said...

Hello Sakara,

I wonder why valentino and paco rabanne are still on your "good guy list" as i found them on the list of products sold in china due to your link from ginger o rama.
And I do wonder why you support a blog that celebrates somebody like Jennifer Lopez? "...Pixiwoo..."
She is wearing fur whereever she can and even fired a model who refused to wear the fur in her collection.

Sakara said...

thanks for your comment. I did not spot that , i will remove them. I am just one person keeping tabs on this and have many other responsibilities other than this blog, so having more than one pair of eyes to help is great.
Regarding Pixiwoo, they are on blogs i watch and i often comment there or on their youtube on products they call cruelty free that are not. quite often they have responded positively.

Unknown said...

NYX was bought by L'oreal... so disappointing

Sakara said...

Hi Kay!
Thanks for sharing this info. What a damn shame. They now join all the others bought by L'oreal.

Sekar Khatulistiwa said...

Hi Sakara. I am SO glad I've found your blog. Keep it up!
I was wondering about Japanese companies such as Hada Labo... Do they test on animals too?

Sakara said...

Hi Sekar!
I've tried to find out details regarding Japan's laws but it's hard to find out specifics. on one hand i hear they have a law similar to China and others say there are good companies, but the main issue is even if there are good companies, most sell directly in Mainland china so they dont mind their products being retested on animals.

Unknown said...

Hi Sakara! First of all - thank you very much for your post - I know it's been on the internet for a while but thanks to your updates I see it as a reliable source of information about cruelty-free cosmetics. Recently I've been reading more about animal testing and I think it's extremely cruel so I decided to buy only products that weren't tested on animals. I'm actually writing this comment because I have a problem: a few days ago I found the bb cream called 'Dollish Veil Vita' made by Lioele. I would really like to try it and I was pretty much ecstasic when I read this information on Lioele's site (found it in faq):
"Lioele Cosmetics is a cruelty-free brand and is committed to ending animal testing. Lioele Cosmetics does not test our finished products on animals, nor do we allow others to test on our behalf."
The thing is, I've read in comments section under your post that Lioele actually do test on animals and I'm kind of confused...I wouldn't like to buy anything from them until I know if they test on animals or not. Could you please help me? Thanks a lot in advance and sorry for my lacking English - I'm still learning ^^'

Sakara said...

Hi Marcy.
yes unfortunately Lioele sell in Mainland China, so that strikes them off instantly as even though China have recently amended the law (that used to all products being sold there MUST be tested again, now it is...they may be tested), it just means companies can say they dont, but dont care if their products do get animal tested.

Unknown said...

Does Byredo test?

Sakara said...

Hi Kristen Molton!
Why not write to them, using my base questions :) I've never heard of the company , just had a quick look at their website and nothing mentioned about their animal testing policy.

Diario de Fuegia said...

Hi!!! I have a questios...I receantly tried Mad Madam of Juliette has a Gun, they use animals fur for their ads!!! you can check on fragan tica or search on internet )= I really loved this you put it in the "goods list"..

Sakara said...

hello Guadalupe
Hmm i just looked at the pic, do you know if it is real fur or a good fake? I have used really good fake furs in some of my cosplays. WHy not contact the company to ask? I'd be happy to share your findings here :)

Stephanie Luhat said...

Hi! Thin Lizzy New Zealand is certified vegan. Perhaps you could check up on them :)

Sakara said...

Hi Stephanie
thanks for that, i'll add them to the list. never heard of them before so thanks. Vegan brands are usually a safe bet anyway, being, well vegan.

Marshmella said...

I just found this post today, and the fact that not only are you still updating it but also taking the time to reply to comments is awesome!

It says a lot about the cosmetics industry that we have to rely on the blog community rather than companies for the truth on their policies.
Even Superdrug (who's products I do trust) are cagey about the fact that they advertise Revlon, Maybelline and Rimmel as being cruelty free, even after several emails and tweets (most of which were ignored, until I started sending messages asking them to stop ignoring me)I was told that the feedback would be passed on to the relevant department. So frustrating!!

Anyway, sorry to add to the list of people asking you about different companies, but I've been trying to find more information about Shavata products, and can't find anything at all on their animal testing practices. just wondering if you'd heard anything? If not I'll email them and keep you posted with their response.

Sakara said...

Hi Marshmella
thankyou for the comments, i do what i can, i made this due to not being able to find out info elsewhere and for everything i find to be in one place.
I always wonder if a brand has NOTHING regarding any policy on animal testing.Shavata is one of them. i can find nothing anywhere.
If you like the brand why not contact them to ask, using the questions i would ask.

Unknown said...

Hi Sakara...i love your post. It's very informative.
I'm from Indonesia. I have two beagles..but a few years ago since i watched videos about bad companies who do test on animals especially beagles, i try to be wiser and selective in using products. It's not easy because of my lack information about good or bad companies and also there are not so much left products from good companies in my country.
Your article i found just now is shocking me. I used to buy products from the body shop. So what else is my other choice? Could you give me information about products from zara and oriflame? Are they good companies? Which brands that are also good for household products? Thank you so much 😊

Sakara said...

Hi Sarah, thank you for your kind words. I had a look at oriflame's website and they have a Chinese website, which means they sell in mainland China and thus are not a good company. Any company that does knows that their products could be retested on animals due to the laws in mainland China.
With you mean the fashion chain as they have a policy statement on their website that states "No cosmetics sold by Zara, nor their ingredients, have been tested on animals." They also have a strong ethical stance on animal products in their fashion line like leather or feathers.

household products, hard to say what you have available to you in Indonesia, but Ecover is a well known ethical brand. This group may be able to help you -

Unknown said...

This has been very helpful but what colourful hair dye is not tested on animals, i've only seen Directions but no bunny label... Also is MessHead not tested? Thank you x

Sakara said...

Hi Jessica. I can tell you Manic Panic and Special Effects are both cruelty free, but they are of course bright colours.In fact most bright colour hair dye companies are,like or who own splathaircolor, and Directions is too. Mess Head have this on their main companies's home page (ie cruelty free!) -
For more natural there is Superdrug's own brand products which are leaping bunny labelled and very good and Daniel Field hair colours which are natural and contain none of the known allergy causing products and are vegan.

Melissa said...

I'm quite sure that Too Faced is listed incorrectly as they do NOT sell in China & are very much cruelty free. Hope the info helps!

Sakara said...

Hi Melissa
I've heard the exact opposite and ive asked them myself and they have never replied with a satisfactory answer.

HopelessAndFluffy said...

Do you have a detailed list like this for skin care?

Sakara said...

No ive concentrated on cosmetics, but many of the companies listed are also skin care.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this list. It's my go to when I forget/don't know if brands are cruelty free or not. x

Daina said...

What about Liz Earle? Thy are leaping bunny approved..

Sakara said...

hi Daina, as they are on the leaping bunny list i dont tend to add them unless there is a query about them. :)

Ines myuuhailurusu said...

Hey, Makeup Revolution is cruelty free :) their eye shadows and other products are amazing and affordable

Sakara said...

thankyou Ines, ive been using them and Freedom makeup (owned by same company) for a while now! why they werent on there sooner was a slip by me!

Melissa said...

Too Faced is Leaping bunny certified, as well as on logical harmony's list, which has a VERY stringent approval process. It does bother me that they have not communicated well w/you, but due to their listing on logical harmony in particular I'm still quite confident they are, at least for now, one of the "good guys".

Melissa said...

P.S. I'm not trying to be argumentative & truly would be interested re: any info confirming Too Faced is not cruelty-free. Thanks for all if your efforts!!

Melissa said...

Paula's Choice is cruelty-free & has really top notch skin care for really reasonable prices. Check them out!

Sakara said...

Hi melissa
yes Two faced are on my good guys list now as before( why it's in brackets) their products were being sold in mainland China as thus before they changed that they were not cruelty free.It took alot of investigating to find that out and that's why i wasn't sure of that company because it was not easily known.

i'll add Paulas choice to the list , thanks for the recommend :)

Sakara said...

One thing i found out recently was the Vegan society logo is only used for brands who have no animal products but it DOESNT mean the product was not tested on animals as ive found out some still are! How the vegan society can allow this is beyond me.
my memory fails me as to what brand this applied to though as i think i read the article whilst in a dentists waiting room!

Elizabeth Braun said...

All Boots brands are clean - have been for decades and you can use them with a clear conscience. They don't market their products in China specifically *because* doing so would mean having to submit to the compulsory animal testing of all imported cosmetics that are to be sold in physical shops. Yes, they have a pharmaceutical branch, but as all medicines etc are animal tested, that's not relevant to the cosmetics issue.

Sakara said...

Hi's something of a grey area. Walgreen Boots alliance has huge stakes in Chinese pharmaceutical business which as you said is a separate issues, but alot of what is researched there often goes into the other side of the business..the beauty side. That is why i cannot add them to this list.
this is the company's actual status on it -

Note the line - Richard Baker, Alliance Boots Chief Executive, said: "This is an exciting deal for Alliance Boots and underlies our commitment to be a major international player in pharmacy-led health and beauty. The Chinese market has good growth potential and this move demonstrates our belief in the ability of the Group to drive growth through developing opportunities in new markets."

Sakara said...

As i follow ratings from these organisations -

i keep seeing Boots wanting to join the Leaping Bunny scheme, which they still havent, but i think that's due to the fact they do not have a cut off date or garuntee about ingredients they will not get the accreditation.

Heidi said...

Hi! Thank you for a great post! It really was full of useful information! My I will change my make up...
However, I wonder what kind of cruelty free hair colours do exist?

Sakara said...

Hi Heidi
Superdrug own brand are Leaping Bunny approved, Natur Vital are aswell as being great for those who cannot use normal dyes due to allergies.Daniel Field Water Colours are another good brand and of course pretty much every bright hair colour company like Manic Panic, Special effects, Directions etc are cruelty free.

Unknown said...

Hi what about Barry M? They have a huge page on their site about animal testing, but I didn't see their name on your list.
I'm also looking for a good foundation, and would love any suggestions. I used to use Chanel aqua lumiere (shade 2) but since I switch to non animal tested products I've been at a loss about what to get. I've been using Pür minerals but I'm looking for a liquid one. I subscribe to the love lula monthly subscription box but so far I've not had any foundations.

Sakara said...

Hi jennifer
barry M have always been cruelty free ever since they began. it's on their website, they have a mascot rabbit!

I'm currently using Superdrug's B range , but sadly that i think has been discontinued. ive heard excellent things about both Kat V D's range (which is coming to Debenhams in October!) and also the Marc Jacob's foundation range, both are cruelty free.

Sakara said...
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Sakara said...

edit again - I have researched the Brand Marc Jacobs and it's an odd one, i'll leave t you to decide -. The name Marc Jacobs is a licenced brand name of the designer, who doesnt actually manufacture the products. With the cosmetics line, that is made by Kendo, which is cruelty free ( they also make Kat Von D's vegan line) but the fragrance line is licenced and made by Coty who allow animal testing ( sell on mainland china)
so really you are buying cosmetics from Kendo, with a brand name of Marc Jacobs.

probably why both the MJ and Kat foundations are good. they are made by same company!

Unknown said...

Sorry, I blame 3 crazy kids and sleepless nights 😁
I knew Kat Von D was not tested but was sold through Sephora, which to me, feels kind of hypocritical. Like you said the parent company still gains and if they keep getting paid they keep testing on animals. I totally avoid Stella Mcartney for this reason as well (I actually find it worse hypocrites) I've always thought Marc Jacobs was a total no no, I'm sure I've seen him on some naughty list. At the moment I'm using Next perfumes, and the nude smells similar to channel mademoiselle, it just doesn't last as long.
It's the one thing I miss, being able to walk into a high street shop and test all the products.
Do you know, or can you find out about Institut Esthederm Sun Intolerance cream? I tried to find out and came up blank. I get a sun rash (but not prickly heat) and this is the only thing I've found that works, I'd love to know if they are OK to use.
Thanks xx

Unknown said...

Hi, do you know any info about Superdrug's parent company AG Watson? I've recently been told that they test on animals elsewhere and am super sad that I have to let go of my go to everyday brand. Please help!

Sakara said...

Hi Jennifer- Kat Von D only sells through Sephora in the US, she refuses to have her products sold in Chinese Sephora.
i know what you mean with perfumes from Next and M&S. i used to use Cashmere t it never lasted long. i find the M&S eu de parfumes last longer though, so could try them.
sadly Institute do test on animals as they sell in mainland china. i get heat rashes myself and i use Calypso once a day sun lotion and clear sunspray and they dont react on my skin and for the rash i use pure distilled witchhazel

Sakara said...

looking at who owns Superdrug - AS Watson, they seem to be a company that buys other companies to simply add to it's portfolio rather than have actual stakes in those companies. It's a tricky one as the parent company owns brands that are Chinese ( it itself is Hong Kong) but the beauty brands have no presence in China and the parent company doesn't seem to have any base regarding beauty or research in China either. (They sell bottled water!)
so it's a tricky one. Unlike say a parent company like Loreal who actively use research from one sub company and then use it for other sub companies, AS Watson seem to have none of that.

Libalicious said...

Hi just been to portugal and visited kiko shop. They do a perfume reasonably priced called velvet passion. Really nice.

Sakara said...

hi Libalicious, you'll find Kiko on the good guy list, has been for a while :)

Unknown said...

You can add Tropic Skincare to your U.K. list - BUAV approved and independent (no parent company). Have a look. If you find anything contradicting that - I want to know about it!!

Unknown said...

Hi! I was just wondering is the KIKO brand you mention as a good guy KIKO Milano? Desperately seeking good quality cruelty free makeup for my wedding day, thanks!

Sakara said...

see comment above..yes one and the same :)

Sakara said...

Hi Laura. If they are BUAV approved and on their list , they are good. I said i dont put them all on there as the BUAV list is extensive. i try to find the ones that arent listed by them ( as companies listed by them pay to be on there, not all companies can afford or want to)

Chrisy said...

Hi, great info on this blog! I have a question about Barry M though. I've been trying to research cruelty free for weeks now & although it states on there website that there cruelty free, I've also read that Barry M do sell in China via online shopping? What does this mean?? As they also don't have the leaping bunny logo & most of what I've read says don't buy it if it doesn't have the logo? Help!

Sakara said...

hi where did you read about them selling in China as i can find nothing, in fact Barry M work actively with Humane Society International and FOUR PAWS to end testing in many countries including China. they are also listed as cruelty free by Naturewatch. ( it costs to be listed by BUAV and many companies that have been cruelty free alot longer than the list was created dont feel the need to pay to join)

Chrisy said...

I found it on a blog called the bunny free blogger. I don't know how to link, but this it what it says...

Barry M: VEGAN OPTIONS AVAILABLE. CRUELTY FREE. This company are not fully vegan as they use ingredients like beeswax in some of their products but products that are vegan will have this sign '' on. In their cruelty free section on their website they explain that they have never and will never condone any sort of animal testing with their products or any manufacturers the work with.

"Through working with HSI, we have now gone one step further and pledged not to permit our products to be sold in countries such as China whilst they require additional new animal testing. We have also pledged not to use new ingredients that become available in the future unless their safety can be assessed entirely without animal testing." this means that Barry M do currently sell in China but are working towards removing their brand from the Chinese market.

Sakara said...

um she seems to have taken - "Through working with HSI, we have now gone one step further and pledged not to permit our products to be sold in countries such as China whilst they require additional new animal testing. We have also pledged not to use new ingredients that become available in the future unless their safety can be assessed entirely without animal testing." #
- to mean they DO sell in China, when in fact it states they WONT sell in china whilst china requires animal testing. If a company is illicitly selling their products without their approval *which they wouldn't get) Barry M will stop them from doing so. ( this happened with a couple of other brands who unknown to them were having their products sold on chinese sites when they refused themselves to sell there.
SO yeah she is wrong there and needs to read their statement again. :)

Sakara said...

Also it may say that they once did when the law wasn't publically available. Many companies never knew of mainland China's laws until groups such as HSI informed them. Kat Von D didnt know for example when she formally allowed her products to be sold in China's Sephoras. She has since stopped this as she is very cruelty conscious.

Chrisy said...

Oh thank goodness! I was so happy I'd found an affordable cruelty free make up that is near home and then I read that!! Thanks for clearing that up :)

Sakara said...

Not a problem. Barry M have been one of the good guys for as long as i could remember :)

A.B said...
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Sakara said...

Hi A.B. I'm not a vegan (i cant be due to certain life saving medication i have to take) so i dont deal with that side of things, so if you are after that there are blogs that deal with vegan only brands, where you can ask there.
off top of my head -

Unknown said...

How about Pacifica? They say they are vegan and cruelty free. I'm not sure if they sell in China. I read online sales in China don't have to be tested on animals, so as long as they don't have a storefront or sell in stores in China then they are okay.

Sakara said...

If a product is brought into China and then sold via chinese website it does mean that the product may have been retested. if the website is international and and not based psychically i china but will sell there then that is ok,i believe.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi Sakara,

It does make an interesting read, and the various catch-all statements and fluffy comments that some people/companies use are a little scary.

I make no bones about not being vegan however I am anti cruelty. Things such as animal testing, the poor conditions that livestock are kept in and others are simply evidence of man's greed and lack of compassion and I can't condone those.

Anyway, getting off track - under good guys brands you listed Arbonne as UK. Technically we're US based although available here (I've been a consultant for a little while now :) ) and they could be under any of the above if meaning where the products are available, though we're only Taiwan in Asia at the moment.

I imagine you have it covered, but if anyone would like further info about the brand or the products I'll happily help out if needed. :)

Just wanted to chime in with my two pence as I enjoyed the read.

Sakara said...

Ah thankyou for that, ill move them to the US category.

Pixel said...

Hi I haven't read all the comments so idk if it's been addressed yet, but just an FYI, Too Faced seem to be owned by Estée Lauder. This makes me sad as I was planning to fill my makeup bag with them :,( x

Sakara said...

Thanks for the update. Another bites the dust. >:(

Pixel said...

Can you please recommend a cruelty free super long lasting waterproof mascara? I find they have to be waterproof to avoid panda eye (I am currently using kat von d's 24-hour mascara but still get panda eye... before I went cruelty free, I was using clinique's waterproof mascara which did not give me panda eye, but their non waterproof mascaras gave me worse panda eye than kvd). I work long physically intense shifts, sometimes under intense light (I am an assistant at a photography studio and average 100 flights of stairs per shift... shifts have been known to be up to 20 hours long... I am after some intense long lasting here!) I tried searching debhenams and John Lewis for cruelty free waterproof mascaras but can't find any :,( I'm looking for something in the same quality/ same price range (or cheaper) as kid/ Clinique, and something I can easily get without having to shop internationally or buy or amazon (honestly I don't 100% trust amazon products to be what they say they are). Sorry I know that is a lot of specifications but anything to not have to go back to Clinique/ to not have to remove panda eyes 6x a day at work!! I was going to try too faced, but.. you know... ester lauder....

Sakara said...

Hi Pixel.
I have to use waterproof myself as i have watery eyes.
As mascara have only a 2 month life i dont buy expensive ones, i use cheaper end ones. GOSH, BarryMs and MUA's are pretty damn good...even dare say the Primark one (they have one for wearing during sport which i havent tried yet) and compare to high end , when ive had samples or got one in a set.
I found these lasted when i went swimming too , although i wear goggles)

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