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UPDATED - 17/04/2017

This post will be constantly updated as i find out new information...if you want me to research a brand, let me know and i'll do what i can!

New post relating to Main China stores and what brands they list 

Thought i'd make it a statement on here that i will not buy or review any product by a company that tests its ingredients or products on animals. I will not endorse them either.There's a lot of reading below, but please stick with it, as its very worthwhile.

Even though there is no need to use animals, many companies still do (because its cheap)! In fact by law by 2013 it will be illegal for cosmetic products in Europe to be tested on animals (though big international companies and manufacturers might still do so outside Europe ) There are also many loop holes to the law which means companies can still test.

I scour websites for information on companies im not sure of. BUAV( Now Cruelty Free International) ,, even Wikipedia as it often gives the owner company name of brands.( I avoid PETA as i do not like them and find them utterly hypocrytical)

Note...for reference, - in vivo means tested on animals, in vitro means in general terms - non animal tested.

Click below for more information and lots of writing! -

You have to be so careful finding products truly not animal tested as many companies try to get around it with clever wording -

*- "We are against animal testing or we avoid animal testing", - 
They may be against it, but they still do it. Unless this statement is combined with a BUAV logo of the Leaping Bunny. Ignore it. ( make sure it is the real BUAV leaping bunny and not just a cute rabbit as this can actually mean nothing). Companies like this - Elemis, L'Oreal.
BUAV is now Cruelty Free International but many still know it as the former.

*" we dont test on animals" 
No, but you are owned by a company that does - example, The Body Shop is no owned by Natura Brazil,(i have written below about Natura)  but formerly Loreal. This means that the parent company profits from its 'ethical' brands, so no matter how much the 'ethical' brand protests its credentials,. the money you spend on them goes to it parent companies annual profist. This is why big name companies buy these ethical capture this growing market.

*" we never test our products on animals
No they don't, but they do profit from ingredients bought from their suppliers who do test on animals -  MAC, Smashbox, Bobby Brown, Prescriptives, Aveda, all owned by Estee Lauder ( in fact they own many more companies - see list below)
Other companies like this Avon, Boots brands, Chanel, Clarins, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Avon, Revlon, Tresemme.  ( Basically any of those companies that hype a new wonder product or ingredient, usually means that that product has animal tested ingredients).  Supermarkets: Asda , Lidl, Wilkinsons, Netto


Estee Lauder inc - MAC,  Smashbox, Aramis, Aveda, Bobbi Brown, Bumble & Bumble, Clinique, Coach, Darphin, Donna Karen, Flirt!, Good Skin, Grass Roots, Jo Malone, Lab Series, La Mer, Michael Kors, Missoni, Mustang, Ojon, Origins, Prescriptives, Sean John, Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger, Two Faced
Proctor and Gamble eg Aussie haircare, Max Factor, Olay, Head and Shoulders, Braun, Clairol, Covergirl, Gilette, Herbal Essences, Pantene,  Oralb, many perfume names inc Hugo Boss, Stella MacCarntney and Valentino

Beiersdorf - eg-  Nivea, Labello

Johnson & Johnson - eg- Neutrogena, Piz Buin, Ambi Skincare, Aveeno, Clean & Clear, Lubriderm, Purpose, RoC, Rogaine

L'Oreal / Nestle - eg- Biotherm, Cacharel, Garnier, Georgio Armani, Helena Rubinstein, Keretase, Kiehls, Lancome, La Roche, Matrix, Maybelline, Mizani, Pureology, Ralph Lauren, Redken, Softsheen, Shu Uemura, Vichy, Victor and Rolf , Stella McCartney, Roger&Gallet..Urban Decay and NYX'Or%C3%A9al#Brands

PZ Cussons -eg- Imperial Leather, Original Source, Sanctuary -

Reckitt Benckiser- eg - Calgol, Airwick -

Revlon - Almay, Ultima2

Unilever - eg -Dove, Origins,Ponds, Lynx(or Axe), Impulse , Lux, Sunsilk, Vaseline, Dermalogica

Coty - eg- Rimmel, NYC Makeup, Opi, Calvin Klien, Lancaster,  many celeb perfumes inc Davidoff, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jeniffer Lopez, Kylie, Beckham, Marc Jacobs and Chloe

LVMH -Sephora , Benefit Cosmetics, Makeup For Ever, Dior, Gucci, Aqua Di Parma, Fresh, Givenchy,  Guerlain, Kenzo, Loewe perfumes,

Boots Alliance - Boots, Botanics, No7, Soltan, Natural Collection

Yves Rocher is Owned partly by Sanofi Aventis, which uses and promotes animal testing. They also sell in mainland China

Shisedo - Bare Escentuals, Beaute Prestige International (perfumes), Cle De Peau, Joico, Nars, Laura Mercier, Buxom etc -

Others - Lever FabergeSC JohnsonVirgin VieYardley,FCUK, Clinique, Helena Rubinstein
Glaxosmithkline and Avon.
Many of these companies above will use clever terminology to hide what they really do, Examples are -

PG Cussons say of their brand original Source - ( L'oreal use a similar line) -

“None of our products are tested on animals. We support the development and acceptance of alternative methods which reduce or replace the use of animals in product safety evaluation.”

Notice they mention product testing but not ingredients. Many cosmetic companies also add statements about how much they support and invest in the development of alternative methods of testing - which is a ploy to distract consumers from the fact that they also still test on animals.

Clarins say - " In 1987, Clarins was the first French company to cease product testing on animals
No mention of ingredients again.

Estee Lauder says - "We do not conduct animal testing on our products or ingredients, nor ask others to test on our behalf, except when required by law." (Avon say Similar)

They are not being completely honest because they do still buy and use 'new to the world' ingredients that have been tested on animals during their development. Any legal requirement to test on animals only arises because of the companies desire to use new chemicals in the hope of increasing their sales. Profit over compassion.

See the minefield here? Eesh. There is hope though!! 
There are 2 kinds of companies, those that never have or will and those that adhere to a fixed cut off date ( FCOD). This means that the company will not buy or use ingredients that have been tested on animals by themselves or their suppliers after a set date (e.g. 1995). This is the only method by which manufacturers can send a clear message to their suppliers and the rest of the industry that the company is not prepared to profit from animal tested ingredients. There are a few other that don't fit these two. One is Lush.  they do not operate a FCOD, but they only purchase ingredients from suppliers who have no connection to animal testing and do not test them selves.

I have decided to remove the rolling date companies as  believe these are companies that are happy to use animal tested ingredients once their rolling date is over. This sends the message that there is no incentive for suppliers to develop alternative methods when they can simply wait it out/ without a fixed cut off date, no line is drawn and animal testing within the industry may continue as gullible people (mostly women) want that latest magic cure for ageing or similar and companies can pass a new pseudo scientifically named ingredient and the rolling date companies can wait their time limit and then take advantage of same ingredient.
Companies like - Soap & Glory, Constance Carroll, Baptiste.Lidl

There is also another category.  Companies that sell to Mainland China (Hong Kong is not included as it has different laws), Mainland China requires all cosmetics be tested on animals if they are to be sold there, even if they have been found safe elsewhere. Many companies sell there because it is just another market to them, even so called cruelty free companies, knowing that all their products will be tested on animals. ( a new law which will come into effect soon in China is that 'certain' products dont have to be tested. But this only applies to products made and sold in China, not products coming from outside)
Companies like - Two Faced. L'occitaine, anything found for sale on Sephora China's site.

UPDATE - So the news is China now has a law that means companies dont HAVE to test on animals to sell in their country. Whilst this is good news, it now becomes even more of a grey area. What is to say a company saying they dont have their products vivo tested when in fact they do. The problem is China isnt the best country to deal with, they have well known dodgy business practices. Also...until recently many companies were happy to make profits from selling their products in mainland China before the new ruling came in, so to me are still as bad. Until their is a blanket ban on animal testing of cosmetics in mainland China, any companies that happily sold before the change are still on my bad list. If i find a company that didnt before the law change but does now, as long as they can catagorically state their products are not vivo tested, then they will go on the good list.

Ok, the good guys. Now firstly all indie makeup companies don't test on animals...because for one, most companies you'll find are vegetarian or vegan friendly to start with and most buy their ingredients from good wholesalers who also are cruelty free.- So yaay to Sugarpill, Feral, Crypt, Black Moon, Morgana Cryptoria, Fyrinnae, Venomous,Meow Minerals, and others. If you know a brand is vegan then there is usually a 99% chance they are cruelty free too! 

I wont list all the good guy big names, but they can be found here and here  

Good Guys
UK and European companies-
Barry M
Superdrug (own brands are BUAV approved.)
Models Own
100% Pure
Beauty Without Cruelty
Famous by Sue Moxley
Argos own brands
Marks and Spencers
Jerome Russell
Fade Out
Montagne Jeuness
Daniel Field 
Beauty UK
Paula's Choice
Monu Skincare
Bottega Verde
Jemma Kidd
Daniel Sandler
Badgequo (Technic, Body Collection, Eden, Chit Chat, Zafi and Tomorrow's Girl brands)
Raw Gaia
Nilens Jord
Lily Lilo
B - by Superdrug
Jane Iredale
Bell Cosmetics
Makeup Revolution
Freedom Makeup
Charlotte Tilbury
Bravura London
Deciem - the Ordinary , NIOD, Hylamide, etc
Sacha Cosmetics
Morrisons own brand

NOTE - The Body Shop is NO longer owned by Loreal. It is now owned by Natura Brazil. They also claim they are against animal testing but so far no proof or guarantees have come forth. Cruelty Free International say they are working to get status with them but until then they are not what i consider a safe company to give money to.

Nailpolish companies -
China Glaze
Butter London  ( They are using the Leaping Bunny logo but are not actually part of the scheme. Until i can clarify their position they are struck off for now)
A England 
Andrea Fulerton 
Nails Inc
Spa Ritual - sell mainland china
Deborah Lippmann

Perfumes (Sadly most fancy perfume will be from a bad company. Nearly all perfumes are made by the main cosmetics houses - Loreal, Coty, LVMH etc) So i've created a list of perfume companies that are the good guys) - 
Illamasqua - their Freak perfumes
Kat Von D- Saint and Sinner collection
Marks and Spencers
Superdrug's own brand
Cocoa Pink
Black Pheonix Alchemy Lab
Harvey Prince
The Goth Rosary
Juliette Has a Gun
Firelight Fusions

Puig - (brands - Comme De Garcon, Prada, Valentino,Paco Robanne, Caroline Herrera, Nina Ricci, Mango, Massimo Dutti, Victorio Lucchino, Adolfo Dominguez, Shakira, Antonio Banderas fragrances)    Sadly they sell their products in Mainland China.

UK Supermarkets -
Tescos (beauty and household),
Sainsburys (beauty and toilettries ),
Co-op and Waitrose own brand products.
Aldi - no more as they plan to sell in China and have changed their animal testing policy to the classic 'unless required by law. '( will keep up with this to see what they do as right now now stores in China exist but the very fact they are happy to accept the law, isnt a good mark on them.
Morrisons own brand

US Brands -
Kiss My Face
Manic Panic
Makeup Stars Heaven
NYX  Now owned by L'oreal
LA Colors
La Girl
Reel Creations
Ben Nye
Color Club
Urban Decay  Owned by L'Oreal now
Two Faced  - Now owned by Estee Lauder. Quite an apt name for the brand 
Stars Makeup Haven
Paul Mitchell
Hard Candy
Beyond The Zone
Wet and Wild
TKB Trading
Coastal Scents
Lord and Berry
Dr Dennis Gross Skincare
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
Melt Lipsticks
Stila -  Now sell to mainland China.
Alima Pure
Laura Mercier     owned by Shiseido
Paulas Choice
Kat Von D
Marc Jacobs cosmetics - ( a tricky one...the name is licenced in cosmetics to Kendo which are cruelty free, but the perfumes by same name are licenced to Coty who do you could see it as buying from Kendo, not Marc Jacobs which is just a name. I leave the info here so you can make up your own mind  -

Australian and New Zealand (any help is welcome to help with this section!
Kora Organics
Glitter Gal
Femme Fatale Mineral makeup
Grown Alchemist
ASAP skincare
Adorn cosmetics
Thin Lizzy New Zealand


Sadly i've had to remove all Korean brands off as there is no concrete evidence they don't test on animals or they still sell in mainland China. As for them China is a main market as products are aimed for asian skin, it's a hard one as unlike western brands which dont need to sell in asia, these brands often do . 

Amore Pacific is stopping all animal tests for its products and ingredients at the end of May this year. They are also wanting to achieve Leaping Bunny status, which is wonderful news and hopefully all Korean companies will follow suit.. - see more here -
It seems although they are doing this, they are not stopping their sales to Mainland China, so unless China change their laws, they are not for the safe list

I'll update this list as i find new information so please check back often.

So there you have it. It is hard work, but i quite enjoy being the detective and finding out about companies and who actually owns them. Sometimes it can be disappointing that a company you like is actually owned by a money grabbing corporation, but other times its great when you find they are still the good guys.

Sometimes...when i contact a company it can be like getting blood from a stone for them to answer my questions. The more i have to repeat myself the less i believe the company. I always say in my initial email, the more information you can provide the more i can pass on.
I always ask these questions-

  • 1 Do you test your ingredients and/or finished products on animals
  • 2 If you answered no to question 1, do you get another company to test for you and do they use animals in their tests?
  • 3 Are you owned by a parent company or is this company the sole brand?
  • 4 Why do you not have information on animal testing on your website?
  • 5 Why do you not say on your products that you do not test on animals?
  • 6 Do any of your products have any animal ingredients? (this one is useful for Vegan info)
  • 7 Do you sell your products in mainland China in physical store?

if a company comes back to me only answering the top question...then i am suspicious and i will reply with why did you not answer my other questions....

( NOTE - I took some of my worded information from what i consider to be the strictest of websites - They worded some statements far better than i could have!)


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Pixel said...

Thanks! I can't shop in primark (I live in london. Going to primark is a highly distressing experience), but I've noted the others and will take a look!

Do you happen to have any information about whether dr.organics (holland and barrett) is cruelty free? Their packaging implies they are but I want to make sure :)

Btw sorry if I keep posting things lots of times, my phone is being tempremental with your blog.

Sakara said...

i'll have a look at them so what i can find.

Pixel said...

Cheers. I have also heard that Laura mercier is owned by shiesedo, and that Superdrug's parent company a.s. Watson group test on animals where required by law (ie they sell in china).

Sakara said...

yep Mercier is owned by shiesedo , so no good. Superdrug is an odd grey area. ive looked into it and although owned by Watson group, they are totally separate, aswell as Watson being pharmacetical, they only sell medicines in China, not cosmetics , superdrug are not in china in any form. So with them it is personal choice..

Pixel said...

And dermatologica is owned by Unilever....

Sorry these are trickling through, I'm currently trying to do thorough research for myself (hence finding this blog), and information doesn't come all at once! I thought you'd like to know regardless :)

Pixel said...

This blog ( looks like it has some useful info - you may want to combine info from it with what you already know/ check up what's changed recently :) I love that you're still responding quickly on here to everything you're discovering and I will definitely keep your post saved to my phone as I feel you'll keep this as updated as possible even though it's an old post but I have no idea how often other blogs update :)

Chris Onthelappy said...

Grrr... I need a new brush supplier. SD are great for cheap brushes, disposable brushes and I go through millions at parties and makeovers... but that's a little bit too much of a grey area, methinks.

Pixel said...

Dermatological is Unilever.
Could you look into Charlotte tilbury? I realise I'm removing a fair few to your list and hoping to add one or too as the tiny selection makes me sad haha

Sakara said...

For some reason your comments arnt showing even when i publish them, but to answer..
Yep taken Dermalogica off, thanks for letting me know. in fact keep them coming as i try and keep keep track but this blog isnt my main focus at the moment (health issues are) So anyone brings me info ill add it in
charlotte Tilbury is cruelty free , just ingredients or products tested on animals and not sold in china.

bushes - i use ELF, i buy alot of synthetic off ebay and i also get from Crown Brushes and Royal & Langnickel, but i make sure i only get the synthetic brushes from them.

Chris Onthelappy said...

What about Real Techniques Brushes? I keep seeing their synth brushes on amazon at a discount and they look to be good quality...

If you guys want to try out the Arbonne "It's a Long Story" mascara and live in the UK I'll happily pop you a couple of samples in the post. Just let me know. Even if its pricier than you would pay, I need some feedback anyway. The samples last a few days, and it is water resistant. :)

Sakara said...

They are synthetic, so yes fine. ANY synthetic brush is.

Chris Onthelappy said...

Sorry, I didn't really ask the right thing.

I meant has anyone used RT brushes, how good are they?

I just don't want to be paying full price for set after set of brushes. :P

Sakara said...

Ive used them, my favourites are the eye blending brushes, but i think they are overpriced for what they are. W7 do great dupes and a fraction of the price for some of the styles.
Quality is ok..though, i had same quality from ebay brushes. two of my RT fell apart , the ferrules fell apart. i am very careful how i clean my brushes so it wasnt my roughly causing it. i think they may have improved this as these were the first brushes they released.
ive not tried the more expensive range as felt ive no need for them and none of the brush styles suit me.

Pixel said...

I've also used the RT brushes, but honestly I prefer my fingers for primer, a beauty blender for foundation/concealer, and a powder puff for powder. I don't do eyeshadow as it never looks right- not enough pigment or too much pigment or creasy or I just didn't have enough practice to make it look right. I guess it's a matter of finding the right products and practice, but I'm happy with a bare look for my lids. Oh, and for blush I use the little brush my blush came with. It'll do the job until I replace the product in question with a cruelty free alternative (when it runs out). I guess I'll go back to my RT brush for that unless I discover something better in the mean time.

Sakara, I hope your health improves. I'll try to remember to update you if I find anything new :)

Sakara said...

I use a flat top brush by Ecotools for my Katvond foundation and beauty sponges for some others, fingers for bbcreams. I have a big fluffy brush i picked up in Asda for powder then some ebay brushes for contouring and highlighting. But i have LOADS of eyeshadow brushes, many are cheap ones. I think my most expensive brush was a present and that was the contour brush Illamasqua do and i hardly use it.

and thankyou Pixel. Unfortunately is a chronic illness (hypothyroidism and fibromalgia) so it's more managing it :)

Chris Onthelappy said...

Ack. Immune system issues are not fun. My cousin has Lupus and Fibro and the missus has Rheumatoid Arthritis. I feel for you Sakara, and wish you all the best in managing them in the future. :(

Saxon said...

How do you find the kvd foundation? I generally really like it, but find after a while the colour can get a little patchy. Have you found the same thing at all? I'm hoping to find something pretty much identical except without the patchiness. I also have some (minimal) dents from acne scaring that it would also be awesome to cover up if possible- everything I've read says I should look for bha and silicone oil-free matte foundation/ primer but I'm struggling finding these (other than too faced and urban decay). Do you know of any?

Sakara said...

I use the Katvon d primer with it and have no issues . I have dry cheeks so use a good hydrating moisturiser too
the primer although not matt isnt silicone, it's hydrating without being oily. They really are formulated to work together.
it did take me a while to find the right way to apply it, i tried beauty sponge, foundation brush and fingers and then when i got the flat top kabuki style and used tiny dots over the skin then blend it worked really well. i don't get any patchiness that way.I find the smaller amount the better. Ive even mixed it with some primer to make it less opaque in the summer, that works really well.

Sakara said...

thankyou Chris.
i couldnt be vegan or even vegetarian, my illness means i do well on a meat diet..bone broth, good meat protein and of course my medication is made from dessicated pig thyroid. But i do all i can to campaign for decent conditions for farm animals. Compassion in World Farming charity is good for that

Saxon said...

I hope it stays as manageable as possible for you. I guess all you can do is make sure you get free range meats.

I'm using the kvd primer, too. 2 or 3 pumps primer, 1 pump foundation. To be fair I didn't notice the colour patchiness until someone else mentioned that they saw it in their own makeup. I'm probably normal to combination skin? I may have to settle for a few dents and a tiny bit of patchiness for now for the sake of the fluffies. And I'll try to remember to try a flat top kabuki brush :)
Thanks for the help!

Sakara said...

One thing i notice, i sometimes get uneven coverage/patchyness IF i dont let my moisturiser and primer time to sink in. at least a few minutes between each layer so to speak. I tend to do this..moisturiser and lip balm ( as i wear alot of liquid lipsticks) then do hair, then primer, then do eye makeup ( this also means i can easily clean up any fallout from shadow) THEN foundation. concealer, powders

Saxon said...

Hey could you also take a look at 'the ordinary'? Thanks

Sakara said...

hi Saxon.
Ah ive heard alot about this brand from Deciem and glad to say all their brands are cruelty free
They even have it on their website under Faqs.

Meowlin said...

You should do post about vegan products. For example this page can be inspiration.

Sakara said...

hi Meowlin.
i'm not vegan so i leave that to those who are.

Saxon said...

Hi, I'm looking for cruelty free shampoo/ conditioner (uk) (wavy hair). I was wondering whether you had found any good resources for specifically hair care? Thanks x

Sakara said...

Hi Saxon
the BUAV site lists a few, but Paul Mitchell, Maria Nila are both excellent companies ( you can get their products online or via Salon Services retail shops (formerly Sallys in UK)
Sainsburies own range is cruelty free as is their exclusive Phil Smith brand. Superdrugs own range is cruelty free and the company COlour Freedom they stock are too.

Jade Foster said...

Is this your page? Please could you check if body shop are still owned by L’Oréal as I don’t think they are anymore x

Sakara said...

H Jade.
i'm waiting to here from various sources if the new company - Brazilian Natura are cruelty free. They state they are but no confirmation. As soon as i hear either way i shall make a post about it.
this blog post sums up my feelings . There has been nothing concrete abut the parent company from say Cruelty Free International said so im on the fence

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