Friday, 15 April 2011

tearsdrops keep on falling...and ruining my eyemakeup!

Cant believe the time i writing this (UK 2.30am) Good ol' Insomnia! One of the many things i have to deal with having Fibromyalgia - sucky sleep patterns.

Anyhooo, why i posting as this hour?

Today i got my hair cut at a lovely Salon here in Cardiff - Eden8 if anyone cares. Ive had my hair cut to my shoulders with long layers( it was alot longer, to my bust but my hair is so damn thick it was getting heavy and a pain to blowdry). I would have a nice photo to show too, and i also had a good eyemakeup look aswell, but i didnt take any photos straight away as i  had to rush out the door as i was running late. I thought, never mind ill take photos when i get back.

But alas it was not to be. As hairdressers do, when cutting the back of the hair, the front layers are pushed away and clipped. At some point the hair must have been over my eyes and somehow it triggered my right eye to water. Now it doesn't water from the inner corner where the tear duct is. No, it waters from the outer corner and wont stop..anything will trigger it once its started - breeze, sunlight, bright colours, anything. I had this really cool long winged eye line with gel eyeliner that normally withstands pretty much anything, but once that salty water flows nothing will stay on. (not even those GOSH extreme liners which are like lacquer)
Of course every time i dab away the tear i remove eye makeup so i ended up with one half naked eye and one nicely made up one.I also end up with a slightly sore outer corner of my eye as the tears irritate the skin (have ointment from doctor to help that)
Whilst i was in town i was able I had to rush into the nearest Superdrug and use some of the eyeshadow and liner testers ( i know, i know) to try to fix the issue until i got home ( and yes then i removed everything to give my skin chance to recover).


I just wanted to know, does anyone else suffer from this? And if so, do you know anything that stops it.

And tomorrow i shall post nice new hair cut and makeup lol.


L.R. said...

It happens to me too! Sometimes just the morning sun on my commute will hit me the right/wrong way and I'm done for hours! Anything will trigger it so, I have no idea what to do about it. Thankfully it doesn't happen too often but I always keep my liquid eyeliner on me to touch up on the go after it's settled down.

Ruthy said...

I had basically a rainbow of eyeshadow for work yesterday and the same thing happened to me. I hadn't brought any make-up with me to touch it up, so I had a bare patch in my winged liner... argh! I feel your pain x

Clara said...

oh, that is so awful when eyes get irritated! Mine sometimes cry (because of the cold, wind...) and I can do nothing but try to save my eyeliner with tissue :(

Sakara said...

HAHA glad im not the only one. Must remember to keep an eyeliner in my bag too.

cshannon26 said...

Is it possible that you have dry eyes? I know that sounds silly, but I do. And my doc said that sometimes your eyes will actually water more because they're so dry.... strange. Anyway, just a thought!

Sakara said...

cshannon - ah looked into that, but no. I think its down to having bad allergies. My eyes are now sensitive because of it.

Barbarella aka The Mad Cat Lady said...

One reason why I *always* have sunglasses with me (even when I was living in London I did, at any time of year!). ;)

Sakara said...

hehe yeah B, but bit difficult to wear them when getting my hair cut! :D