Saturday, 16 April 2011

Venomous Cosmetics first order and review

Venomous Cosmetics is a cool little indie makeup company from America. The owner Tracy, names nearly all her products after some of the most dangerous creatures on earth, of which she owns a few!(warning to anyone who is really scared of spiders..they feature on her website. I'm not a huge fan of arachnids, but i can appreciate their beauty in colours)

I was intrigued after i found out she sold pressed Mineral Samples! How great is that! No other company offer this. These little sample pans are the same size as the Yaby Pearl paints and are just as wonderful in both pigment and texture.

The items were all packaged really well, the eye shadows heavily wrapped in bubble wrap and tape, same with the Lip Poisons i ordered ( pigmented glosses). Then all put in a strong bubble envelope. This order was the fastest received order from any American company too. I ordered on the 7th of April and got the package today. That's way better than even the big name cosmetics websites like Cherry Culture.

Carry on after cut for swatches -

All shadows swatched on bare primer!
I got Rising Star pressed sample and Starburst loose sample as freebies with my order, thanks Tracy!

( MC - Main Collection, LC - Legendary Collection, AC - All Stars Collection, TC - Well Travelled Collection)
*Fer De Lance ( MC)  - Deep chocolate brown shimmer (looks more like a purple on the website)
*Gaboon Viper ( MC) - Cool brown shimmer with slight green shift.
* Phoenix (LC)  -Rich cool red shimmer
*Sea Urchin ( MC) - Pinky Lilac shimmer with light blue shift
*Rising Star (AC)  -Rich buttery yellow shimmer with a slight green reflection.
*Caribbean Cruise (TC) - Aqua blue shimmer with green shift and gold sparkle
*Starburst (loose All stars) - Navy shimmer with rainbow fine glitter
*Dragon (LC) - Deep blue black with bluey purple slight shift
*Cobalt Blue (MC) - Rich blue shimmer
*Chupacabra (LC) - Light blue purple shimmer with blue shift
*Atlantis (LC) - Light blue shimmer with aqua shift and gold sparkle
*Centipede (MC) - Aqua Shimmer with slight green shift.

Only shade that was a bit disappointing was Dragon. Its supposed to be a black with pink and blue iridescence, but all i get is a blue black with no iridescence just a slight blue purple shift. Still, a nice shade, just not what i was hoping for. The other shades though, love them all. Im so glad i got Rising Star too as i dont have a yellow like that. The pressed shadows are creamy and lovely shades. The one loose powder sample i got was a nice addition and a shade i dont have.

Lip Poisons sample- come in little tubes with doe foot applicators. Perfect for the handbag!
Hysteria - Deep fushia pink with purple shimmer
Paradise - Light pink with beige shimmer

Both the lip poisons remind me of good quality gloss(yes, like MAC lipglass), with lots of pigment and shimmer, moisturising, buttery and long lasting. They have a slight mint scent, but it isn't over the top.

Would i buy again from them-
OH HELL YES.  As soon as i can i will.


A Georgy Girl (you can call me Louise) said...

OMGGGGGG those eyeshadows look delicious! I have to check out that company!

MartianDelights said...

So lusting after VC lip products, got to go an order quick !
Thanks for the swatches ♥

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

I have been dying to try these eyshadows, they look great! Also, now I really want Hysteria!

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

I have been dying to try these eyshadows, they look great! Also, now I really want Hysteria!

Sakara said...

the lip poisons are so smooth and the colours are divine!!!

Cydonian said...

These all look great! I was tempted to order some of the tiny pressed shadows to take with me to the UK in May, since they're so small! I love the pink lipgloss thing too, haha!