Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Imitation is the highest form of flattery?

Only when the originator is credited!
I just found a blog copying and pasting my blog entries as their own...with no mention of my blog. It seems this person simply finds posts from peoples blogs and copies them as their own...( i say person and they as i've no idea if its one person or many)

see for yourself -

I wouldnt mind if my blog was credited...but there is Nothing. if you recognise anybody else's blog posts, please let them know.

Soooo im going to have to go back and watermark every image from all my previous posts. Ugh. Lesson learnt.

so to this blogger i leave you with this -

Game inspired - Bioshock LOTD

As you might have guessed from my costume makeup post, im a big gaming fan. When i was looking at references for my next costume it dawned on me to use the iconic colours from various games as inspiration for makeup looks.

My first look is based on the game Bioshock. Set in an Art Deco world under the deep blue ocean, this planned utopia had fallen and was utterly corrupt. Shining metal spires and elegant structures are now rusting and copper decorations enveloped in Verdigris.

I took this image as my main inspiration -
You can see the rich blues of the ocean with the various metal shades and the shades of the rust and verdigris.
I wanted this look to be soft with all the colours blended together , with the metal shades just peeping through the greens and browns.

Click below for more pics!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Cherry Culture Haul June Haul 2011

I bought a little bundle of items from Cherry Culture recently and the package arrived today
from NYX-
Round Lipgloss in Real Nude, Mega Shine Lipgloss in Natural, Lip Lacquer Pot in London Hip
From LA Girl -
Pro.Conceal high definition concealer in shade Classic Ivory, Color Addict nail color in Obsess
from LASplash-
Nail Splash polish in Golden Seahorse

Swatches and reviews below the cut!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Blix's awesome new contest with Sobe Botanicals

Glitter is my Crack beauty blog by Blix is my first go to when im looking through beauty blogs and now she has a really cool contest in conjunction with Sobe Botanicals
 Go enter...although please dont win as i'd really like to win it ;D


updated animal test post

Thought i'd mention that i've updated my post on animal cruelty free companies, with some new companies-
Essence, Catrice and Beyond the Zone.

Monday, 13 June 2011

AWOL.- costume makeup

Hi everyone. Sorry, ive been a bit awol from here, I've had alot going on that has meant i havent had time to really do anything here.
Since my skin isnt behaving, i thought i'd do a post about some of my more complex costume makeups i've done as some expressed interest in seeing them.

So below the cut are many, many pictures of them!