Monday, 13 June 2011

AWOL.- costume makeup

Hi everyone. Sorry, ive been a bit awol from here, I've had alot going on that has meant i havent had time to really do anything here.
Since my skin isnt behaving, i thought i'd do a post about some of my more complex costume makeups i've done as some expressed interest in seeing them.

So below the cut are many, many pictures of them!

First off, is my most recent costume. The character is Liara T'soni from the game Mass Effect2

I used Ben Nye liquid paints for the makeup and sadly they do not seem to like my skin at all, as the paint cracked off my skin very quickly.( i had used a barrier and moisturiser and sealer as recommended). I had followed a recipe to make the paint last a long time too, adding in a product called Prosaide (which is a prosthetic glue) and some Ben Nye Liquiset (which is a waterproof sealer) and neither of these changed there is a tiny bit of photoshop on these pictures, to hide the cracks around my cheeks, mouth and under eyes, as these photos were taken at the end of the day, DOH!. Everything else is real.
I used mineral eyeshadows on the eyes and cheeks.GOSH extreme art eyeliner in black over my eyebrows as Liara's eyebrows are not made from hair..they seem drawn on, as no other Asari have eyebrows! The lips were done with custom blended OCC liptars (for once not bleeding on me!). I wore Blue contacts, called Lestat lenses, as i already had them as i used them for a Selene (Underworld) costume.

I cannot take credit for the prosthetic headpiece. This was made by a friend of mine in New Zealand, the wonderfully talented Michaela DeBruce. I painted the headpiece using the same makeup paints, so the colours would match up perfectly. The headpiece comes as two parts so can be fitted to practically any size head. I made the costume.

Next costume is Asajj Ventress from Star Wars, The Clone Wars Comics.

(only photoshop is my eyes)

This gave me whole new challenges as i had to learn how to apply a baldcap. I think i did this character 6 times and each time improved on the application. This is where i got amazing advice from 2 professional makeup artists - Karl Derrick ( ) and Neil Gorton ( ) on how to apply these tricky prosthetics. I ended up preferring to use a Glatzan Plastic cap over a latex one, but its a personal choice.

( I had short hair in this photo, but i had done the costume before with long hair, that was carefully 'smooshed' against my head using copious amounts of hairgel and the length wrapped in cling film and laid down my neck, so the back of the cap would cover over it.)

makeup i used was a custom blended shade of Fardel Liquid bodypaints, which are fantastic at applying, but need frequent touchup as it is only waterbased. The 'tattoos' were done using GOSH extreme art eyeliner liquid. Lipstick was good old BarryM black. Contact lenses are called zombie lenses by Crazy eyes.
Costume made by me. Lightsabers by a very talented propmaker Neophyl (who sadly no longer does them)

Lastly, of my more complex makeups for costume is Demon Callisto, from Xena, Warrior Princess.

This was my first costume that needed prosthetics and i got some help from a  few friends for different parts of it. The face pieces were by Wendy Deaton and the wings by Paul Holroyd.

As the colours for the character were natural in tone i simply used dark foundations from Sleek and stippled the colours on using sponges and stencils cut from foam.. The claws were made from an epoxy clay sculted onto fake acrylic nails.

Those i guess are the most challenging makeups to date, Although i have done bodypaint and specific makeups for characters which if you want to see pictures, you can find them on my costuming site


Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Wow, these costumes are stunning! You are very talented at making costumes and the makeup looks perfect! I enjoy this kind of post, I think you should do more!

Sakara said...

hey thanks!! Well im working on an updated Liara costume with airbrush ink makeup. So when ive worn that, i'll post my results!

BLIX said...

These are so cool!

Laura said...

Wow, these are awesome and must have taken you forever! Especially painting the headpiece too!