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Cherry Culture Haul June Haul 2011

I bought a little bundle of items from Cherry Culture recently and the package arrived today
from NYX-
Round Lipgloss in Real Nude, Mega Shine Lipgloss in Natural, Lip Lacquer Pot in London Hip
From LA Girl -
Pro.Conceal high definition concealer in shade Classic Ivory, Color Addict nail color in Obsess
from LASplash-
Nail Splash polish in Golden Seahorse

Swatches and reviews below the cut!

First NYX

Round Lipgloss in Real Nude.
Smallish round tube packaging with small tilted doe foot wand.
Colour - Gorgeous colour - its a lip shade of natural,a cool toned pinky nude cream.
Pros - . Has a light texture and a non sticky feel. Great colour for cool toned pale skin.
Cons - Smells when first applied exactly like citrus orange washing up liquid! YUK! The scent goes but the memory of the smell remains! Contains alot of Mineral Oil, which so isn't a great ingredient to put on or in the skin.

Mega Shin Gloss in Natural
Larger than the Round gloss, squared off tube with cute bow decal on the lid and a resound click when lid is twisted close. Doe foot wand is longer than the Round and i think being slanted means easier application than normal wands.
Colour - Colour isnt as good, for my skintone at least. Its a far warmer nude cream, with orange tones appearing on my skin when i wear it and im not a fan of anything orange on my lips!
Pros - More opaque colour than the round gloss. . Longer lasting on the lips than the round too.
Cons - STRONG scent of cherry sweets (for us Brits, the scent is exactly like the cherry flavour Slush Puppy!) This scent is apparent as soon as you open the tube. Now i like the scent and it does go away when worn, but if you don't like the scent, it will put you off. Contains Mineral Oil, but not as much as the Round Gloss.

Lip Lacquer Pot in London Hip.

A sturdy plastic pot, reminds me of  Inglot AMC Lip Paint. Actually in more ways than one. The feel of the gloss is very similar, very creamy and luxurious.
Colour - . Colour is a shimmery beige nude, my favourite kind of colour to work with a strong eye. Its not totally opaque but it is buildable.
Pros - No Mineral oil! A lovely creamy texture. No strong scent, in fact no scent at all that i can tell.
Cons - Its in a pot, so you need to use your finger (ew!) or a lip brush to get the product out.

Lip swatches -
My naked (flaky!) lips
Round gloss - Real Nude

 Mega Shine Gloss - Natural

Lip Lacquer Pot - London Hip

Next LA Girl

Pro.Conceal  high definition concealer in shade Classic Ivory

H.D. or High Definition seems to be the trend to use in makeup. Extolling the virtues of hiding all our skin sins from the cameras or in most cases, our eyes. I have to say, this actually seems to do the trick.
When i first got this i though the colour would, as usual, be too dark for my skin, but when applied it blends into my skin really well.

The tube is pliable to allow you to squeeze out the concealer onto the white nylon brush dispenser. Handy for taking with you in your handbag, but in my makeup kit i'd squeeze out what i needed onto a concealer brush, for hygiene's sake and for better, precise application.

I quickly tried a test conceal on a mole i have on my jaw. On the left is naked skin, the right concealed with the Pro Conceal.
You can see a slight colour change but this would disappear if i were wearing foundation as well. You can also see how the concealer has diffused the mole.
I really like this product and a plus is that it also doesn't contain any Mineral Oil. It's soft enough to go under the eyes and opaque enough to cover blemishes. The Classic Ivory ( why do companies give it that name when its  no where near an ivory shade....) is good for pale skin tones and blends in with both warm and cool tones quite well i'd say.

Color Addict in shade  - Obsess -

 A gorgeous teal blue creme with rich gold shimmer. Covers in 2 coats and is very glossy.
Since i had nailpolish on i swatched the colour onto a piece of plastic (same as a fake nail).
Left is the shimmer in the bottle, right is how the polish looks on a nail. SOOOO pretty!
I'm not a fan of cremes except as a base to wear under a sheer polish, but because this has the shimmer built in, i love it. Its so unusual.

lastly LASplash

Nail Splash in Golden Seahorse. 

This seems is very popular with Nail polish fantatics and i can see why. Its a Sea foam green pearl with gold glitter. Really is the polish mermaids might wear!

Like any polish with chunky glitter, it would feel smoother with a top coat, as its gritty on its own.

So not a bad haul from Cherry Culture. As usual Its often a roulette as to the shades you will get , as CC's Swatches are often off.  So it usually comes to choosing a shade you like, then searching online for other people's swatches. Even then due to different people skin colours a colour you think you'll like doesn't work at all on your skin tone ( as with NYX's mega shine Natural).
As i always swatch products hygienically, i'll probably offer some of these in a blog sale i plan to hold soon.

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