Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Imitation is the highest form of flattery?

Only when the originator is credited!
I just found a blog copying and pasting my blog entries as their own...with no mention of my blog. It seems this person simply finds posts from peoples blogs and copies them as their own...( i say person and they as i've no idea if its one person or many)

see for yourself -

I wouldnt mind if my blog was credited...but there is Nothing. if you recognise anybody else's blog posts, please let them know.

Soooo im going to have to go back and watermark every image from all my previous posts. Ugh. Lesson learnt.

so to this blogger i leave you with this -


Robyn said...

Uuuuugh, that sucks. I've sort of had that happen to me before, but not whole posts, just uncredited looks. Really pissed me off - watermark everything now.p

WasabiMommi said...

I found this post after searching for the quote "imitation is the highest for of flattery". I specialize in making and selling cloth alternatives and have recently found a copy cat claiming a VERY similar pattern as her own. I feel your pain! <3

Sakara said...

wasabimommi, i'm so sorry to hear that. I make costumes myself so i know its even harder to claim copyright to a pattern, unless you pay a fortune to have it officially copyrighted.
Its happens alot with China, who dont really understand the concept of copyright.

I hope your issue can be resolved in your favour.