Thursday, 28 July 2011

COSTCO - Borghese brush set review

I found out via some other blogs, that Costco had a great offer for high quality brushes by Borghese. they were priced at £20 (with vat inc) and normally cost over £50 for the set.

I was lucky enough to have a family member who had a Costco membership so went with them to see if these brushes are worth buying...and yes, yes they are!

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This is what comes in the set, 10 brushes and a carry pouch (that wont carry the kabuki brush)

I am going to review each brush seperatly

100 Powder Kabuki brush - natural bristles
A dense soft hair brush, that works very well at buffing powder onto the skin. I prefer a flat top Kabuki brush, but this brush is good if you prefer a domed kabuki. It has a chunky handle that is comfortable to handle.

101 Angled Contour brush - natural bristles

A fluffy natural hair brush, that isnt that soft (compared to my favourite ELF studio blusher brush). Its the only one from the set with courser hair. It does pick up alot of colour though so would be good for strong contouring, but be careful not to apply to much colour!

102 Duo-fiber Blending brush - synthetic bristles
I'll admit, i'm not sold on these type of brushes. I own the ELF studio Duo fibre and this brush is identical in feel and look. Its used to apply liquid or powder face products and buff to a natural finish. I prefer the ELF studio flat top powder brush. if you do like this kind of brush, then this is an excellent one.

104 Round Foundation Brush -  synthetic bristles
An interesting foundation brush this, its a tapered point, which does make pinpoint application a doddle. Very soft and applies a liquid product very well. This will be going in my costume makeup kit!

105 Concealer Brush - synthetic bristles
A very dense flat brush suitable for concealer, primer, liquid or cream eyeshadow. Thicker than other concealer brushes i have, this is a more heavy duty brush. This too will be in my costume makeup kit

200 Eye Fluff brush - natural bristles
very useful for apply highlighter or for defining areas with powder product. Soft and dense bristles.

201 Eyeshadow brush - natural bristles
Rather a big brush for eye shadow application. Suitable for large washes over the eye, but too big for precise application on the lid.

202 Angled contour brush - natural bristles
For applying and blending eyeshadow, the flat contoured brush is handy for blending along the contours of the eye.

203 Domed smudge brush - natural bristles
Another large brush for its purpose. Its meant for apply eyeshadow on the lid and for smoky looks along the lash line. I find it good for blending in the socket.

204 Angled eye/brow brush -  synthetic bristles
An angled brush for applying eyebrow power or cream or powder eyeliner. Quite soft so not too good for defined line, I prefer my Essence Eyeliner brush which has stiffer bristles.

Brush pouch - i believe its synthetic ostrich leather
A ok little pouch for most of the brushes. this will not carry the large handled kabuki brush. Closes with a hidden magnetic catch.

Pros - A bargain set, with some excellent brushes. All the good ones costing close to what you'd pay for one brush from say MAC.

Cons - Some not so good brushes, some too big for their intended purpose. Some shedding with initial use. No more shedding once washed. Also to get these brushes you must have a Costco membership or know someone who does.

Overall, this was worth buying as there are some gems in the set. although some shedding let them down slightly, after washing there wasn't any more noticeable shedding.

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lasophia said...

OOhh I'll have to look into these! A good brush set is hard to find esp. for a good price.