Sunday, 17 July 2011

More Superdrug MUA eyeshadow palettes review and swatches

As i mentioned in my previous review of MUA's new eyeshadow palettes, i had bought some more.
Well they arrived yesterday (Superdrug online is very good and fast) and i've swatched them for you.

I got another two trio sets - Blue Babe and Passion plus a shadow Quad called Celebrity.

click below for swatches!

Blue Babe trio -

A Deep rich blue shimmer, Icey blue shimmer with a slight aqua tone and a pale gold white, same as in the Eden palette. I wish they could have included a different highlight colour, like a white with blue iridescence. That would have been a perfect colour to go with the two other blues.
The colours are well pigmented, but nothing i dont already own.

Passion trio -

The deep purple has a slight blue reflection, but not as much as one of the MUA's single shadows., a pale lilac with slight white iridescence and a rich cream shimmer, again same as in the Innocence palette. I'd like to have seen a white with purple iridescence or a pure white to go with the purples. I do like the pale lilac as it the white shimmer to it, gives it something special. The
Again the shadows are pigmented and smooth.

Celebrity eyeshadow Quad  -

A silvery white shimmer, A pale pink that has a slight silvery base which creates an unusual shade, an odd pinky brown shade, (looks brown in the pan, goes on a metallic salmon pink and a Cadbury's Dairymilk purple shimmer.

They are pigmented and rich, but hard to pick up with a synthetic brush, they work best with a natural fibre brush or dare i say a sponge tip applicator. The colours work well together and have enough uniqueness that this palette is worth owning.

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