Wednesday, 13 July 2011

MUA eyeshadow trios and palette review

Popped into my local Superdrug and there were some new products from MUA, their bargain own brand.  Among some new crackle nail polishes, primer and eyeliners were new Trio eyeshadow sets and some 12 shadow palettes.
I picked up one 12 palette called Glitter Ball and 2 trio sets called Innocence and Eden.

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The trio sets captured my eye because of the interesting shades. Normally i dont like baked shadows (these look baked with their dome shape) but i was entranced by a colour in each set i had to give them a try.
These cost £2.50, which is more than the basic MUA £1 range. I'm not sure if these are limited editions, but there was only a few of each set left on the display. Although on display were only 4 colour options, on the website there appears to more trios available -
Passion- Purple and white, Smokescreen - a trio of metallic greys, Pink Sorbet - three pinks, Chocolate Box- the reddish brown trio and Blue babe - a blue/aqua trio.

Innocence -
Swatched over primer.
A reddish brick colour with green flash. Same colour as one of MUA single shadows and a dupe for some more expensive brands. A mushroom brown with pale gold shimmer and a shimmery cream. very creamy and blendable without muddyness.

Eden -

A deep metallic green, has a slight grey base, a sage green with yellow green shimmer and a very shimmery pale gold.
The colour that made me buy this trio is the sage green and it is a gorgeous shade. the darker green is pretty and could work well as a crease colour and would make a good smoky look. The pale yellow gold makes an interesting focus colour and highlighter.

If these trios are baked shadows (as it doesnt say if they are or not) then they are some of the better kind, as apply well with a brush well, without feeling dry and chalky.

Glitter ball 12 palette - Glitter Ball.
There were two other 12 palettes that i saw in the display, a neutral set called Heaven and Earth, which had too many warm browns for my liking and a muted colour palette called Starry Night that's meant for smoky looks. There were two other palettes, called Pretty Pastels  and Dusk till Dawn but both of those had sold out. Hope to get Dusk till Dawn when i can as those shades look interesting-
superdrug website, MUA eyeshadows - MUA eyeshadow options

What struck me most was the palettes similarity to the Sleek I Divines. Although the packaging is a lot thinner, the basic resemblance is there.
These palettes are £4.00 each.
The top pic shows shimmer and bottom pic underlying colour of each shade.
Top row - Black with glitter. peachy shimmer, deep green shimmer, pale blue shimmer, Aqua shimmer and cream high shimmer.
bottom row - High shimmer pale pink, Shimmery copper orange, shimmery pinky mushroom brown, Rich shimmery chocolate brown, warm silver shimmer and pale lilac shimmer.

Pros - High shimmer effects in some creates an almost wet look appearance when applied. Some shades have a lot of pigment and are very rich in tone ( orange, pale blue, aqua, pink, both browns, silver and lilac)

Cons - Some shades have little pigment (the black) and any shimmer goes when applied. The peach and cream  have a gritty feel and need blending to remove the gritty look.

These new eye shadow palettes are a welcome addition to the MUA range as they contain many colours in a portable palette. Even though they are more than the base £1 range, when worked out, they actually work out cheaper than buying 3 singles separately. I also think there is close to same amount of shadow in each dome of the trios as there is in a flat single. I've already ordered two more trio sets (as well as one of their new Extreme Quads, which are not on any display in store that i could see) so i must like them!

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E V E L Y N said...

These look good! I'm glad that they're doing the palettes and trios now because I don't really buy single eyeshadows.