Friday, 5 August 2011

ELF Haul primer Trio, brown gel liner and duo fibre brush review and swatches

I took the offer of free postage recently and bought some items i'd been interested in with ELF
I picked up the Studio Duo fiber brush, Studio 'Coffee' cream eyeliner and the new eyeshadow primer  collection from the basic range.

The Eye primer Collection 
The collection includes the classic nude primer, Pearl - a white shimmer and Champagne - a warm nude shimmer.
The nude works pretty well as I've used this before in its single form. It works nearly as good as Two Faced Shadow Insurance. Pearl although isn't a heavily pigmented primer it does works well to brighten a colour or to use where you want a highlight colour. Champagne, is the harder shade to work with in terms of what you put on top. ie a cool shade will not work too well on top as the base colour dulls it slightly, but put a brown or warm shade on top and it makes it richer. Also of course matt shades don't really work on top of either shimmer shade.
In the photo above you can also see a swatch of the Coffee brown cream eyeliner.

here is examples of how different colours work on top of the primers -

a duochrome brown/green and a duchrome pink/gold
A blue and an aqua shade. See how they look horrible over the champagne primer. But The blue looks fantastic over the brown cream eyeliner as a base!

I think this set is a great option if you want to try different primers under your shadows..but i'd suggest testing what colour you want to use with the eyeshadow of your choice.

Cream Eyeliner in Coffee -
I have a few of these already and find they are pretty good at being well pigmented, long lasting and sweatproof. I bought the matt brown to use mainly as a base for dark smoky eye looks.
You can see the swatch of it in the pictures above. The little brush that comes with the product though is  too small to use properly, though i keep it in my handbag for emergency touch ups.

Studio Duo Fiber brush -
I bought this before i'd bought the Borghese brush set and to be honest i wish i hadnt bothered. I cant seem to use this brush to any effect. I prefer the Elf Studio flat top brush to apply powder foundations. I'll keep practising with this brush type to see what they are good for! If you do like this type of brush, then id say it compares to the Borghese one in quality.

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