Friday, 12 August 2011

Morgana Cryptoria Lip Balms - Best of both worlds!

When i saw Morgana Cryptoria was releasing coloured lip balms i had to snap up a few to try. I picked up Galaxy, Anastasia, Countess Bathory and Nevermore. (Also bought a full size of Plumeria, my new favourite all time colour and i got Turquoise - a colour you have to ask for and only available to EU as the colour in it isnt allowed in the US, but is in the EU. She only has a few tubes of this left.)

more pictures after the cut

First off Galaxy - Violet pink with blue sheen.

The website's description was perfect. its a gorgeous shade, but the payoff isnt that great. It's hard to get a smooth application across bare lips. Takes quite a few swipes to get a good even coverage. If i put this over the top of a pink or purple lip pencil i could see the colour sitting very well and could end up my favourite colour!

Anastasia - Rose with a hint of violet sheen

The rose shade is there, but the violet sheen is hardly noticeable on camera but it is there. Colour is lovely  and coverage is very good.

Countess Bathory - cool toned red with a hint of violet sheen

The violet sheen isnt strong, it really is a hint. Very good coverage, but best initially applied with lip brush as being a red it needs a clean line. As you can see by my lip swatch it is a bit blurry near the upper corners.

Nevermore - Mauve-brown with a hint of pink-violet sheen

It's a nice mauve brown, sort of a warm metallic plum. Has a cool pink sheen, but also has a slight gold shimmer to it as well. Slightly less coverage than Countess Bathory and Anastasia, but better than Galaxy.

As balms they are wonderfully moisturising, they feel fantastic on the lips and have no nasty over powering scent or taste.  They fade quite well too, keeping their colour on the lips for quite a while. (except Galaxy which sadly fades patchy.)

Each balm is $7 each. They come in a standard twist up balm tube and there is a little less than a normal lipstick. Great for those who want to try an unusual colour at less cost. All together i do like these,and will buy more as they bridge the gap between caring balm and colour lipstick. I just think some of the formulas could be tweaked a little....these are very new after all!


Sirena Sparklestar said...

Thanks for posting this! I have 3 shades of these and it's awesome to see swatches of ones I don't have. Countess Bathory is definitely the next one I need!

Anastasia said...

I'm thrilled that Melissa named such a gorgeous shade after me.

Your lip swatches are amazing! They look so lovely.

CookingChinchillas said...

Eeeek! Those are amazing colors.Maybe a little cream concealer on the lips would help to apply them more evenly.

Sakara said...

Anastasia - Thats so cool. I do love the shade, its a very everyday but bit different colour.

Sakara said...

CookingChinchillas - i think a lipliner is similar shade will help it lock on. I'll give that a go as i think concealer might change the shade too much.

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Great swatches, I just ordered a bunch of these as well and I'm loving them!

Mandy said...

I looove Anastasia and am quite infatuated with Nevermore. I would have never considered it, but seeing how it looks on the lips, it takes my memories a bit back to the 90s and makes me want it even more!