Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Sleek Pout Paints - swatches and review

Sleek have come out with their version of OCC's Lip Tars. Called Pout Paints, they cost £4.99 each
These are utterly mixable, opaque lip colours that can be worn full on glossy or blotted down to a stain of colour.
I bought 8 shades (over a couple of weeks as Superdrug kept selling out of some of the colours because they had a buy2 get one free offer on)

163 Peek A Bloo / 154 Mauve Over / 159 Port / 157 Pin Up / 160 Pinkini / 155 Lava / 161 Minx / 153 Cloud Nine

The tubes contain 8ml of product, the same as OCC Lip Tars. The product is thicker than lip tars, which are very runny. This does mean you need to use more pout paint, but at the price that's not really a problem.
The Pout Paints have a fruity scent, which reminds me of pineapple. This is another thing i prefer over OCC, which have a cloying mint scent that does not fade.
Click below for swatches!

Firstly swatches of the colours straight out of the tube (photos adjusted to show true colours)-

163 Peek a Bloo -

This shade is the same as OCC's RX shade but it's more opaque and can be worn as a high fashion shade as well as mix with other colours. Although not as opaque as other shades it is thicker than the OCC version. You can see below the thinner texture of the OCC product.
I've seen many reviews which say that the blue darken's the other shades, which isn't quite right. If you know colour mixing, a blue will turn any pink/red shades into purple shades and it also changes a yellow toned shade into a green shade.
A true colour to darken the other shades would be a black, which Sleek really need to include as not only would it gives more winter based shades but also a true black gloss.

154 Mauve Over  
A very cool toned purple pink. Very opaque. 

159 Port  
A deep rich pinky purple. Very opaque.

157 Pin Up
Pillar box red shade. Very opaque

Here is Pin Up compared to OCC's NSFW. Both are as opaque as each other, but i'd say Pin Up is a truer red, compared to NSFW which has slightly cooler tones.

160 Pinkini
Almost neon bubblegum pink. Very opaque

155 Lava
Bright true orange. Opaque, but not as much as the pink tones

161 Minx
Peachy pink light shade. Not as opaque as darker pinks. 

153 Cloud Nine
Pure white. I know this isn't an everyday colour to wear on its own, but for make up artists a useful fashion shade, hence why i have swatched it. Not as opaque as other colours.

Of course the thing with these is that they can be mixed to make many more shades. I  went mad over the weekend mixing all the colours to see what i could make (please excuse the wonky edges on some). Here are the results!

Pinks - 
Very pale pink

Lilac pink

Candyfloss pink

Warm rose pink

Rich Fuchsia pink

Pinky red (pinker than Pinup)

Purples - 
153/154/163 tiny amount 161
Pale lavender 

Light blue purple

Rich blue purple

Indigo purple

Deep aubergine purple

Dark plum purple

High Fashion shades-

Pale mint green

Aqua green

Patting a shimmery pigment over pout paint can create a matt lip with interesting duochrome effect
Pinkini with pink/ blue shimmer -
added shimmery gloss -

Lastly an experiment in Ombre - 

To recap -

Plus - Opaque,very versatile, lots of shades to to experiment with, last a good amount of time. Doesn't feather unless applied thickly. Cheaper than OCC. Lovely fruity scent that isn't cloying.

Cons - Some shades aren't as opaque or are harder to get even coverage. Range needs a black to create darker shades, like a deep red, burgundy colour, dark navy blue or dark purple.  


Meredith Jessica said...

WOAH! The color payoff on these is INCREDIBLE! Not to mention your application is flawless. Jaw, meet floor.

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

These look like so much fun!! I just ordered a couple. I've been trying to order the Morgana Cryptoria balms ever since you reviewed those, but her checkout has been closed for weeks!! Hopefully these will hold me over in the meantime. :)

Sakara said...

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) - Morgana has temp closed her checkout whilst she makes some new products - cool glosses included and whilst she is on holiday. Think it will be open soon early sept.

Sirena Sparklestar said...

OMG I am in love with all of your color combos! I can't wait to play with mine!

olgiepolgie said...

Wow. These look great. I can't wait to hunt some down here in Australia, or at least find them online on a site that ships here!

Dee said...

So much work in this post! These look great, and thank you for doing so many swatches - it's so useful. :-)

Ms. Wedgie said...

Of all the posts I've read on the pout paints this is hands down the one with the best pictures!!! I love all the colours you've come up with!! I'm definitely going to have to bookmark the post for when I finally get round to experimenting with the paints I bought! :)

Kassie said...

I want these soooo bad!! I am so happy that these ended up being better AND cheaper than OCC Lip Tars. I used to want those, but now that I have found these, I am never gonna get a lip tar. lol I love how you can mix them into so many colors! Just having a few of these will SIGNIFICANTLY shorten my wishlist! haha xD I love your blog by the way! New follower :D

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Awesome post! I wish I could get my hands on some of these, they all look awesome!

Sakara said...

I think Sleek sell internationally from their own site. they have int.postage options

ThatIsMe said...

intresting coulours :)!

Greenpease said...

All I can Say is WOW!!!

I have 11shades and I haven't play with them yet. tomorrow I'll try,

Thanks for posting such wonderful colors. =)

L. Figment said...

I've been eyeing these up for ages.
I absolutely LOVE the shades you created by mixing them!

Good Morning Angel.

Anna Ho said...

Oh wow thanks for sharing! I really have to get these! I haven't had luck with liquid lipsticks and I haven't tried OCC either.