Tuesday, 18 October 2011

New hairstyle and i love my new favourite salon!

I'd been in a style rut for a while and my hair was just getting long. Being that it's quite thick, it gets heavy and it was beginning to give me a headache.
I'd recently become a fan of a new show on Syfy channel, called Lost Girl and there is a character on it called Kenzi, who has awesome hair and it inspired me with my new style.

I've been told the style reminds them of - Tron's Quorra, classic Cleopatra and Bettie Paige!
Anyway it's a angled bob, long at front, shorter at back with blunt fringe (Bangs for you US peeps) that sits above the eyebrows.

A big shout out to the awesome salon that did this style for me. Called Neo Hair Design  They are a cool salon, which caters to all, but has an alternative vibe to the place - unusual hair colours, hair dreads and extensions, and alt culture hair styles are their speciality! Plus when i was there the background music was Rammstein, The Cure, various German Industrial tracks and the Tron Legacy soundtrack. Can you tell i love the place?
My stylist was Tracey and i showed her what i wanted via about 3 different photos and she gave me exactly what i wanted. Everyone is really laid back there too. Can't recommend the place highly enough!

MUA Dusk till Dawn and Starry Night palette swatches plus some looks with it!

Heya all.
Eesh, sorry i've not been around lately. Been snowed under with my costume work, combined with a weird breakout on my face which i think could be down to a allergic reaction to a varnish.

So recently, picked up two more of Superdrug's M.U.A. palettes. This time it's Dusk till Dawn and Starry Night
Swatches and looks under the cut

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Fantastic Moon Maiden Jewellery competition

Blix who runs the http://themoonmaiden-blix.blogspot.com/ makeup blog is also a talented jewellery maker ( i own some of her work and LOVE it) She's running an awesome comp on her blog to win a giftcard for anything from her store..so Enter away! (course there are rules, so check them out first)

BTW...sorry for not being around. Ive had a odd skin reaction to some varnish i was using for one of my costumes and i've not been happy enough with any photos of my makeup to share. But rash has now gone so expect more posts! :D