Tuesday, 18 October 2011

MUA Dusk till Dawn and Starry Night palette swatches plus some looks with it!

Heya all.
Eesh, sorry i've not been around lately. Been snowed under with my costume work, combined with a weird breakout on my face which i think could be down to a allergic reaction to a varnish.

So recently, picked up two more of Superdrug's M.U.A. palettes. This time it's Dusk till Dawn and Starry Night
Swatches and looks under the cut

First up - Dusk Till Dawn.

There are some really stand out colours in this palette, which are pigmented and creamy. There are also though, some duds, which seem to be all the glittery ones. These are chalkier and the pigmentation can be patchy.

Top row left -right > cream shimmer,  cool dark brown satin, satin nude/peach,  white shimmer,  pinky brown shimmer and glittery peach shimmer.

Bottom row left - right > Old gold shimmer, glitter grey, jade shimmer, teal blue glitter, dark purple shimmer, black with glitter (all glitter is silver).

My favourite shades are all of the top row shades except the glittery peach. The old gold, jade green and deep purple on the bottom row. The duds are the glittery grey, glittery teal blue and glittery black. The teal blue has more pigment, but blending out can be patchy.

Next up is Starry Night -

These are all cool silvery tones,with many similar shades. Most are very shimmery, pigmented and creamy, but again there is a dud which again is the one with glitter added.

Top row left - right >  Dusky pink shimmer, pale pink shimmer, gunmetal shimmer, silver with slight blue tone shimmer, denim blue shimmer, almost black shimmer.

Bottom row left - right >  Glittery grey, white shimmer, light silver, pale blue shimmer, ducky purple satin, lavender shimmer.

Out of this palette i love the gunmetal grey, dusky purple, denim blue and cool silver shade.

In fact i decided instead of carrying two palettes with some shades i liked in each, id remove the ones from the Starry Night palette i liked and replace the duds from the Dusk till Dawn palette with them. End up with one very good palette! Easy to do..use a hairdryer to melt the glue holding each pan and lift them out. Use a bit of hot glue into the empty palette sections and drop pans you want into them.

And now some looks! -
First one done with the nude peach, both brown shades and the cream from dusk till dawn palette. Lips are Morgana Cryptoria Countess Bathory.

Second look is the jade green and white shimmer from Dusk till Dawn and the gunmetal grey from Starry Night - Lips are Nyx Jumbo lip pencil in Chestnut.

OOh yeah, i have a new hair style...I'll do a separate post on that


Aoife said...

That first look- wowza! I really want Countess Bathory now..

Sakara said...

Aoife - i know the lip balms are being discontinued due to a problem with the tubes. But any popular shades will be turned into the standard lipsticks, which i say are just as lovely. It's such a gorgeous red because it has a slight blue flash to it. Very flattering for cool pale tones.

Rach said...

Your so purdy O.O

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Gorgeous looks, love the new hair!

Sakara said...

Thanks all!