Tuesday, 18 October 2011

New hairstyle and i love my new favourite salon!

I'd been in a style rut for a while and my hair was just getting long. Being that it's quite thick, it gets heavy and it was beginning to give me a headache.
I'd recently become a fan of a new show on Syfy channel, called Lost Girl and there is a character on it called Kenzi, who has awesome hair and it inspired me with my new style.

I've been told the style reminds them of - Tron's Quorra, classic Cleopatra and Bettie Paige!
Anyway it's a angled bob, long at front, shorter at back with blunt fringe (Bangs for you US peeps) that sits above the eyebrows.

A big shout out to the awesome salon that did this style for me. Called Neo Hair Design  They are a cool salon, which caters to all, but has an alternative vibe to the place - unusual hair colours, hair dreads and extensions, and alt culture hair styles are their speciality! Plus when i was there the background music was Rammstein, The Cure, various German Industrial tracks and the Tron Legacy soundtrack. Can you tell i love the place?
My stylist was Tracey and i showed her what i wanted via about 3 different photos and she gave me exactly what i wanted. Everyone is really laid back there too. Can't recommend the place highly enough!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous cut!!!

Ruthy said...

Your hair is amazing! I've been thinking of going back to a more structured fringe and perhaps a bob so this has helped me out. It suits you!

High Arka said...

The eyebrows and the partial smirk double your points. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Incredible haircut, the second and third photos especially show it off. It really does look amazing.